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unc-greensboro 55 (7-7), HOKIES 52 (7-5)


There are bad losses, really bad losses, embarrassing losses, and “Holy crap is the ESPN Bottom Line broken?!  There’s no way we lost to $h—– unc-g-spot!?”.  Well, this is the latter of those.  The Hokies, who were 15-point favorites in this contest, lost at home to the unc-greensboro spartans by a 55-52 score at the Cassell on Saturday.

The Hokies led 43-32 with 10:06 to go in the game and seemed to be in control.  But they would score just 6 points over the next 9:49 and unc-g led 52-49 with 17 seconds to go.  Marshall Wood made 1 of 2 free throws to tie his career high of 14 points (led VT today) and cut the lead to 2.  After unc-g’s Drew Parker made 1 of 2 free throws, Devin Wilson got fouled as he scored a layup and went to the line with a chance to tie the game at 52 with 10 seconds to go.  But the 67% foul shooter missed badly to the right.  White hit 2 free throws for unc-g to put them up 3.  Marshall Wood had a good look at a 3 with 5 seconds to go but missed and time ran out and the Baby Jakes had their second horrific home court loss of the season.

How bad was this loss?

  • It was just unc-g’s 2nd win in 52 tries against ACC teams.  Yep, they are 2-50 now.
  • unc-g-spot was 271st out of 351 teams in the RPI coming into the game.
  • The spartans were just 3-7 against Division I teams entering this contest.
  • To me, this loss is volumes worse than the 30-point loss to vcu.  It was that bad.
  • Even worse, this loss didn’t even phase me.  I didn’t curse once.  I didn’t punch a couch cushion.  I didn’t throw a liquor bottle at a neighbor.  Granted, my 10-month old son was watching with me, but that wouldn’t have stopped the Weekend Warrior.  Have I matured? Doubtful. I think I’m numb to these terrible losses now, almost as if I expect them (that’s not a good thing).  I hate to say it, but the ricky stokes era, Part 2 may be upon us.  I think JJ has 1.5 to max 2.5 years left and the new A.D. will go out and get a qualified coach.

I could add that unc-g was without their 2nd leading scorer, Saddler (12 ppg), but VT was without their 3rd leading scorer, Adam Smith (13 ppg), so I guess that’s a wash.

How did VT lose to the 271st “best” team in the nation?

  • After 27 minutes of action, Tech didn’t have a single point from their upperclassmen (Eddie, Raines, Barksdale, and Johnston).  In fact, they had 0 points to go with 6 turnovers at that moment.
  • For the game, Tech’s upperclassmen finished with just 5 points and 8 turnovers.
  • Jarell Eddie was 1/12 from the field for the game (started 0/9).
  • As I said above, VT scored just 6 points between 10:06 to go in the game and 17 seconds, allowing unc-g to go on a 20-6 run and take a 52-49 lead.
  • The Hokies, who were #1 in the nation in 3-point % coming in at 44%, hit just 3/15 (20%).  That’s more than 6 makes below their average of 9.3 made 3s per game (11th in the nation).
  • VT was 13/23 on FTs (57%).  unc-g was 14/16 (88%) — there’s your difference (I’m sure Slam Dunk will second that).

I predicted the Hokies would be rusty after just 1 game in 20 games, and they certainly were in the first half.  The game was tied at 22 at the break with the Hokies having 9 turnovers.  It looked like they had turned it around in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half, outscoring unc-g 21-10, but that’s when the wheels came off.

Kyle Cain, a junior transfer from arizona state, led all scorers with 18.  He was clearly the best player on the floor for either team, hitting 8/14 shots and grabbing 10 rebounds.

Joey van Zegeren had a career high 11 points, and added 7 rebounds and 2 blocks.  Ben Emelogu also had 11 for Tech.  Jarell Eddie had scored in double figures in each game until today, held to just 4 points on that 1/12 shooting (and just 2 rebounds which is also surprising).

