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florida state 70 (5-5), HOKIES 50 (1-9) – noles Complete Hokie Hat Trick


“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffin’ glue.”  -Airplane

It was not a good day for the Hokies in terms of head-to-head competition with the seminoles.  Let me recap:

  1. fsu got a commitment from 4-star DT derrick nnadi, arguably Tech’s highest profile recruit (of guys we had a shot with)
  2. Next, the noles got 4-star Javon Harrison (a WR who will end up playing defense for the noles because they have better WRs) to flip to fsu after being committed to the Hokies for more than 18 months.
  3. Finally, in the least surprising of the three, the noles defeated the Hokies in hoops 70-50 late Wednesday night in front of about 500 people.  The Hokies are now 0-7 at fsu since joining the ACC, the only venue Tech has not won at of the schools that were in the ACC before this year.  FYI: The noles had lost 4 of 5 coming into this game, but what cures your ails more than the Hokies!  This marked Tech’s 4th straight Reverse Bear Fight loss.


VT fsu
FG% 21/61 (34%) 20/46 (44%)
3-Pt% 5/21 (24%) 9/16 (56%)
FT% 3/9 (33%) 21/25 (84%)


Leading VT fsu
Scorer Raines – 13 Thomas – 24
Rebounder van Zegeren – 9 Bookert/White – 8
Assists Wilson – 3 3 guys – 3


In order to make these recaps more efficient, I’m going to try out a new template.  Here’s how it will work:

  • Tech was without [insert rotating laundry list of players hurt, suspended, sitting out, or abducted by aliens]
  • The Hokies were horrendous from the free throw line [insert crazy stat]
  • Jarell Eddie couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.  He started 0-for-[insert really high number here]
  • Tech was completely unprepared for their opponent and got destroyed in the first half, falling to an [insert a double-digit number here] deficit at the half
  • The [opponent] shot really, really well; hitting [insert FG% and 3-Pt% that were probably at 50% or above] and Coach JJ made ZERO adjustments to correct it — [insert Head-Scratcher]
  • The Hokies were horrendous shooting the ball — [I can pretty much just put in numbers under 35% on FGs and under 30% on 3-Ptrs and under 60% on FTs and not even have to sweat it]
  • Tech would make a valiant run to start the 2nd half.  They cut an [insert huge halftime lead] to [insert closer number] before [insert analogy to pooping your pants and continuing to make people money that bet against VT].
  • [Insert random thing that you’ve never seen before that VT screwed up or allowed to happen tonight]
  • [Some random opponent went nuts]
  • Tech lost by a Bear Fight; Tech’s [insert ridiculously high number] straight loss by 20+…

OK, so let’s fill in the above for Wednesday night…

  • Tech was without C.J. Barksdale (groin – 3rd straight game missed), Marshall Wood (???), and Adam Smith (calf, stress fracture, anything else???).  But keep in mind fsu was without Ian Miller, their leading scorer, so again, this is just an excuse.
  • The Hokies did not make a free throw until 2:07 was left IN THE GAME.  They started 0/5 from the stripe and finished 3/9 (33%) from the foul line.
  • Jarell Eddie couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.  He started 0-for-7 from the field.  In fact, he was 0/16 between the maryland game and the first half of this game before hitting his first 2 shots at the start of the 2nd half.  FYI: they didn’t stop the game to give him the ball.  Later in the 2nd half he broke his streak of 11 straight missed 3-pointers (which had included 94 minutes of play).  Jarell finished 3/14 from the field and 1/7 from deep.  He’s now 25/96 (26%) on FGs since the start of 2014 and 13/52 (25%) on 3-pointers.  That’s VT’s leading scorer.
  • Tech was completely unprepared for their opponent and got destroyed in the first half, falling to an 11-point deficit at the half, down 31-20.  VT has been outscored by 80 points in the first half of their last 6 games, trailing by double-digits in all but one of those games (they were down just 8 to maryland)
  • The seminoles shot really, really well; hitting 44% of their FGs and 56% (9/16) of their 3s and Coach JJ made ZERO adjustments to correct it — despite fsu shooting 4/7 from 3-point range in the first half, JJ stayed in a 2-3 zone (which is vulnerable to 3-point shooting), allowing fsu to hit 4/5 (all by Aaron Thomas in a span of less than 4 minutes) from deep to start the 2nd half and jump to an 18-point lead by the midway point of the final stanza.
  • The Hokies were horrendous shooting the ball — Tech shot 34% from the field and 24% from deep (Will Johnson made 4 of Tech’s 5 three-pointers… the rest of the team was 1/14).
  • Tech would make a valiant run to start the 2nd half.  They cut an 11-point halftime deficit to 7 right at the start of the 2nd half before completely crapping the bed and falling behind by 20.
  • The seminoles had a 5-point play.  Yep, that’s not a typo.  Montay Brandon hit a 3-pointer late in the first half as Jarquez Smith was fouled under the hoop.  He hit both free throws to give the noles a 5-point play and turn a 5-point lead into a double digit advantage.
  • Aaron Thomas has 24 points for fsu, his 2nd highest point total of his career.  He was 6/8 from 3-point range.
  • The Hokies lost by a Reverse Bear Fight, Tech’s 4th straight loss by 20+ and 6th time in 12 games… LOL.  A walk-on, Brandon Allen, hit a fadeaway jumper with 11 seconds left to put fsu up 20 and give them the Reverse Bear Fight win.

