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Game Highlights | bc 86, VT 75

The Hokies are soundly beaten at home to the team picked to finish last in the ACC, boston college. VT has lost 4 straight and 6 of 8.

And when you lost to the ‘worst’ team at home, well, that makes you the worst team. 0-18 a possibility? Not really. Even wake went 1-15 a few years back with the worst ACC team ever assembled. But this is clearly the worst team in the ACC right now. And using ‘we only had 6 scholarship players’ as an excuse is inexcusable because bc only plays 6 guys (other than token minutes).

OK, one thing I want to say — at the end of the first half, JJ needed to get a technical. The fouls were 12-5 against us. And sure, we fouled. But every touch foul went against us on defense, and every 50/50 was a charge on us on offense. Greenberg would have taken a T there and JJ needed to. That’s the difference between a veteran coach and a rookie. Or, a ‘ricky stokes’ and a guy who stands up for his team.

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15 Responses to “Game Highlights | bc 86, VT 75”

  1. 69HOKIE says:

    Too many dunks! Too many layups! Too many 3-pointers! Where is the defense????

    I didn’t think we were that bad, but we sure are playing like it. Does JJ look overwhelmed?

    • Niemo says:

      Yes. Bold Prediction: JJ will be gone after next season (assuming Weaver is gone by then).

      • King says:

        Really? I hope not. I like JJ. He was dealt a bad hand with DFS & Harrell jumping ship, along with the timing of his hiring. I don’t think we can give a fair assessment of his ability to recruit players to fit his system until the 2014 class at the earliest. Aside from Clark, the majority of the 2013 class was a hastily assembled crop of left-overs. It would be unfair to fire JJ before he’s had an opportunity to prove himself. I think the early win streak raised expectations too much and our fan base is forgetting that we were supposed to be bad this year. Nothing has changed. Give the man a little time.

        • Niemo says:

          King – I hear ya, but right now we are performing much lower than the expectations I had before the season. Losing to bc, injury this and illness that, is still inexcusable. And we were soundly beat (never led or were tied in the 2nd half though we did get within 3 twice). And I wouldn’t say we have no talent. EG is a stud, and the Brown and Eddie that looked so good earlier and the Raines of last year are still here. Good coaches find ways to get guys out of slumps, but these slumps are not ending, though Eddie had a good 2nd half.

          JJ had a chance to keep Doo-Doo and Harrell, and couldn’t. Granted, I think Doo-Doo’s mom had decided he was leaving no matter what, and Harrell saw his ticket out, but he wasn’t able to sell them into staying when he had the chance.

          As for this recruiting class, wasn’t JJ here last year and the year before (and before)? Shouldn’t he have been able to stay in on the kids we (and probably he) were already in on? I realize it is tough putting your first class together, but it isn’t like he was new to the university or the kids we were after.

          Look, I gave JJ an ‘A’ after November. So I should temper my frustration right now. But I also have said all along that with the class of 4 we have coming in, this is going to make us very average for a while. And with EG leaving, next year could be rough, too (although having a full practice squad and extras on the bench will be nice). I’ll try and relax, but these next 17 games could be painful. And I won’t have a lot of confidence going into next season at this pace. And if we have a new AD by then from outside the university, he could look at two sub-par seasons (if that does indeed happen… who knows, we might turn a corner this year or next), and decide to bring his own guy in. And we all know Weaver’s time here is drawing short due to his unfortunate health issues.

          • King says:

            Re: recruiting, yes he was recruiting under SG, but the critical recruiting decisions are made at the head coach’s discretion. He wasn’t recruiting players for the kind of system he wants to institute and we’re seeing evidence of that now. He wants to run a fast paced offense but he’s trying to do that with players suited to SG’s system. Also, do you think you would feel the same right now if the losses were spread out over the course of the season, as opposed to all piled together during the current losing streak? We’re 9-6. Not that bad. We’re in a slump. He showed his system can work. OK State is a really good team. At this point, the other players besides Green need to be just as responsible as JJ, if not more. After all, they’re the ones making costly turnovers and not fighting for rebounds. They’re body language is horrible and it’s clear to me that they’re feeling sorry for themselves instead of getting mad. And that makes me mad. Besides Green, this bunch is not mentally tough, and I don’t know how much of that is JJ’s fault, SG’s fault, or the players’ fault.

          • Niemo says:

            King – I wouldn’t say our guys fit SG’s system – that’s why we stunk last year. I think they better fit JJ’s (athletic and good in transition). The problem is we don’t have enough bodies to press, and our defense and rebounding are so bad they can’t cheat out on defense to get transition opps.

    • Les says:

      I don’t recall if there was an offensive charge committed against a VT defender all game. If there was one, that was it. We really didn’t give officials anything positionally on defense to give us a home advantage on fouls. It’s very sad.

      I read the other board. I wondered at the time Johnson came in for Greenberg whether the program would’ve been better off to hire an outsider to suck out the poison from the office politics. Obviously, one side wins and you hear about it. When fortunes shift, it’s the same from the other side.

  2. Chris_atl says:

    I’ll be at the GT game this Saturday. Will someone take out when I am not looking. I don’t want to live through the rest of season. I guess I could try drinking. Does that really work Niemo?

  3. Chris_atl says:

    I meant take me out not take out. I am just too despondent to even type correctly.

  4. Chris says:

    I can’t see JJ being fired after one season, Niemo (Weaver or no Weaver).

    As for an ACC prediction… ahh, I’ll go with 5-13. I’m an optimist!

    No seriously, we bad. Really bad. I’ve never seen a team this poor defensively. Ever. Hopefully we’ll be better next season with at least 12 guys on scholarship instead of 8. Maybe.

  5. Chris says:

    Ah, gotcha. That is a more reasonable possibility, yes.

  6. Hank says:

    As I said on the previous string, Weaver probably set the program back years by firing Seth so late in the process. At that point we had no chance to bring in a high profile coach, and any coach hired was going to have no chance to bring in any new kids. We would have been better off just firing Seth after this year……

    • Niemo says:

      Actually, we did have a chance to bring in a high profile coach (from within the state). But we needed to offer him more money that CFB was making, and obviously we weren’t going to do that. But point is we could have gotten him if we had ponied up the dough.

      But Hank, I agree with you. Should have waited through this year (with EG then gone) and then made a move.


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