Adam Smith, as mentioned, was out with a calf injury.  C.J. Barksdale was limited to just 6 minutes due to his banged up knee.  And Cadarian Raines is clearly still in the JJ Doghouse, playing just 7 minutes for the game (1 point).

Both teams were awful from the floor, with each team shooting just 36% for the game.  Both teams hit just 3 three-pointers.  And turnover margin was close (unc-g had 13, VT had 15).  The difference, as I mentioned, was unc-g’s advantage from the foul line.

The Hokies return to action on Tuesday at 4 PM in the Cassell against maryland-eastern shore who is ranked 317th in the RPI.  They are just 1-6 against D1 teams (and 1-1 against lower division teams).  Since the Sun Bowl is going on at the same time, I’m sure there will be plenty of good seats still available!

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6 Responses to “unc-greensboro 55 (7-7), HOKIES 52 (7-5)”

  1. King says:

    Prior to winter break, this looked like a team that could compete for an NIT berth. Instead, the same thing that happened last year is happening again this year. The wheels have completely come off for the season. Tech has a really bad team. No leadership. Turnover City. If Eddie isn’t scoring he does not contribute in any other way. In games when he scores, he gets 6-8 rebounds. Today, he couldn’t score and managed 2 rebounds. The head coach’s job is to motivate but all I see is a flat, soft bunch that I’m embarrassed to root for. Where’s the heart? Where’s the hustle? Where’s the scrappy play? This team is a joke.

  2. Slam Dunk says:

    Excellent write up Niemo. Everything you said was spot on! (no pun intended). You are correct… I second the 57% FT shooting. Terrible, just terrible. 70% would have been 3 more points and a tie ball game… but I digress. Now I know Devin Wilson is just a freshman, and I understand he is probably a really good young man, (here comes the but) but 3 of 7 on Foul Shots! Come on Devin. You’re our point guard. You’re the man we want with the ball. You’re the man we want at the line. Please, please step it up! Next puzzle for me… Will Johnston, Trevor Thompson, Christian Beyer??? Here’s the line for Johnston, 0-1 FG, 1-2 FT, 1 point, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 16 minutes. The line for Thompson, 2-4 FG, 4 points, 2 rebounds, 1 block, 3 minutes. Trevor had more production in 3 minutes than Will did in 16! Granted, Trevor had three personal fouls. The third coming with just over 12 minutes left in the game. So what happens next? Trevor goes out. No problem there, he probably needed to sit for a few minutes. But at around the 4 minute mark in comes Beyer. We don’t see Trevor the rest of the game! What’s up with that? Am I missing something? Lastly… unc-g just flat out wanted it more. The last two or three minutes they out-hustled the Hokies. Here is my biggest question… where is that up-tempo, fast paced, pressing, trapping, running Hokies style of basketball we were told was coming to Blacksburg? JJ, I love the Ferrum Panthers as much as you do, but if you don’t get something going you’ll end up back in Division 3 in a couple of years!

    • Niemo says:

      Slam Dunk – you don’t consider 52 points up-tempo? What do you want? (Tic) As for Thompson vs Johnston, it is simply a position thing. With Rankin done, we have 4 guards on the roster, and 1 of them was out hurt today (Smith). That leaves just Wilson, Emelogu, and Johnston, so he has to play. Eddie is really a small forward. Thompson is only playing as much as he is because CR is in the doghouse.

  3. Drew says:

    I tried being nice but there’s no nice way to put it. Barely playing Raines (a solid player) with Barksdale hurt just proves JJ is a total idiot. Having a guy like Raines, who is at least semi-skilled in the post, would actually be a benefit in winning games. He better have a damn good reason for benching Raines. Because after a dreadful performance like today, I’ve got no issues with canning him asap.

    • Vindictive_Pat says:

      I keep thinking that JJ must be tanking in order to get a better draft pick… then I remember that there actually isn’t a reason to tank in college basketball and I get even more depressed.


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