Some other things of note:

  • Props to Ben Emelogu:  He re-injured his ankle in Fight Club… I mean practice the other day but still battled his way through this game playing mega minutes and scoring 8 points.
  • Cadarian Raines led the Hokies with 13 points on 6/11 shooting.
  • Will Johnston, a walk-on, was 4/7 from 3-point range for 12 points.  The rest of the team was 1/14 from long range.
  • Devin WIlson was 1/8 from the field for just 4 points.  He’s averaging just 5 points in his last 3 games after averaging 18 in the previous four games.  Devin is just 6/27 (22%) on FGs and 0/6 on 3s in his last 4 games.
  • Joey van Zegeren and Trevor Thompson both fouled out before the final media timeout.  They combined for 15 rebounds but just 6 points (all by Trevor Thompson).  Tech was called for 26 fouls compared to 21 for the noles (not complaining, just saying they were more aggressive).  The biggest discrepancy was fsu shot 25 free throws and hit 21 of them (84%), including a perfect 14/14 in the 2nd half.  Tech was just 3/9.
  • The Hokies were dominant on the offensive glass… again.  Tech snagged 16 offensive rebounds in 43 opportunities (37%) while allowing fsu just 6 of 27 (22%).

Shout out to LeeRay Seamon!!!

JJ Head-Scratcher: Leonard “Happy” Hamilton is a coach that has built his team behind tough defense.  Yet when the opponent misses or commits a turnover, the noles look to get out and run and get easy buckets in transition.  The Hokies, meanwhile, pull the ball out and setup in the halfcourt, eliminating fast break opportunities.  One prime example was a backwards pass Devin Wilson intercepted, yet our best ballhandler slowed the ball up and waited for everyone else to catch up.  Given our offensive struggles… WHY?!

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9 Responses to “florida state 70 (5-5), HOKIES 50 (1-9) – noles Complete Hokie Hat Trick”

  1. disappointed hokie says:

    Bill Rothe and Mike from the radio need a major pay raise for having to listen to JJ’s crybaby excuse filled post game report, he should just stop having practice, because there is no way they do anything productive and atleast our players would be healthy. Even being healthy we still would lose but at least their would be less excuses

  2. Andre Marcus says:

    Is there really anything else you can say about this team? I truly believe they will not win again this year…very sad!

  3. Rich Roberts says:

    I want to laugh at your template as a silly joke, but instead I find myself admiring it as a practical productivity enhancer.

  4. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Wood had the flu.
    How is JJ still employed? What other job can you be so horrendous at and still keep your badge access? I think a mid-season firing would be just fine right now so that we can officially post the position on Monster and 4 straight 20+ point losses is just embarrassing.

  5. Les says:

    At least, the walkons can say to their kids they played a lot of college basketball.
    Florida State’s attendance dropped 4000 from the Clemson game. Do we share in road revenues as in Major League Baseball?

    • Niemo says:

      Ha, I don’t think so. They really share road revenues in MLB? I’ve never heard that before.

      • Les says:

        Showing my age. That went away with revenue sharing in the collective bargaining agreement back in the late 90’s. I believe gate receipts were spit 1 for visiting team and 2 for the home team.


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