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Trevor Thompson to Transfer (including my thoughts)

Update: I’ve heard from several sources that say Trevor was on his phone during the meeting with Buzz and the team on Saturday and Coach simply told him to put it away, not making a scene.  So more and more (and based on additional info from these sources), it sounds like TT had more than a foot out the door even before Buzz was named the coach and all this stuff from his dad was simply excuses to rationalize it.

This Roanoke Times article pretty well sums things up with inside info from Trevor’s dad.  It says Buzz recruited Trevor in high school but called him “soft” (allegedly).  It says Trevor’s cell phone went off in a meeting between the team and coaches yesterday and that Buzz called Trevor out and would give him a release if he wanted it, and it said Trevor was “50/50″ about staying before the meeting.  After yesterday’s meeting, Trevor decided to move on.

My take:

Since we only have info from one side, and a third party at that, we only understand so much of this situation.  But I read it as either a coach running off a player he wasn’t sold on so that he can bring in his type of guys, or a coach challenging a player and the player taking his ball and going home.

This is the difference between a head coach and an assistant coach in terms of handling things.  A head coach gets the matter resolved quickly and in private.   An assistant coach keeps benching the player and calling him out in postgame press conferences.

Obviously I wish Trevor was staying as he showed great promise, but I’d rather have the matter fixed and move on, instead of dragging out over an entire season and potentially impacting other players.  So I’ll trust Buzz and his experience.  And I trust that he’ll be bringing in enough talent that guys will constantly be challenged and pushed instead of having to kiss their butts just to have 6-7 healthy guys.

I certainly didn’t expect any attrition from the current team or recruits when we got a coach like Buzz, but this just shows that attrition is a part of the game now.  You will lose a player more years than you don’t.  This will make things more challenging next year, but I really look at next with minimal expectations while we start to implement a system and get things running.  I’d like to hope we can hit 6-12 in the ACC next year, but it is really about getting things on track two-three years from now.

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18 Responses to “Trevor Thompson to Transfer (including my thoughts)”

  1. Juan Cobos says:

    might go back to indiana (purdue?). it’s a big loss because he was ready to contribute and in my opinion, he’s better that JVZ, and with more upside, and obviously to JJ eyes was better than Kirby too.

    Would’ve rather JVZ or Kirby to transfer being the case.

    Anyays, in Buzz we trust!

    I believe

  2. Tim B says:

    Well that was insightful :)

  3. Chris says:

    Apparently TT was going to transfer anyway, according to a guy on a message board. So it doesn’t look like Buzz had anything to do with it.

    Rumor is that once of his recruits, troubled but top 100 recruit Malek Harris, is going to follow Buzz to Blacksburg. Harris is a 6’7 forward.

    I believe we have an open scholarship due to Rankin leaving. It would be nice to see Buzz bring in a big man to replace TT. It’s not looking like we’re going to have much big man depth next season…

    • Chris says:

      Well, nevermind. Just read the Berman article. Long story short, apparently TT wants to play closer to home and Buzz may or may not have called him out during a meeting earlier day for his phone going off.

      Seems like a mutual decision. Best of luck to Thompson wherever he goes.

  4. Rich Roberts says:

    I liked what I saw from TT at the end of the year. Thought longer term that he and JVZ could give us the inside presence we never had in the Greenburg years. We obviously need some wing players, but now we’ll need to inside depth too. Barksdale strikes me as more of a 3 than a 4.

  5. RKinRoanoke says:

    Kids transfer. I can’t get too worked up over the timing. More interesting is what Buzz thinks of the kids who have signed and kids like Devin.
    Is he bringing his coaching staff? Any holdovers for VA recruiting contacts?

  6. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    its dissapointing for sure but it gives buzz another schollie spot to work with. he’s got a reputation for good recruiting, let’s see who he can snag so late in the process.

  7. Les says:

    It’s pretty disappointing when the father become the primary point of contact for news about a recruit or a player.

    Perhaps Williams didn’t get a full commitment from Thompson or his dad when they had one-on-one discussions after the hiring. This is Williams’ way of pushing him to make a decision.

    Malek Harris is supposedly following Williams to Tech.
    PG Sandy Cohen decommitted from Marquette and one of his strengths is defense.

  8. King says:

    Wood has been put on notice. Soft play doesn’t fly in Buzz’s system. Get tough or get going.

  9. hooleyhoopty says:

    TT’s dad didn’t do him any favors in the quotes he provided because quite frankly they do indeed make TT sound soft. It doesn’t sound like he handles criticism very well. Having your cellphone on during the initial meeting with your new head coach is disrespectful. If it was an accident he should still own it, get over it, and move on. If he’s unable to do that then it’s apparent our new head coach isn’t going to put up with the kind of player who doesn’t have thick skin. All the best to the young man but it’s time to turn this ship around. You’re either onboard or you’re not.

    • Les says:

      If he gets a regular job, he’ll have to learn you can’t go around telling everyone you’re going to leave. Your old boss may be weak, but the new boss is likely to take a harder stand.

  10. WillJohnston#25Blows says:

    Well apparently Buzz was right about this kid being a softy if he can’t handle getting called out for leaving his cell on. TT and JVZ are both softies and although have potential, they’re just not very good basketball players. It’s going to take a couple recruiting classes to develop an inside game with players that actually have post moves and can score consistently in the paint.

  11. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Points per game over the past few years… Marquette / VT:
    2013-14 – 72 / 63 (Buzz +9)
    2012-13 – 68 / 70 (-2)
    2011-12 – 75 / 65 (+10)
    2010-11 – 75 / 70 (+5)
    2009-10 – 73 / 73 (push)
    2008-09 – 78 / 73 (+5)
    2007-08 – 76 / 70 (+6)
    Honestly not really as big of gaps as I thought when I started to put this together (were we really averaging 70+ that much under Greenberg? It seemed like around 60 per…), but I’m ready to score some damn points!

    • Juan Cobos says:

      AD, Jeff Allen, Delaney, Dorenzo, Erick Green…Seth had a few guys scoring for a few years

      • Pat Leonard says:

        That seemed to be the problem to me. Greenberg’s teams never had more than a couple guys who could score in any given season.

    • Niemo says:

      Buzz is a defensive-minded coach, too. I mean, the Big East as a whole was a defensive-minded conference (before this year and all the changes) so keep in mind how hard it was to score in that conference — much harder than in the finesse-oriented ACC. So playing 18+ games of that will impact your scoring average. If you have time, check their splits in vs out of conference.
      What we lacked the last two years was sound defensive fundamentals and toughness. I’d like to get that back.

      That said, I am hoping for a more interesting offense, too, that takes opportunities to push the ball and get the first good shot…. and if neither happens, be able to run sets in the half court that get open looks along with occasional wrinkles to get easy buckets.

  12. Pat Leonard says:

    I think Thompson has offers from bigger programs than VT and wanted to trade up. He can also get closer to home at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him wind up at Ohio State… they have a big need at center. I don’t begrudge him that, he is free to do as he likes.


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