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Highlights: Hokies 65, jackets 63

Here are the highlights from Virginia Tech’s Battle for 13th Place Mega Bowl Championship!

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Highlights: Hokies 70, pitt 67

Here are the highlights from Virginia Tech’s first ACC win of the season (and Buzz’s first ever), a 70-67 win over pitt in overtime behind 26 from Adam Smith and 22 from Malik Muller.

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Highlights: Hokies 87, presbyterian 65

For those of you headed back from the Military Bowl, here are the highlights from Tech’s 4th straight win, an 87-65 triumph over the presbyterian blue hose at the Cassell.

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Highlights: Hokies 64, the citadel 61

Here are the highlights from Virginia Tech’s nail-biter win over the #345th ranked bulldogs of the citadel at the Cassell.  The loss was the citadel’s 18th straight road loss.

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Highlights: Hokies 65, alabama a&m 55

The Hokies snap their two game losing streak and defeat the bulldogs 65-55 in front of fewer than 3,600 fans at the Cassell.  Since most of us weren’t there, here are the highlights!

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Highlights: penn state 61, Hokies 58

Here are the highlights from Virginia Tech’s 3rd loss of the season, a 61-58 defeat to the nittany lions in the ACC/Big(14)Ten Challenge.  Tech is now 0-6 vs teams not named ‘iowa’ in the Challenge, and 3-0 vs the hawkeyes (can we request them for next season?).

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Highlights: HOKIES 83, morgan state 63

Here are your moving pictures from Virginia Tech’s 83-63 Bear Fight victory over the bears of morgan state on Sunday at the Cassell.  Watch Wilson giveth, Smith light it up, and van Zegeren send it back.


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HIGHLIGHTS: HOKIES 78, miami-ohio 63

The Hokies bombard the redhawks 78-63 to capture the Bronze Medal of the Cancun Challenge.  Note: 3 of Tech’s last 6 wins have been against schools named “miami” with 2 others vs maryland-eastern shore, and 1 against liberty.  Go Hokies!  Beat the hoos XI!

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Highlights: northern iowa 73, HOKIES 54

Here are the highlights from Virginia Tech’s (2-2) 73-54 loss to northern iowa (5-0) in the Cancun Challenge semi-finals from Cancun, Mexico.

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Video Highlights: HOKIES 73, liberty 63

Here is a 4-minute montage of the highlights from Wednesday’s Virginia Tech win over liberty 73-63 at the Cassell…


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Highlights: HOKIES (1-0) 71, umes 46

Highlights from Virginia Tech’s season opening, Bear Fight victory over the maryland-eastern shore hawks 71-46:

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wake forest 83 (3-3, 13-6), HOKIES 77 (1-5, 8-10)

Dear Hokie Hoops Fan,

You have officially been admitted to Rock Bottom.  Population: Us




To say the first half was an embarrassment would be an understatement.  The Hokies were absolutely run off their own floor in the opening minutes by an inspired wake forest team led by Coach Bzdelik.  Tech did put forth a noble effort in the second half led by Devin Wilson’s 25 2nd half points and got within 9 with 4:30 to go, but ultimately fell by an 83-77 score at the Cassell (the 6-point final margin marked the closest Tech was since the 14:40 mark of the first half — in other words, the game really wasn’t that close.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Bzdelik and his road woes, here’s some interesting numbers coming into tonight:

  • wake had lost 17 straight ACC road games (19 if you count the ACC Tourney)
  • The deacs hadn’t won an ACC road game in more than 2 full calendar years
  • wake is 1-27 in ACC road games in Bzdelik’s 4 years (1-30 if you count the ACC-T)
  • Bzdelik was 1-23 at colorado in Big 12 road games (including 23 in a row), for a grand total of 2-50 in conference road games over the last 7 years.

Give wake credit, because they got Bzdelik ACC road win #2 tonight with their inspired play.  The deacons just flat destroyed the Hokies early, who granted were without their 2nd and 3rd leading scorers (Ben Emelogu – ankle and Adam Smith – calf).  But excuses are like @ss holes — everyone has one and they both stink.  And the “injury” excuse doesn’t hold water.  We have injuries year after year after year.  What are we doing in practice?  Fight Club?  And wake didn’t go 1-27 without finding ways to lose to teams dealing with adversity.  Instead, we can safely say we are the worst of the worst now.

