Wild Hokie Club

With the opening of the 2014-15 season, we here at TechHoops are entering our eighth season covering the Virginia Tech Hokies. Two years ago, we abandoned the traditional advertising model where we would hound businesses to sponsor the site to help offset the cost of time and services we put into this labor of love/hate.

In seven years, you, the die-hard Virginia Tech basketball fans, have turned this site into one of the best online sources for news, information and analysis of Hokie hoops. Ads on websites suck. We don’t like them, so why would you? So, we removed all advertising and replaced it with a simple message: if you have the means and feel so inclined, consider making a donation to the site.

Any person who makes a donation to the site, big or small, becomes a member of the TechHoops.com Wild Hokie Club, like those names you see below:

  • David G.
  • Ellis M.
  • Lisa T.
  • Tushar P.
  • Steve K.
  • Nick K.
  • Hunter D.
  • Mark B.
  • Gregory S.
  • Richard B.


  • Allen W.
  • Craig N.
  • Mary W.
  • Patrick C.
  • Neil T.
  • Horace K.
  • Matt A.
  • Hunter D.
  • Cathy F.
  • Chris N.
  • Walkin’ Willie’s Comix, LLC
  • David G.
  • Matthew T.
  • Tushar P.
  • Peter S.
  • Matthew T.
  • Jonathan K.


  • Daniel K.
  • Chris D.
  • Patrick L.
  • Matt D.
  • Andrea T.
  • Steven S.
  • Jon K.
  • Patrick C.
  • Jon P.
  • Ryan L.
  • Lucian L.
  • Scott B.
  • Matthew W. (x2)
  • Brandon S.
  • Andrew M.
  • Ryan W.
  • James B.
  • Tushar P.
  • Bryan S.
  • Ben F.
  • Dan R.
  • Timothy B.
  • James S.

Come on, everybody is doing it!

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