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Hokies on Fire – Vote on the Best Slogan!

The Hokies on Fire picked what they thought were the top 10 slogans for this year’s Hokies on Fire Blackout shirt. They are now available to choose from at

The winner will be announced on November 5th at the Hokies on Fire Pep Rally! He/she will receive $150 and we have an amazing surprise for them as well. Come to the pep rally and you might find out. The facebook event is:

Look for the shirts to be on sale starting November 13th for a relatively cheap price.

Here is the list of the top 10 slogan ideas to choose from.
1) Welcome to BlackOUTsburg
2) If you can’t take the heat get out of the Cassell
3) Lights out in BLACKsburg
4) Hokie Triple Threat: The Cassell, The Soldiers, The Guards
5) Hope you’ve got Night Vision
6) Are you afraid of the dark
7) A blackout to remember
8 ) Cross our moat and step into the dark
9) Lets rock the Cassell with a knight full of Hokies
10) Blackout or Backout

Once the students decide on the “best slogan,” we will quickly start the design process to ensure that the shirts hit the stores on November 13th.

Also, we might combine two slogans depending on how well some are received by the students. If you’d like to assist us with the design process, please e-mail

Lastly, we are starting a “Cheers of the game” section at Tech Hoops. This is where we all will be able to coordinate cheers and unite as fans to better the atmosphere. Be sure to check here before each game to see what cheers are going to take place!

We are one step closer to making VT home of the best home-court advantage in the country. We still need your help! Make sure you tell your friends to vote at!
Let’s Go!!!

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A Hokies on Fire Blackout – Contest Has Ended

The Student Government is proud to announce the continuation of their Hokies on Fire program. The game this year will be a blackout against clemson on January 29th, 2009.

I am calling out to the student body to help transform Cassell Coliseum into the best home-court arena in the country.

On December 1st, Virginia Tech plays wisconsin. This is the only televised (ESPN2) college basketball game scheduled that day, which means that everyone will be watching. The student section is expected to come out stronger than ever and truly “Protect the Cassell”. Coach Greenberg wants Cassell Coliseum to be covered in Orange, so make sure you wear your favorite orange shirt to the game!

We have gathered slogan and cheer ideas from students. The best slogan will win $150 plus other prizes to be named later. I’m working on getting a basketball signed by Coach Greenberg and the players. On top of that, I’m trying to get the winner a dinner with the team.

Currently, Virginia Tech is known as a football school – we need to unite to prove that VT is much more than just a one sport school. Our basketball team is on the rise; Seth Greenberg is building something special here in Blacksburg. He can’t do it alone – he needs your help.

With your help, we will transform Cassell into the best arena in the country, and clemson will soon be afraid of the dark.

Before anything, you have to go to and enter slogan ideas. Who knows, you must just be the lucky winner and be featured at our pep rally on November 5th!

Lets GO!!!

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Hokies on Fire! … Hokie Effect for Basketball would like to welcome the Cassell Crusader, a new member of’s Student Section, where students voice their opinions on Virgina Tech basketball.

The Cassell Crusader is running the Student Government Assocation (SGA) sponsored “Hokies on Fire” Campaign to boost student spirit at home games and hopefully set some new traditions for VT Basketball. Click here to read more about the Cassell Crusader.

Hokies on Fire T-ShirtThe “Hokies on Fire” SGA Program was created in the hope that we can mirror the success of the Hokie Effect football campaign. Hokies on Fire started out that way, but I hope it will become so much bigger than that. Our objective for this program is to dramatically increase awareness that Virginia Tech IS a basketball school.

Virginia Tech basketball needs to be on student calendars. Home games CANNOT be an afterthought. The sale of t-shirts, campus posters, and reminders about upcoming games will increase overall awareness of Hokie basketball within the student body.

The next step is to ensure that when people show up for home games, they are amazed with the atmosphere of Cassell Coliseum. It is a fact that the intensity of the student fans has literally changed the outcome of games. Cassell may be smaller than Lane, but that doesn’t mean it should not be as loud.

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The Student Section | Lose the Lottery would like to welcome Cory Jez, a new member of’s Student Section, where students voice their opinions on Virgina Tech basketball.

Cory is currently a sophomore Political Science and Economics double major at VT. He is from Midlothian (just outside of Richmond), Va. Cory’s favorite VT basketball moment was chanting “sit down Gary!” to maryland’s coach Gary Williams as he argued a call last season in Cassell. Cory thinks the entire month of March should be a national holiday to watch basketball.

Welcome to the ACC, Hokies.