This game was a train wreck from the start for the Hokies.  Here are a few telling details:

  • So much for Tech’s 52% shooting on FGs at notre dame, Tech started 0/11 from the field, putting them in a 10-2 hole
  • Travis McKie, who had just 15 points combined in his previous 4 games, had 15 points in the first 12 minutes, and put wake up 30-11 with 8:45 to go on his 4th three-pointer of the first half.  (Note: McKie has owned the Hokies in his career.  The senior from Richmond has averaged over 15 ppg against Tech in his time at wake.  McKie finished with 24 points to lead wake.)
  • McKie, who was just 16/58 (28%) on 3s on the season, was 4/4 from long range in the first half (and 5/6 for the game).
  • Tech trailed by 20 (yep, Reverse Bear Fight) with 7:45 still to go… in the first half (34-14)
  • wake scored on 15 of their first 19 possessions (and that includes their first 2 possessions, which they didn’t score on)
  • Tech missed 2 dunks on the same possession at one point.
  • wake only made 2 FGs and scored just 6 points in the final 7 minutes of the first half… yet Tech only 10 themselves, chipping just 3 points off the lead.
  • wake, who came in shooting just 32% on 3s on the season (11th in the ACC), hit 7/10 (70%) in the first half.
  • The Hokies trailed by 16, 43-27, to Bz-eff’n-delik on the road.

But this is Bzdelik and you knew he’d find a way to make it interesting.  Tech opened the 2nd half on a 7-1 and cut the lead to 10 with 18 minutes to go.  After the teams traded baskets, wake then went on a 9-0 run to push the lead back to 19 with just under 15 minutes to go.

Once again Tech battled and chipped away, getting the deficit down to 10 with 5 minutes to go and finally single digits (9) with 4:40 to go.  But the Hokies just couldn’t get stops all night when then needed them, and Codi Miller-McIntyre put the game away with some driving layups and horrible help defense (the VT post players clearly didn’t find the ball).

Kudos to the Hokies for giving it their all in the second half.  Joey van Zegeren laying out for a loose ball down 16 with 8 minutes to go was awesome effort.  And the team did battle.  But you cannot keep digging yourself into ridiculous first half holes and expect to win any games.  Tech has trailed by 15 and 16 points at the half in their last 2 games respectively.  Note to JJ: Whatever you are telling the team at halftime, TELL THEM BEFORE THE GAME!

While wake played with effort, with inspiration, with a gameplan, Tech played with nothing in the first half.  JJ had to know he wasn’t going to have Emelogu or Smith, yet the guys that did play looked totally unprepared.  And to boot, they were uninspired and gave almost no effort on defense.  If a coach can’t prepare you to win, can’t inspire you to play hard, what good is he?  Not much, in my opinion.


  • There are none when you lose at home to a team that had lost 17 straight ACC road games.  I’m surprised they didn’t cut down our nets afterwards.

Things that didn’t stink:

  • Wilson’s 2nd halves: Wilson had 25 points in the 2nd half tonight (26 for the game), giving him 43 points in the 2nd half of our last 2 games.  The problem is he’s only scored 3 combined points in the first half of those games.  He also missed both FTs with VT down 9 and 3:30 to go and Tech having all the momentum.
  • Jarell Eddie had 20 points tonight and was 4/10 on 3s.  The problem is he was just 1/6 on 2-point shots and was just 5/16 from the floor overall (31%).
  • Tech, who came in shooting just 50% on FTs in ACC play, hit 24/33 (73%) tonight.
  • The Hokies had 22 offensive rebounds tonight (47% offensive rebound %).  The problem is they allowed wake a 43% offensive rebound % themselves.
  • Trevor Thompson had 10 points and 12 rebounds, his 2nd double-double of the year.  But have you ever seen a 6’11” guy miss so many dunks?
  • Just 6 turnovers.
  • The students were back (and into the game pretty much the whole way), helping our attendance to 5,156, our best ACC game crowd yet.

