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Our new coach was on CBS, TBS, and TNT Saturday helping with their halftime studio shows. Here’s a clip of Buzz talking about his new gig:

Buzz on CBS

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10 Responses to “Buzz on CBS/TBS/TNT”

  1. King says:

    It was TNT but good nonetheless

  2. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    he seems like an intelligent guy with a vision and a plan. i still cant believe we snagged this dude. in whit we trust.

  3. Les says:

    Based on his background in charities and community involvement, they hired the right guy for improving the Athletic Department’s fundraising to go along with Babcock.

  4. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Points per game over the past few years… Marquette / VT:
    2013-14 – 72 / 63 (Buzz +9)
    2012-13 – 68 / 70 (-2)
    2011-12 – 75 / 65 (+10)
    2010-11 – 75 / 70 (+5)
    2009-10 – 73 / 73 (push)
    2008-09 – 78 / 73 (+5)
    2007-08 – 76 / 70 (+6)
    Honestly not really as big of gaps as I thought when I started to put this together (were we really averaging 70+ that much under Greenberg? It seemed like around 60 per…), but I’m ready to score some damn points!!

    • Niemo says:

      Buzz is a defensive-minded coach, too. I mean, the Big East as a whole was a defensive-minded conference (before this year and all the changes). Only louisville is what I’d call an offensive-focused school but even they have that deadly press. What we lacked the last two years was sound defensive fundamentals and toughness. I’d like to get that back.
      That said, I am hoping for a more interesting offense, too, that takes opportunities to push the ball and get the first good shot…. and if neither happens, be able to run sets in the half court that get open looks along with occasional wrinkles to get easy buckets.

      • HipHop_Hokie says:

        True Niemo, you’re right… it’s not like Marquette has been leading the nation in scoring or anything with an average of only 73.8ppg over these past 7 years I outlined (though it is a decent bit better than the 69.1 we’ve posted, as 4.7 more points will win you a good number of close games), but ultimately what I was trying to say was how you phrased it. I just want a more enjoyable offense to watch… not a ball delay, wait for the shot clock to hit 7 seconds and then start looking at the rim type of approach. I do know that Buzz is going to bring the defensive intensity that will be needed in the league like what the ACC has been, now is, and is about to become (good Lord… Louisville is coming too)… but I also think that he is going to not only recruit better scorers but will coach them better than what we’ve seen for quite some time now. That’s my hope, anyways.

        • Rich Roberts says:

          David Teel did a good article where he looked at the advance analytics on Buzz’s teams. They show he really changes his style based on personnel. He had a few teams which were top 10 in tempo, so when he has the right guys, he’ll push and run. Other years his teams were near the bottom in tempo, but high in offensive efficiency. So basically if he has half court guys, he’ll run a efficient half court offense. To me this shows he is a good coach. He isn’t looked into one philosophy. He adjust based on what he has and does what he needs to do to win games. All of Buzz’s teams were very high in terms of defensive efficiency.

          • Niemo says:

            Rich – thanks for that. I haven’t gotten into his efficiency scores yet (waiting for next season to renew my subscriptions). I just know how hard it was to score in the former Big East so I know that would affect a stat like PPG and make it misleading. And I’m glad to hear he can adjust his offense (imagine that — haven’t seen that in football or bball in quite some time).

  5. deathrow821 says:

    Who voted for “Meh, I’m neutral about this hire”? I really want to know why you are neutral, because I am incredibly excited and don’t know the reason others wouldn’t be.

    • HipHop_Hokie says:

      I voted 5. I think Shaka would have been the only realistic 6 for me, but Buzz was nowhere on my radar and I am really happy with the prospect of having him run the program for hopefully the next decade at least. I just hope he really enjoys Blacksburg and gets fully invested… and can get the recruits to do the same. I’m very optimistic!


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