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Game Plus/Minus | VT 70, gt 65

Here’s the +/- from the win yesterday, our 3 ACC games, in wins vs losses, and their average for the season. ¬†Barksdale led us in +/- with a +8, and Raines had a +7 (good for our bigs).

md bc gt Season Wins Losses Avg +/-
Player +/- +/- +/- +/- 10 6 Per Game
Brown -30 DNP 1 69 13.0 -12.2 4.6
Wood DNP DNP DNP 43 5.8 -1.5 4.3
Green -20 -11 6 60 15.4 -15.7 3.8
Barksdale DNP -8 8 51 8.4 -6.6 3.4
Eddie -18 -4 5 39 10.8 -11.5 2.4
Raines -6 -7 7 12 7.2 -10.0 0.8
van Zegeren -23 -2 -2 -5 3.9 -7.3 -0.3
Patrick DNP DNP DNP -5 -1.5 0.5 -0.8
Donlon DNP DNP DNP -7 -4.0 0.5 -1.8
Johnston -6 -16 -1 -26 0.4 -6.0 -1.9
Racer DNP DNP DNP -18 -9.5 0.5 -3.0
Rankin -3 -3 3 -47 1.5 -9.8 -3.4
Beyer -9 -4 -2 -49 1.6 -15.0 -4.5
TEAM -23 -11 5 23 12.5 -17.0 1.4

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6 Responses to “Game Plus/Minus | VT 70, gt 65”

  1. Chris_atl says:

    I have been out of pocket since the GT win. I was there and was shocked. I felt bad for the GT friends we went with because I thought this was their game for sure and they just blew it. We seem to have their number. We are 14 – 4 against them and have often had the lesser team. But, it was exciting to see that we could win a game and hopefully we will pick off Wake.

    I couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t get Eddie that overtime corner 3-point shot in regulation. Up until that point it was pretty much another Eddie/Brown let down. It was nice to get a win!!

    • Niemo says:

      Did you REALLY feel bad for them?

      Brown/EG need to drive and kick more. A lot of Eddie’s 3s come off passes behind the arc with Eddie coming off screens. The result is usually his back is to the basket when he catches it, has to turn, and fire. Difficult shot and he’s rushing it, as opposed to stepping into his shot as he did in OT (and a lot of his makes early in the year) on a kick-out pass.

      • Chris_atl says:

        Yes, I find it difficult to enjoy wins as much when I am with friends who are on the losing end, especially ones who are good sports. If we needed this win to make post season I would feel different.

        But, I am excited now AND PUMPED FOR WAKE! And fortunately, I didn’t have to try the drinking remedy for another tough loss!

  2. Chris_atl says:

    You may have to have a “Top 10 single seasons of all time” list to get EG his props in VT history. Because I don’t know if EG can make the career list you have already put out. Most of those players had several big years. Even last year was just a good year for EG, but not great.

    • Niemo says:

      Yeah, I haven’t thought about it, but I’m not sure he’s top 10 yet. Keep in Bryant Matthews had a huge senior year and he isn’t top 10. But EG was an All ACC guy last year, albeit 2nd Team. But a 2nd and a 1st (POTY? D1 scoring leader?) would make a solid case.

      • Chris_atl says:

        I agree, national scoring champ would be hard to turn back. Or you could just keep lengthening the list like the NCAA does with bowl bids and NCAA tourney teams. Expand to Top 15!


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