Things that had a moderate to severe odor:

  • JJ’s preparation of the team.
  • Cadarian Raines — whatever magic in a bottle he found Sunday night, well, he must have drank it all.  He was just 2/10 from the floor tonight for 5 points.
  • Tech’s shooting — 0/11 to start and 22/65 (34%) for the game.  Even taking away the 0/11 start that’s just 22/54 (41%) after that, which is slightly below average.
  • 0 fastbreak points.  We have a complete inability to push the ball.  Guys get a steal and hold it until Wilson comes and gets it.  And at one point Wilson passed it to Johnston who threw up a 3-pointer on the run that clanked off the rim.
  • Any semblance of an offense — once again the ball would stay beyond the 3-point line until seconds were left on the shot clock, even when down 11 with a little over a minute to go.
  • The fact we didn’t run a full court press until 1 minute to go (and promptly got a turnover — maybe should have thought of using it earlier — I know we were down several players, but still, what did you have to lose in the 2nd half?)
  • Trailing by 21 in the first half.
  • Trailing by double digits for 27 consecutive minutes until 4:40 to go.
  • Staying in the zone until they had hit 6 three-pointers in the first half and were up 30-11… and our perimeter defense in general that let a 32% 3-point team hit 56% (9/16).
  • Our defense period — they shot 54% from the field and over 50% in both halves.  Horrible help and perimeter defense all night.
  • Me being on anti-biotics and therefore unable to have some consolation Scotch.

Tech returns to action on Saturday at 3 PM against the red hot uva team (5-1 in the ACC) at uva.  Let’s hope we show up at 3, not at 4.

Final Thoughts:

I’m officially in the ‘we need to fire JJ after the season’ camp.  I’m just not sure we will given that we still don’t yet have an A.D. and the season ends for us in less than 2 months.

And if you want me to rub your back and tell you everything is going to be OK, I can’t.  We are about as bad as I’ve seen since the final days of the ricky stokes tenure.  And even in his last year he pulled off a win over a ranked uconn team and uva at home, which this team is a far cry from doing.  It’s time to blow up the operation and take some risks, and to me that means spending some money.  I’m tired of worrying about living in the black on the Balance Sheet, I want to be naughty and push the red.  Because it is going to take some money to get this thing turned around.

Also, I encourage people to donate more than ever.  The truth is we have a very small Hokie Club population, and stopping donations will only make it that much harder to rationalize spending money on a new coach.  Make your voice heard that you want change, just don’t close those wallets, please.

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notre dame 70 (2-3, 11-7), HOKIES 63 (1-4, 8-9)


A lackluster, uninspired first half proved to be too much for the Hokies to overcome despite a fierce second half rally, and Tech fell in South Bend, IN by a 70-63 score to the fighting irish in the first ever meeting between the two schools as ACC members.  This marks Tech’s fourth straight loss and 6th in 7 games, and snapped notre dame’s 3 game losing streak.

For those of you that were watching the NFL Conference Championships instead of this game, you’d swear Virginia Tech won if you just looked at the boxscore.  Check this out:

  • VT shot 52% from the field compared to 41% for notre dame AND VT shot 63% in the 2nd half
  • Tech shot 36% from 3-point range against 32% for the irish
  • The Hokies surpassed the 60 point mark in regulation for the first time in ACC play
  • Joey van Zegeren had 6 blocks in the game
  • Two Hokies set career highs in points – Devin Wilson and Cadarian Raines* each had 20

* I bet you are wondering who this “Cadarian Raines” guy is.  No, he’s not a mid-season transfer, he’s actually a 5th year senior who had been riding the pine for most of the last month.

So how did the Hokies lose this game?  As I like to say — bad teams find ways to lose, and when you are picked to finish last in the ACC out of 15 teams, you find new ways to lose every night.  Tonight, these were the factors that did the Hokies in:

