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Game Highlights | nc state (7-5) 90, Hokies 86 (2-10) (OT)

The Hokies drop an absolute heartbreaker to the nc state wolfpack 90-86 in overtime in a snowy Raleigh, NC.  Every Tech player gave every ounce of sweat they had, including a miracle missed free throw conversion with 5 seconds left to send the game to overtime (or you could say a brilliantly drawn up play by Coach Johnson).  But in the end, the Hokies couldn’t overcome the wolfpack and the officials:

  • Tech was called for 28 fouls, nc state just 12
  • state shot 43 free throws, VT just 7 (all by Erick Green)

I was really proud of Tech and the effort they gave on the road, and you have to feel for the guys, losing for the 8th straight time in a game they could have won against a NCAA Tournament-bound club.



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19 Responses to “Game Highlights | nc state (7-5) 90, Hokies 86 (2-10) (OT)”

  1. VTTX says:

    Hokies are playing hard, gotta give ‘em credit for that. Hard to believe NCST got 43 foul shots and VT got 7. JJ should have gotten ejected, how can he allow that without throwing a major tantrum protest? Poor leadership there. Can you imagine any other ACC coach getting homered like that and not getting booted?

    • RyanC says:

      Honestly, I didn’t see a lot of plays where we deserved to get FTs and didn’t get them or plays where NC State got FTs and didn’t deserve them. We hacked NC State a lot.

      • VTTX says:

        2 schools of thought on this. A).if you’re not getting the calls don’t force the action or B) if you’re not getting the calls get more aggressive and force the officials to blow the whistle. Looks like Hokies went for plan A.

        • Niemo says:

          VTTX – I agree – if the refs are blowing the whistles, attack the tin. They can read the scoreboard – it all but forces them to start calling fouls on state. I still think they missed a few, though.

        • Foxhall Hokie says:

          Honestly, i thought the refs were bad…but in VT’s favor.

          I agree with King above…Eddie is just awful with the ball off the dribble (i could probably say the same for R. Kelly Brown).

          Although it was a loss, it was Tech’s best performance since Ok St. I’ll take it.

          • Niemo says:

            Ha, refs were definitely not bad in VT’s favor, that’s ridiculous. Did the refs miss a foul call or two on VT? Sure? Did they make a bad over-the-back call on ncsu late in the 2nd half? Yes. But they missed about a half dozen fouls on state. That said, VT did foul a lot more than they did, but there was some home cookin’.

      • Les says:

        NC State didn’t play a lot of defense. They appeared to be worseat it than Tech. Wood had two or three seconds to get his shots off. The way the first 10 minutes went, I thought both teams were going to hit at least 90.

        • RyanC says:

          I was really disappointed that we didn’t hedge or switch on any of the screens for Wood when it was clear he was hot. A couple times we even helped them out by having our players run into eachother.

    • RyanC says:

      Better to keep your cool then hurt your team with a T or get ejected.

      • VTTX says:

        Not sure about that when it’s that lopsided, JJ has to put the pressure on the officials.

        • Les says:

          They could’ve ejected CJ Leslie. During a stretch in the second half, he could’ve single-handedly decided the game in favor of either team.

      • King says:

        We’ve lost 8 straight. Not sure how we can possibly hurt the team any more. I’ve previously posted that I don’t think JJ is capable of gettig ejected. I think it’s an indicator of his intensity and thus the team’s. I give credit to the guys for playing tough though. I just wish Eddie would never handle the ball again, ever. He’s the worst.

    • Blue Collar Hokie says:

      i dont necessarily think losing your composure and getting booted shows leadership. sometimes it seems rather immature. some coaches are very animated and emotional, others are more level-headed. bob knight was a great coach, so was phil jackson.

      • VTTX says:

        I agree there are different ways to be effective with the officials but the guys who are effective don’t get homered on free throws 43 – 7 against them. JJ was passive and that sure didn’t work,

  2. VTTX says:

    Hokies played near perfect the last 2 minutes of regulation. Looks like JJ had them ready for the finish.

  3. RyanC says:

    The announcers said the guys outside the 3 pt line can’t cross it until it hits the rim, but now that I think about it aren’t they allowed to cross on the release in the NCAA?

    • Niemo says:

      I believe if your aren’t lined up on the blocks, you are under the same rule as the shooter – you have to stay behind the FT line extended until it hits the rim.

  4. hooleyhoopty says:

    I think the officials did a pretty solid job which isn’t often the case when there is that kind of disparity. The one that stood out to me was Johnston being called for a push when he went up to defend an alley oop despite the fact that he was the one pushed from behind. Great effort by the Hokies. It was encouraging to see Wood and Eddie come on and even for Brown to have a solid game. Raines had a very solid game as well which he seems to have been doing over the last several.

    • Niemo says:

      Hoopty – the Johnston foul was a mystery to me, too. And I agree nc state was more aggressive, but I thought they let them play early (EG was clearly fouled on a rebound attempt to no call), then started calling everything (all on us), then realized the disparity and swallowed their whistles. It just created a weird flow. But there’s no way I believe we fouled that much. It does show that everyone but EG has basically stopped being aggressive considering no one else other than him got to the line.


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