Last season, the Virginia Tech men’s basketball program experienced a taste of ACC success, breaking from their traditional position as bottom feeders in the conference. With this newfound success, the student body must bring to the Cassell the same enthusiasm and excitement they have exhibited next door in Lane Stadium on autumn Saturdays.

While the Virginia Tech Athletic Department is enjoying a period of success that is unprecedented in Blacksburg, embattled Athletic Director Jim Weaver has borne the brunt of student criticism this football season for his banning of the popular “stick it in” cheer, among other things. As we transition to basketball, Mr. Weaver’s policy making with student ticket distribution is now coming under fire.

Anyone who attended the Hokie basketball home game against Maryland last season knows how amazing the student section can be, it was an amazing night. Due to inclement weather preventing season ticket holders from traveling to the game, Cassell was opened to allow students to occupy unused seats, in effect turning Cassell into one large and rowdy student section. We need to have a system in place that enables the Hokie faithful with access to seats to every game. Our current lottery / season-ticket system is seriously flawed.

Let’s look at how one of the top programs in the country does it: duke. Though an ACC rival, I have to commend their system of ticket allocation for the petite cameron indoor. Tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with students lining up for many hours before games just to get a seat (where they will never actually sit, because the cameron crazies are up all game). duke actually designates two games each year as tent games in the town of Krzyzewskiville, usually unc and another big conference match up each season. This gives every student who really wants it a chance to be front and center when game-time comes.

I’d like to see a similar system implemented here in Blacksburg. Give those who really want to see the games a chance to see them, reward those showing up hours before a game with the chance to be the first into Cassell to stake out the best seats in the student section. The lottery system does nothing to reward those who attend multiple games; they have just as much chance as the student who enters the lottery just to sell the ticket.

If an improved system can be implemented at Virginia Tech, I will be the first one to get my tent out in preparation to welcome uva to Cassell Coliseum.

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The Student Section | Hokies putting us through a wild rollercoaster of emotions

Senior Days (my pictures are at the bottom of article) are always a little bittersweet because Hokies you’ve come to know and love over the course of at least 4 years are playing their final game at Virginia Tech. Against clemson on Sunday we had a chance to have a pretty sweet day. With virginia’s stunning loss at wake forest the Hokies had a shot at the ACC regular season championship and the top seed in the ACC tournament. The day was not so sweet and I left Cassell Coliseum with a pretty bitter feeling about the end of our seniors’ careers.

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The Student Section | Hokies fall in the john, miss out on top seed, but all is not lost

A couple days ago I thought writing this column was going to be an enjoyable experience, celebrating our victory and our first place status in the ACC. But instead I find myself dreading having to relive the experience.

Three other Tech students and I drove up for the game with tickets thanks to my wahoo father. And a couple of us had plans of celebrating the victory with my cousin and her “sisters” at uva’s ZTA sorority. It turned out it wasn’t so much a celebration, but a drowning of our sorrows. With so many wahoos in the family I was really looking forward to rubbing in the Hokies’ sweep of football and basketball over the hoos.

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The Student Section | Hokies Keep ACC Title Hopes Alive; Senior Class Needs Us

After the big win against bc there was potential for a letdown against miami — but it only lasted through a frustrating first half. In the second half the Hokies played Bud Foster-like defense leading to a lot of fastbreak points and a smooth 73-57 victory.

Knowing miami was a bottom feeder in the ACC, the fact that Denis Clemente, averaging a whopping 9.8 points a game, was a one-man wrecking crew offensively, and the officiating all made me uncomfortable for much of the first half.

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The Student Section | Hokies get in eagles’ head

The student section was packed like a downtown bar on Fat Tuesday and the Hokies brought the energy as they cruised to a 79-62 rout of boston college. The Hokies have been inconsistent all season, up and down, beating the likes of unc on the road and then losing to the likes of nc state and fsu. However, one thing that’s been consistent is after every downer, like the nc state game or the game at bc, there’s an upper like the thrashing of the wahoos and last nights win against the eagles. Every time I think I have this team figured out something surprising happens.

The general consensus around campus is that no one would be surprised with a first round NCAA Tourney loss, and no one would be that shocked by a Final Four appearance either. Last nights game was a little like the season as a whole.

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The Student Section | Just Like Football

“Just like football” it was. Once again virginia came to Blacksburg and did their best to put me to sleep. The football game at Lane this season was a yawner, with both offenses struggling and Tech’s defense dominating. The game was never really in doubt for the Hokies. Saturday afternoon was more of the same – the wahoo basketball team fell behind to the Hokies early, and Tech cruised to a relatively easy 27-point victory.

