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Wild Turkey Breakdown | Bombs Awry, Part 2

In the first part, I looked at how teams have done overall from 3-point range against the Hokies broken up by the first 7 games and the last 7.  In this post, let’s look at how each opponent did from behind the arc against VT in terms of makes and percentage compared to their overall season numbers (this includes all of an opponents’ games, not just the ones up to the point they played VT).

OPP Made 3s vs VT 3Pt % vs VT Avg Made 3s – Season 3Pt % – Season
wvu 10 42% 4.9 29%
mvsu 4 14% 5.1 27%
ga south 11 42% 5.9 37%
bradley 8 35% 4.4 29%
co state 11 46% 5.2 35%
byu 7 37% 6.2 33%
maryland 10 44% 5.7 35%

As you can see, every opponent except mississippi valley state had more made 3s against VT than their average made per game, and everyone team but mvsu shot for a higher percentage from deep.  In most cases, their made 3s almost doubled their norm (wvu, georgia southern, bradley, colorado state, and maryland).  Scary.


During Tech’s 7-0 start, hot 3-point shooting (and horrible shooting from the opponents) was the key.  Well, over the last 7 games (2-5), we can flip that data.  See below.

Virginia Tech Opponents
3s Made Att 3-Pt % 3s Made Att 3-Pt %
First 7 57 141 40.4% 39 176 22.2%
Last 7 29 133 21.8% 61 168 *36.3%
Overall 86 274 31.4% 100 344 29.1%
% of Points off 3-Pointers
Points Avg % off 3s Points Avg % off 3s
First 7 603 86.1 28.4% 505 72.1 23.2%
Last 7 470 67.1 18.5% 539 77.0 34.0%
Overall 1073 76.6 24.0% 1044 74.6 28.7%

The table above shows how in the first seven games, VT was hitting better than 40% of their 3s.  Their opponents were hitting barely more than half that, at 22%.  Since then, flip those numbers – VT is hitting just 22% and the opponents are draining 36% of theirs.

Taking it a step further, look at the percentage of points VT is/was getting via the 3-point shot.  In the first seven games, 28% of their 86 points per game (ppg) were from deep (or 24.5 ppg from behind the arc).  Since then, not only has Tech’s overall ppg dropped almost 20 ppg to 67 ppg, but the percentage of that 67 that is from behind the arc is just 18.5% (or 12.4 ppg coming from 3-pointers).

Over the same timeline, Tech’s opponents have gone from getting 16.7 ppg on 3-pointers to 26.2 ppg on 3s.  That’s an almost 14 ppg gap in points off 3-pointers between VT and their opponents in the last seven games, something they simply cannot make up with their lack of a post presence.

*Note: mississippi valley state was 4/29 on 3s, and bradley was 8/23.  Remove those and Tech’s opponents are 49/116 (42.2%) in the Hokies’ five losses.

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Niemo is a member of the VT Class of '98. While not a professional journalist by any stretch, Niemo analyzes and breaks down every minute of Hokie hoop action. He also researches topics of interest such as Hokie recruits, program revenue, statistical data on the team, previews VT opponents, and discusses his favorite bourbons/Scotches. In addition to his passion for Hokie hoops, Niemo has attended 126 straight VT football home games (every game since '94), eclipsing the 100 mark in September of '09 and recently attended his 20th consecutive VT/uva game. During the final home basketball game of his senior year, he was brought onto the court and was awarded 2 passes to the Atlantic 10 Basketball Tournament in Philly during a timeout for being a "Super Fan" during his time at VT. The Hokie Bird made the award on behalf of Athletic Director Jim Weaver. Niemo was known to be in the front row of every home game with his familiar red afro hairdo.

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5 Responses to “Wild Turkey Breakdown | Bombs Awry, Part 2”

  1. esva73 says:

    If Eddie and Brown don’t start making some shots, we might not win another game this season. I like the effort from Raines and van Zegeren. Lack of depth is killing us. Why didn’t Barksdale play?

  2. RK in Roanoke says:

    Very nice, Niemo. I guess it was more than one extra column. But the stats bear out what was a feeling. Thanks for augmenting it!
    Game plans against us must now be find the open shooter. Play inside out and bomb away.

  3. HipHop_Hokie says:

    We are very generous. Guys aren’t working hard on defense. This sucks.


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