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From Bad to Worse | Wood Out with Foot Fracture

True freshman Marshall Wood is out indefinitely with a left foot fracture suffered in Tech’s loss to georgia southern Saturday.  The foot apparently will not require surgery, but will keep him out several weeks, though no official timetable has been set yet.  He should be able to return to action before the end of the season.

With the Hokies only having eight scholarship players, and severe rebounding problems, this is a significant blow to the Hokies.  Wood had played in all 10 games and had chipped in 4.5 rebounds per game in 18 minutes of action.  He also averaged 5.8 points per game, though he was just shooting 31% from the field and was 5/28 (18%) on 3s.

Expect more walk-ons, like 6’7″ Christian Beyer, to get some time.  He played some meaningful minutes at the end of the first half against mvsu on Monday and has appeared in half of Tech’s games.  Tech will also have to likely move Jarell Eddie back to the power forward spot at times, something they did last year (heck, he played the 5 against fsu for a few minutes), but his natural spot is the 3.  Also expect Tech to go small at times with Rankin, Green, and Brown in at the same time.

I won’t say the sky is falling or that the wheels are coming off, but considering VT’s depth and rebounding issues, things just got a lot bleaker in terms of ACC play.  VT will really need to rely on outside shooting and more fast break points, their formula for success earlier this season.

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14 Responses to “From Bad to Worse | Wood Out with Foot Fracture”

  1. ryanc says:

    I would like to see Christian Beyer get some more time. He did great finding a body and boxing out in limited minutes against msvgu. As much as I love Will Johnston, drfensive rebounding is more important than three point shooting imo.

  2. Chris says:

    Well, that was fun while it lasted.

    We knew we were one serious injury away from being in trouble… such is life when you only have eight guys on scholarship. Hoping for a quick recovery for Wood.

    This is a serious blow to an already thin team though. From bad to worse, indeed.

  3. schmitty says:

    like i said before, no production out of eddie means losses

  4. Tyler says:

    Any football players that could suit up after the bowl game? I like that Johnson has played the walk-ons but they can’t defend legit ACC guys.

  5. Ryan says:

    chicken little just showed up to replace Wood…

  6. King says:

    It’s time for CJ to step up! He’s 6’8″, 232 lbs, averaging 5 pts and 6 rebs per game as a sophomore. Pretty solid stats for an otherwise forgettable player. On the other hand, let’s talk about an unforgettable player who, as a sophomore, had almost identical measurements (6’6″, 225 lbs) and stats (6pts, 4 rebs). He even had a chin beard like CJ. However, what this guy had, you can’t measure on any height and weight charts, and it won’t show up in the box score. I’m talking about heart, energy, and toughness. I’m talking about JT Thompson. There’s no reason in my mind that CJ shouldn’t be going out there and reigning terror on the boards, fighting for loose balls and leaving it all out on the court like JT. CJ has all of the physical tools, it’s time to unleash the monster. This team needs an emotional leader badly. Somebody get CJ a headband!

    • RK in Roanoke says:

      I think you just hit on something very important. The hustle and energy are missing. Greene is playing excellent, but there is no energizer bunny getting everybody going. Watching the rebounding “highlights” and the 3-pt defense, hustle was missing. CJ, Raines, et al, not a lot of energy.
      Who will step up?

      • NoDak says:

        I was thinking the same thing the last few games, and certainly from the tip of the GS game. Three, sometimes four Hokies standing around ‘reaching at’ rebounds instead of planting a flag (especially at home), establishing the attitude that EVERY rebound is theirs to lose. Make the opponent feel like they’re the ones constantly on their heels, trying to get the Hokies’ rebounds.

        I know it’s easier said than done, but winning doesn’t come easy and the guys need to demand it of one another.

  7. 69HOKIE says:

    I think you guys have great points. Couldn’t agree more. Raines and Barksdale HAVE to man-up and decide that THEY WILL get EVERY rebound. There are a lot points to be had putting rebounds back in the basket.

    I haven’t seen any comments as to why Raines has disappeared lately. They have to get him more involved in the offense.

  8. hokiemasterson says:

    Gotta say it absolutely kills me & rubs me the wrong way when a coach of a div 2 team with a losing record says “they are a very, very, very great team.” Still annoying.

  9. Les says:

    By the way, anybody else figure out that Wood is on the borderline for a medical redshirt. I believe he qualifies as 10 games played out of roughly 30 falls within the threshold of 30% of the total games.


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