  • Turnovers: The Hokies had committed 9 turnovers or less in each of their last 4 games.  Tonight, they had surpassed that with 10 turnovers by the break.  In fact, they had 7 turnovers in the first 9 minutes of the game to put themselves in an early whole.  Tech had 17 turnovers for the game.  This gave notre dame a lot of extra possessions (they had just 10 turnovers), so despite the fact VT shot 11% higher than notre dame, the irish had 10 more FG attempts and just one fewer made field goal than the Hokies. And despite Joey’s 6 blocks, notre dame had 11 offensive rebounds so a lot of those blocks were turned into 2nd chances (again, more possessions extended for the irish).  JvZ, who had those 6 blocks, also had 6 turnovers in the game in just 16 minutes.
  • Free Throw Shooting: The Hokies were just 9/15 from the line (60%) while notre dame was 13/18 (72%).  But that 9/15 doesn’t tell the whole story — Tech missed the front end of 2 one-and-ones, meaning 4 points were wasted on those 2 attempts.  The Hokies have now shot 60% of lower from the foul line in 7 of 8 games — 6 of those 7 games were losses.  Tech is an even 50% on FT% through their first 5 ACC games, easily last in the ACC (10% below unc).
  • 3-Pointers Made: While Tech shot a slightly higher % on 3s, notre dame had 9 makes to just 4 for the Hokies.  C.J. Barksdale was the only Hokie to make a 3-pointer in the first 29 minutes of the game (he had 2).  Tech must find a way to get more 3s (they average 8 makes per game).  This was in part due to Ben Emelogu being out with an ankle injury and Adam Smith playing just a handful of minutes due to his nagging injury (Smith didn’t score).  And then there’s…
  • Jarell Eddie was benched to start the game and had just 2 points on 1/5 shooting.  He had more turnovers (3) than points (2).  He’s now 7/34 (21%) on FGs and 3/17 (18%) on 3s for 21 total points during this 4 game losing streak.  So while Raines had a resurgence, Eddie is in a tailspin.  Maybe we won’t see him for the next month.
  • Sleepwalking: Tech looked like it slept through the first half.  There was little to no effort from the Hokies until Raines came in with a little over 9 minutes to go in the first half and promptly scored 9 points and drew a charge in the next 5 minutes.  Then Tech hit the snooze bar and slept through the final minutes of the first half.  That’s why Tech’s 63% FG% in the 2nd half just wasn’t enough, they had too far to go.

Tech led just once in this game by a 7-6 score and trailed for the final 35:30 of the game.  notre dame used runs of 9-0 and 10-0 in the first half to pull away from Tech.  The 9-0 run early in the game put the irish up 15-7 and the 10-0 stretch closed the first half, giving the irish a 15-point lead, 39-24, at the break before Digger Phelps was honored at the half.  Tech’s guards/small forwards were just 1/9 from the field in the first half.

The Hokies, to their credit, came out fired up to start the 2nd half.  After scoring just 24 in the first half, Tech scored 17 points by the first media timeout.  That was thanks to 12 points in the paint, mostly off Devin Wilson’s penetrating layups, or Barksdale/Raines short hooks and jumpers.  The Hokies started the half 8/10 on FGs to get the lead down to 4 at 46-42 at that first media timeout.

The Hokies went on another 7-0 run, their second such run of the second half, to get within 2 points at 53-51 with 10 minutes to go.  But back-to-back 3-pointers by the irish put them up 8 and Tech never got closer than 5 the rest of the way.

While not having Emelogu at all, or Smith for most of the game, I should note that notre dame lost their leading scorer and best player 2 weeks ago, so that shouldn’t be an excuse.

Pat Connaughton led all scorers with 21 for the irish and seemed to have an answer whenever VT made a run. He scored 8 straight in the first half at one point to help notre dame pull away.

There were some real positives to take from the game, though:

  • VT covered the spread (+10.5) for the first time since the miami game!
  • The field goal percentage was great to see.  Tech was shooting just 37% on FGs in ACC play coming in (last in the ACC) so this was a HUGE improvement.
  • Raines.  ‘Nuff said.  We saw this in the first game against usc-upstate and a lot 2 years ago.  We just need to bottle how he played tonight.
  • Devin Wilson had 18 points in the 2nd half and just killed the irish off the dribble.  He had a sick crossover for a layup late in the game and several acrobatic layups.  But he needs to be aggressive early.  Where was he in the first half (just 2 points)?  He’s also 5/7 from behind the arc in his last 5 games after starting the year 1/7 from deep.  By choosing his 3-point attempts wisely and hitting them, Devin will force defenders to come out on him and help make it easier for to drive.  Devin also added 7 assists to go with his 20 points.
  • Feeding the post – Tech made a concerted effort to feed the low post tonight and you saw the results — VT had 36 points in the paint.  If the Hokies can ever get their 3-point stroke back, this could be a deadly combination and having threats inside/Wilson on the drive will force defenses to collapse.
  • Raines, Barksdale, and van Zegeren combined to shoot 15/23 (65%).  Wilson was 7/10 (70%).  [However, that means the rest of the team was just 2/15 (13%).]
  • 2-3 zone: VT ran a 2-3 zone almost all of the 2nd half and it gave the irish fits… except when they were hitting 3s (which is the vulnerability of a zone).  But kudos to JJ for that switch at the half.  But, I can’t let him off the hook completely…

