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The Wild Turkey Breakdown | Depression



It is hard to find anything positive about this game. This was the most embarrassing loss the hokies have had since joining the ACC (in my opinion… tied with the home loss to bc a month ago). The hokies just lost to a Georgia Tech team that had lost 11 straight ACC road games, 12 straight road games overall, 24 of 26 ACC road games, 52 of 60 ACC road games over the last 9 years, and were 0-7 all time in Blacksburg.

It is hard to find anything positive about a game where, after 4 pretty good efforts in a row, the hokies fell behind by 22 points in the first half to a 2-7 team in the ACC.

It is hard to find a silver lining about a guy, Jarell Eddie, who scored 2 points this week on 1/14 FGs and who has missed 12 consecutive 3-pointers; and who got benched for the final 17 minutes of the game for (and I’m guessing here) throwing a temper tantrum on the bench and spilling ice all over the court.

It is hard to find something good to say about a ‘shooting guard’, Robert Brown, that was 4/16 from the field and is now shooting 24% from the field in ACC play and 5/31 from behind the arc (16% — and that’s after making two 3-pointers today).

It is hard to find hope in a program that now has lost 6 of 7 AT HOME.

It is hard to think optimistically about next season considering our lone senior, Erick Green, scored 57 of our 109 points this week (52%). And let’s just hope he’s OK after nearly fainting at the end of the game on the bench and suffering from exhaustion.

But, hope springs eternal, and tomorrow is a new day. Let’s rip those hoos a new one on Tuesday (we’ll have owned the Commonwealth cup for over 3,000 consecutive days by then).

And, I will tell you one thing — I guarantee I will never make a guarantee again.

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4 Responses to “The Wild Turkey Breakdown | Depression”

  1. 69Hokie says:

    How did we go from 7-0 to this?? What happened? Who said, or did, what to who? I don’t want to think that we are this bad, but maybe we are. Tough it does seem typical for how Greenburg teams (they are his players) can compete with a good team, then play horrible against the bottom-dwellers. Except maybe for Green, I think the whole crowd is to blame, especially Weaver. I hope JJ succeeds, but for right now it is NOT pretty. It is worse than ugly.

  2. Les says:

    The easy perimeter shots aren’t there in conference play unless you have a viable post-up threat to bring the perimeter defense inward. The ball has to go into the post during most possessions. Greenberg stressed that more in his offsense.
    Eddie and Brown have had to adapt from being spot-up shooters to slashing scorers. Their shooting has suffered as a result.
    They almost have no inside post-up game unless Green brings the ball all the way down into the lane and dumps it off to Raines or Van Zegeren.

  3. HipHop_Hokie says:

    I’ll be at JPJ on Tuesday in the MWV suite (wife works there), although I’m already dreading it. Getting the old neck loose for a lot of head shaking and the tear ducts prepared for some ol misty eyes. I have a feeling it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    But if you’re gonna be there as well, swing on by and perhaps we can drink enough Wild Turkey to forget about any and every thing.

    • Niemo says:

      HipHop – Thanks for the invite but this will be the first VT @ uva game I’ve missed in a while. With the Mrs ready to pop any day I’ve been put on lockdown. Pour one out for me (nah, on second thought, just drink it — you’ll probably need it).


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