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2013 VT Recruiting Update


Here’s a quick update on the 2013 Virginia Tech signees:

  • Ben Emelogu is playing in the Texas 5A State Semi-Finals on Friday at 4 PM EST.  He hit the go-ahead free throw with 1:10 left in a 35-33 win in the Region Finals.  His South Grand Prairie team takes on Cibolo Steele for a chance to play in the State Championship game (and this is in Texas, folks) at texas longhorns’s arena in Austin, TX.  His team is 37-3 on the year.  Ben leads the team with 13.5 ppg and 4.4 rebounds, and also averages 2.2 assists per contest.  They lost to Marcus Smart (oklahoma state) of Flower Mound – Marcus HS in the Region Finals a year ago by a single point.
  • Donte Clark scored 17 points, snagged 7 rebounds, and had 5 steals against the Virginia Tech JV team in the Cassell back on January 30th.  He scored 21 points on a couple of other occasions in recent action.  Hargrave finished 36-7.
  • Maurice Kirby and his Basha Bears finished a disappointing 9-18 season in the ‘burbs of Phoenix.  Kirby averaged team highs in points (15.6), rebounds (11.5), assists (2.0), and blocks (1.8), while also pilfering 1 steal per game.  But he shot just 44% from the field and foul line for the season.

For game-by-game stats, click on the link at the top of this article and we’ll let you know how Emelogu does in the state semis.

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7 Responses to “2013 VT Recruiting Update”

  1. Brian Quinn says:

    Are these guys any good ? Or are we looking at an even worse year next year? I don’t see anyone that’s returning that is an ACC caliber player.. and if these guys aren’t , we wasting the effort the SG put in getting the program back on the map.

    • Niemo says:

      You can’t really expect any freshmen to be huge contributors (unless you are a unc or duke, but even many of them struggle their first year). Look at Dowdell, and Delaney, and Raines, and Green — they were not stars as freshmen. That development really happens between year 1 and 2 (if it ever happens). So don’t expect instant results from this bunch that is largely 3-star material. At least we’ll have enough practice bodies to be able to push the starters and work on true game situations (ghost runner on 2nd base!).

      I think the jury is out on all these guys. Trevor Thompson has a chance to really develop into a solid low post player for us (he’s apparently almost 7′ now in basketball height) and Donte Clark is the most highly rated kid and hopefully will develop into a good shooter/slasher for us by his sophomore season. The others, who knows. Emelogu to me is a Ty Garland-type – could be good if you are patient and play a system that works for him. Kirby is a 44% FG and FT shooter in a public HS league despite being 6’9″, so I’m not sure about him. And who knows about Muller, the German kid. We’ll see how he transitions.

    • Vindictive_Pat says:

      Donte Clark and Trevor Thompson (not listed above) are both going to be good enough to contribute next year, and personally I think they both have great upside and will end up being excellent players for VT. We also have transfer guard Adam Smith who is eligible to play next season and I think he can be a valuable contributor as the first or second guy off the bench. I’m not as sure about Emelogu and Kirby… I doubt either of them would see much court time next season anyway though.

      As far as being ACC caliber, all 8 scholarship players on our team this season are certainly of that caliber. They are not playing anywhere close to their potential, and that’s the huge mystery of this season. I cannot understand why the whole team besides Erick Green is slumping together and for such a long time.

      • Brian Quinn says:

        The people we have are what they are. There has been no improvement even with the amount of minutes we have. When they’ve played as much as our guys have, “Potential” is no longer a word I would associate with them. Eddie played well OOC, but nothing in ACC. Barksdale was the only guy who made made some improvement this year, but that wasn’t hard. I just don’t those guys winning 4 games next year in ACC.

        • Vindictive_Pat says:

          I respect that as your opinion, but not as absolute truth. I definitely think Brown and Eddie have way more potential than they showed this year. Heck, they both played better last year, so we already know that their ceiling is higher than what they gave the team this year. Personally, when I watch Robert Brown play I can’t figure out why he’s not better on offense. He has a good looking stroke on his jump shot. He has an arsenal of moves going to the basket including a killer floater which he can hit directly or off the glass. His problem is mental, it’s not his ability.

          Also, even though he fouls WAY too much, I think you have to include Rankin as another player who is showing improvement.

  2. Mark Rudolf says:

    Is Trevor Thompson is over 7′ now?

    When we signed him he was listed at 6′-11″ and 215. I thought I read somewhere that he is up to 7′. You have him listed as 6′-10″ and 210. If he really did put on another couple inches, that could be huge for us. We haven’t had an athletic big man since………….Carruth? But he was pretty awful. Have we had a good big man in the modern era (since 80s)?

    • Niemo says:

      Mark – are heights in bball ever accurate? He’s really tall, we know that. Next year we can judge how tall he really is. If he’s as tall or taller than JvZ, that’s a good thing.


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