JJ’s Head-Scratcher of the Game: Tech secured a rebound down 8 with 1:26 to go in the game.  They proceeded to pass the ball around the perimeter until JJ called a timeout with 1:10 to go and just 19 seconds on the shot clock.  What did the Hokies then do?  They ran screens but still didn’t get a shot up until Devin Wilson was fouled with 4 seconds on the shot clock and less than a minute left in the game.  Using over 30 seconds on offense at that point, and 15 seconds after a timeout, is unacceptable. Another oddity was Christian Beyer was in the game instead of Jarell Eddie both before and after the timeout. I realize Eddie has been struggling, but down 8 shouldn’t you have one of your best 3-point shooters in there, especially with Smith and Emelogu hurt?

JJ’s Head-Scratcher of the Season: Do I even need to say it?  Benching Raines for the last month.  Sure could have used him in those other close games.  But hey, Tech lost tonight even with him, so maybe none of it matters.  And we did see some of Marshall Wood tonight, too, though he looks lost with 0 points in 13 minutes.  Hopefully the doghouse is vacant for now.

The Hokies return home to face wake forest on Wednesday at 7 PM.  Sadly, I cannot call this a guaranteed win despite the fact wake has not won an ACC road game in more than 2 full calendar years (they’ve lost 17 straight ACC road games and Coach Bzdelik, the reigning Worst Coach in the ACC, is 1-27 in ACC road games at wake — note he was 1-23 in Big 12 road games at colorado for a grand total of 2-50 over the last 7 years).  If Tech loses this game, well, I’ll have more on that if and when we have to face that fact.  But let’s hope we get a good showing with the students back!

Shot Chart — Here’s how the Hokies did from various ranges on the floor:

  • Shot in the Paint: 18/30 (60%)
  • Midrange Shots: 3/7 (43%)
  • 3-Pointers: 4/11 (36%)
  • ALL FIELD GOALS: 25/48 (52%)
  • Free Throws: 9/15 (60%)

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clemson 56 (3-1, 12-4), HOKIES 49 (1-3, 8-8)


Well, I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, because tonight was probably the last time all season the Hokies will step on the floor with a winning record.  Tonight Tech lost their third straight game, all at home, to the team picked to finish 14th in the ACC.  c-l-e-m-s-ohhh-n defeated Tech 56-49 fueled by a 7-0 run to finish the game in the final 90 seconds.

Hey!  We broke the 4,000 attendance mark with 4,022 fans!  Seriously, though, major props to the fans going to the games.  (Joke: What’s the difference between a VT basketball crowd and an opera crowd… An opera crowd cheers at the end.)

I will say this, the Hokies (whom I predicted to win this game by a score of 5X to 4X instead of vice versa) actually played pretty well against the #1 defense in the nation in terms of points per game allowed (53 per coming in).  Tech shot over 40% for the game, well above their average in ACC contests.  And they fought back from a 49-43 deficit to tie the game at 49 on a Ben Emelogu 3-pointer with 1:49 to play.  But on the ensuing possession Adonis Filer-of-fish converted a controversial 3-point play (why controversial, you ask?  Well, Rod Hall caught the inbounds with both feet in the front court and then leaped into the back court to start the possession, then the refs gave Filer 2 steps of continuation on the 3-point play — JvZ’s 5th foul of the game).  But that’s besides the point — once again this JJ led team found a way to lose late… at home.

The Hokies are now just 7-5 in the Cassell this season.  While that may not sound that bad, keep this in mind — in the 50+ years of the Cassell, Tech has had a losing record at home just once.  ONCE.  And Tech just lost to a 4-11 team at home and the team picked to finish 14th.  With 6 home games to go, that doesn’t bode well for the Hokies to finish on the plus side of .500 (need 3 more wins) or even at .500 (need to go 2-4).