When virginia cut the lead to 42-29 early in the second half I turned to my roommate and said, this game is going to get close and it’s going to be soon. I was wrong — the game never got close, as Deron Washington and A.D. “The Puerto Rican Assassin” Vassallo dunked and shot the hoos out of Cassell. I found myself almost bored, just waiting for the next Deron high-flying dunk, but I’ll take boring 27-point wins the rest of the way out if I can.

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The Student Section
Hokies learning the ugly nature of the ACC

The night started out badly when I missed out on the free T-shirt giveaway at Cassell, but I thought that would be the low light of the night – it wasn’t.

We were bad last night against nc state. That’s the bottom line, there’s not much else to say. No part of the Hokies’ game, as Coach Greenberg said, was acceptable. Players and coaches are both to blame for the loss, but as bad as the loss looked and felt for the fans, there’s no reason to be down on the Hokies yet.

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Students get a “win” against maryland

Last Sunday started out like any other lazy Sunday, but it ended as one of the most memorable days in Virginia Tech basketball history, at least for us, the students. Roads were treacherous throughout the state thanks to a heavy ice storm, leading to one of the finest decisions ever made by A.D. Jim Weaver. I suggest he make this decision once a season for any big ACC home game.

Weaver, as most of you know, opened Cassell Coliseum to all students with a student ID for the game against Maryland. It was a genius idea. And it worked out about 2,000 times better than I expected. I greatly underestimated the power of the Hokie Nation.

At about 6:30 six friends and I crammed into a two door Civic and slid over to Cassell with expectations of getting to the game in time to get a seat at half-court. Little did we know some students got there as early as 6:00, an hour and a half before the 7:30 tip-off.

We ended up about ten rows up in the corner behind the Tech bench. There were students everywhere. I would estimate that students made up 90-percent of the crowd. From the moment I got there I knew it would be a special night.

Impromptu Hokie chants started in small sections and spread like wild fire throughout the Coliseum. It’s one thing when the student section is crazy at a basketball game, but when the whole place turns into the “student section” it’s something amazing. I wish every Hokie basketball fan could experience it.

At one point in the second half Gary Williams came on to the court to argue a call and a “Sit down Gary!” chant started in the regular student section and spread around the crowd. Apparently it got so loud it could be easily understood on TV. It was one of the highlights of the night for me. The unified disdain we displayed towards Williams, one of the most ill tempered coaches in the ACC, made my Hokie heart happy.

The Hokies grew their lead to 58-50 with six minutes left, but managed only one more point in regulation. The last six minutes were very frustrating. I thought we had a great chance to take total control of the game and get a 10-15 point win, but it didn’t work out that way and we had to endure the high stress of over time.

I squirmed nervously in my seat during time outs much of the last six minutes and over time chewing off my fingernails. Unfortunately I ended up violating some of the rules concerning words used towards officials in the ever-popular Hokie Respect campaign. But, my Hokie spirit, and the spirit of all those in attendance, according to Coach Greenberg, led the Hokies to victory on that special night.

“That was the students win,” said Greenberg.

It was our win, and I’ll take it even though it was a little too close for comfort. Every win in the ACC is big, every win is another step towards the NCAA Tournament, the win over Maryland gave us our fifth win in the ACC, one more than we had all last season.

That’s not what made it special though. It was special because we the students made it special. We showed up, sometimes just showing up is good enough.

On Sunday January 21, 2007 we the students showed up in strong numbers and we made Cassell Coliseum the hottest Sunday night party spot on campus. I expected to get to Cassell and see a basketball game, instead I found myself at a party (minus the kegs) where there happened to be a basketball game.

Patches of Hokie Nation are starting to catch Virginia Tech basketball fever, hopefully it becomes an all out epidemic.

The Student Section contains columns written by Virginia Tech students, the 6th man.

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Seeking the Voice of the Student Section

We are looking for students that can offer the perspective of many. We want both students and alumni to enjoy, and therefore offer a good balance of articles and blogs from both.

Our goal for Student Columnists are to provide the viewpoint of the student section. We don’t want just X’s and O’s and game previews and recaps. We want good stories that are related to Tech Basketball. We go to the games, but we want the student’s perspective on the atmosphere, on hot topics, such as the current student seating arrangement, and on the overall buzz around campus. The writing style needs to be edgy and engaging, not bland reporting.

If you are interested, shoot us an email at StudentSection AT with your name and class. Please be prepared to write a short column as a writing sample.

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