Anyway, back to this game.  How did we lose, you ask?  Well, here you go:

  • Devin Wilson: Swimming through a pool of sharks would be easier for him than hitting a free throw right now.  He went 2/8 from the line tonight… for the 2nd straight game.  Yep, he’s 4/16 (25%) from the line in the last two games… Games VT lost by 3 and 7 respectively.
  • Free Throws, Part 2: Tech was 4/14 from the line tonight, and one of them was banked in.  If I need to clarify why that’s bad then…
  • 3-Pointers: Tech was 2/8 from deep in the 2nd half and 5/16 (31%) for the game.  So much for #1 in the nation.
  • Did Senior Night already happen?  No Raines tonight (again) and Jarell Eddie was 1/6 (including 1/5 on 3s) for 3 points.  Jarell is now 6/29 (21%) on FGs and 3/16 (19%) on 3s for 19 points in his last 3 games (he was averaging 17 ppg before this stretch).
  • Speed Limit 59: Tech has yet to eclipse the 60 point mark in regulation in an ACC game.
  • Droughts:
    • After scoring 10 points in a span of 3:04 in the first half, the Hokies went more than 6 minutes and 30 seconds without a point (0/9 FGs).  A 9-0 run put clemson up 16-10.
    • In the 2nd half with Tech up 36-30, the Hokies went 5 minutes without a field goal (and just 1 point total) as clemson went on a 10-0 run to go up 40-36.  VT never led after that point.
  • Raines: 0 minutes; Wood: 0 minutes

Here are your shooting stats for the game:

  • In the Paint:
    • 1st half: 6/12 (started out 2/8)
    • 2nd half: 6/8 (at one point made 9 in a row!)
    • Total: 12/20 (60%)
  • Midrange Jumpers:
    • 1st half: 1/6
    • 2nd half: 2/6
    • Total: 3/12 (25% — that’s, um, not good)
  • 3-Pointers:
    • 1st half: 3/8
    • 2nd half: 2/8
    • Total: 5/16 (31% — you live by the 3, you die…)
  • FREE Throws (emphasis on the free):
    • 1st half: 1/2
    • 2nd half: 3/12
    • Total: 4/14 (29% — THIS is why we are the worst team in the ACC.  IT’S A FREE THROW, PEOPLE!)
    • Tech is 16/35 from the line (46%) in their last 2 games.
  • In short, last game we couldn’t make a layup to save our life.  Today, it was a free throw.  You become the worst team in the league by finding ways to lose by [stinking] at very simple things, like layups and free throws.

It wasn’t all bad, though:

  • Turnovers: just 9 total — 4th straight game with less than 10!!!
  • JvZ tied a career high with 11 points (8 in the first half) and showed the ability to hit a hook shot and create off the dribble!  But he was 1/4 on FTs and the one was a bank… the other 3 hit the back iron — maybe step back a foot?)
  • Love the ‘Logu: I really like Ben Emelogu more and more each game.  Now, K.J. McDaniels stripped him twice tonight, but that guy is the Dominique Wilkins of this conference.  He is a FREAK athlete.  On offense, it looked like K.J. was on a T1 and Jarell Eddie was on dial-up (nerd humor).
  • Beyer really contributes when he’s out there — he had 4 points and 7 rebounds in 26 minutes tonight but it is the 50/50 balls he helps Tech get that means the most.  Love this guy.

Devin Wilson led the Hokies with 14 points, including his 4th and 5th 3-pointer of the season.  Ben Emelogu and Joey van Zegeren added 11 each.

This was a very cleanly played game for the most part between two evenly matched terrible teams.  Neither team led by more than 6 (both led by that amount at some point), until the final margin when clemson went up 7.  And at one point in the 2nd half the game went 5 minutes and 30 seconds without a whistle.  The under-12 timeout in the 2nd half didn’t come until 6:37 to go in the game.

And, last but not least… JJ’s Head-Scratchers:

  • JJ called a timeout with 1:30 left in the 1st half and 15 on the shot clock.  What did VT do afterwards?  Smith dribbled until clemson knocked it out of bounds.  Then… he dribbled it some more until clemson forced a jumpball with 2 on the shot clock.  And Tech had to huck up a shot on the inbounds to beat the shot clock.  Great play design!
  • The Hokies, down 3, fouled clemson’s best foul shooter, K.J. McDaniels, 80-feet from the hoop with 55 seconds to go.  Uh, pressure and make him pass?

That said, I did like the 2-3 zone from JJ to start the 2nd half.  It seemed to throw off clemson a bit.  But let’s face it, losses are losses.  We aren’t at rock bottom yet… that could come next Wednesday.  In the mean time, see you at South Bend, IN on Sunday at 6 PM on ESPNU ACC Sunday Night Hoops!

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boston college 62 (1-2, 5-11), HOKIES 59 (1-2, 8-7)


In front of fewer than 4,000 fans, the Hokies dropped fourth game out of their last five, losing at home to the previously 4-11/0-2 boston college eagles by a 62-59 score at the Cassell.  Tech has now lost 6 of their last 7 against the eagles, a head-scratching number given bc has been at the bottom of the ACC the last several years.  Between football and basketball, the eagles really seem to be our kryptonite.

This game featured two teams expected to finish in the lower third of the ACC and this game could not have been closer.  The eagles, the most unathletic team in the ACC, had lost 7 games in a row against Division I opponents, but they were ready today.  Neither team led by more than 5 points in the game which feature 15 lead changes.  The last of which came on a Lonnie Jackson 3-pointer, his 5th of the game, with 27 seconds left to put bc up 61-59.  The Hokies advanced the ball past half court and took a timeout with 22 seconds left.  That’s when your…

JJ Head-Scratchers of the Game Happened…

  • JJ took C.J. Barksdale out of the game with 22 seconds left for that critical possession… he had been Tech’s best offensive threat in the 2nd half including hit two 3-pointers.  No idea what the thinking was here, Adam Smith needed to come in but for someone else (like JvZ).
  • After the timeout, Tech bled the clock until inside of 5 seconds were left, instead of trying to score quickly and, if unable to, fouling to extend the game.  Not sure if that’s what JJ drew up, but that’s what happened.

With 2 seconds left Adam Smith shot a fadeaway baseline jumper that bounced high off the rim and out.  bc gathered the rebound and hit 1 of 2 free throws.  Jarell Eddie grabbed the miss and launched a full court shot that actually hit the back rim, but like most of his shots on the day, was just off.  Jarell was just 3/14 on the day and 1/6 on 3-pointers.

Several things did in the Hokies in this contest:

  • Free Throws: Devin Wilson was 2/8 from the line.  Ouch.  And by the 2nd half is was mental, clearly getting in his head.  The rest of the team was pretty good (10/13) but 12/21 (57%) overall just won’t win you games.
  • Abysmal 2nd half shooting: The Hokies were 8/28 from the field (29%) in the 2nd half.
  • Worse than normal 3-point shooting: Tech was just 7/22 from deep (32%) for the game.  They started the 2nd half 1/7 from deep.
  • Pathetic Paint Shooting in the 2nd half: The Hokies started the 2nd half 1/9 (11%) on shots in the paint.  Let me repeat that — ONE for NINE!  These are layups, people!  They missed 2 dunks.  DUNKS!  For the 2nd half Tech was just 3/12 on shots in the paint.
  • Tech also seemed to lose a lot of 50/50 balls and several times in the first half did not stop the ball in transition, leading to easy buckets for bc (who also had 21 points from behind the arc in the first half on 14 3-point attempts).
  • The Hokies haven’t reached 60 points in any of their 3 ACC games this season (averaging 57 points).  But that’s what happens when you can’t shoot; and Tech has just 10 fast break points in their last 2 ACC games.

Just to double up, here’s how bad Tech was shooting the ball in every facet Saturday:

  • All Field Goals: 20/57 (35%)
  • Shots in the Paint: 9/24 (38% — these are layups, people!!!)
  • Midrange Jumpers: 4/11 (36% — Tech just doesn’t have midrange shooters on this team and that creates a huge hole, allowing the defense to flash out on 3-point shooters and then pack it in the lane to defend the drive.  Oh, and one of them was banked in (that’s 3 banks in 2 games))
  • 3-Pointers: 7/22 (32% — not terrible but this team has to do better from deep to win)
  • Free Throws: 12/21 (57% — awful, just awful)

Adam Smith had 12 points to lead the Hokies, but just 2 in the 2nd half.  C.J. Barksdale tallied 11 and Eddie had 10.

Oh, and in the next chapter of the When It Raines It Pours soap opera, Cadarian didn’t play at all today.

The Hokies led 34-32 at the break despite bc’s 50% 3-point shooting.

And there were some positives in this game:

  • 6 turnovers: That’s a season low.  The Hokies, worst in the ACC in turnovers coming into today, have not committed just 22 combined turnovers in their last 3 games.  The problem is that’s translated to a 1-2 record.
  • Block Party: Joey van Zegeren had 5 blocks for the game, tying his career high.
  • 2nd half defense: While the Hokies couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat on offense in the final 20, their defense did get much better — after bc went 7/14 from deep in the first half, they were just 3/12 in the 2nd half. And Lonnie Jackson, who had 14 points in the first 17 minutes, didn’t score for the first 19:30 of the 2nd half… the problem is Tech let him get open off a screen and hit the game-winning 3-pointer.
  • Devin Wilson was very aggressive on offense early in the game, which was great to see.  And as a result he got to the line a bunch.  The problem was… well, you know.  He did have 4 assists on the day and 3 steals.  He even hit a 3-pointer, just his 3rd on the season.

Yes, bc was 4-11 coming in.  But they had a murderous schedule.  Still, this is a game Tech had to win at home if they want to avoid the ACC cellar, and they found a way to lose at the end.  This team continues to struggle to finish close games.  That’s about all I can say.  This was a tough loss, and obviously the fans are fed up.  This game marked the third time this season fewer than 4,000 have passed the gates and 7th time in the last 8 home games fewer than 5,000 fans showed up (radford drew 5,200).

Tech returns to action Wednesday night against clemson at the Cassell.  See about 3,900 of you then!

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The Week Ahead: Jan. 7 vs #2 syracuse (9 PM) and Jan. 11 vs boston college (Noon)

Gambler’s Delight:

  • Tech is favored by 2.5 over (4-11) boston college at the Cassell.
  • The Hokies are 12-point underdogs against syracuse.  Reportedly Marshall Wood and C.J. Barksdale are battling the flu (but so was Jordan!) and Adam Smith is questionable with his calf injury.  Enjoy!

The Hokies this week begin a stretch of 17 ACC games over the next nine weeks to close out the regular season.  Staying undefeated in the ACC (VT is 1-0) will not be as the Hokies have to face the undefeated and #2 ranked syracuse orange on Tuesday, then the struggling boston college eagles on Saturday, both at the Cassell.

syracuse may be undefeated but they looked awfully vulnerable on Saturday, nearly losing their inaugural ACC game to a bad miami team at the Carrier Dome.  The final score of 49-44 looked more like a BCS game score, with syracuse trailing by as many as 6 in the 2nd half before going ahead for good with a little over 4 minutes to go.  miami, a bad shooting 3-point team, hit 7/19 (37%) from deep.  Tech will have to match their 3-point % of 43% and makes (8.7) to have any shot, and must limit their turnovers which will be tough against that vaunted zone of Coach Boeheim, who will be making his first trip to Blacksburg since I was crawling 36 years ago.

On Saturday VT has a great shot at a win, in what is almost a must win if the Hokies want to stay out of the ACC cellar this season.  The eagles have lost 7 straight games to Division I teams and bc is now 0-2 in the ACC after their 2nd ACC loss at home, this time to clemson.  The tigers led by 14 at the half in that game but bc made it interesting late with a full court press and had 2 free throws with a chance to tie with 1.3 seconds left, but Hanlan missed them both and clemson won 62-60.  If the Hokies can beat them, bc will be 0-3, and getting to at least 2-1 themselves, would really give the Hokies momentum as the ACC slate swings into full gear.

Here’s the week ahead:

  • Tuesday, January 9th at 9 PM at the Cassell on the ACC Network: vs #2 and undefeated syracuse (1-0, 14-0) – First ever ACC meeting!
  • Saturday, January 11 at Noon at the Cassell on Raycom: vs boston college (4-11, 0-2)

Stat(s) of the Week:

  • Steals: VT is last in the ACC in steals (2.9 per game) while syracuse is #1 (10.1)
  • Turnovers: The Hokies are last in the ACC in turnover margin (-5.4 per game) and syracuse is #1 (+6.3)
  • Luckily, bc is 14th in the two stats listed above.
  • Attendance: syracuse drew 28,135 fans for their home game against villanova.  The Hokies have drawn 41,750 fans total threw 9 home games.

Hokie Leaders (through Jan. 5):

  • PPG: Eddie – 17.4 (6th in the ACC) — (Smith 13.1 and Emelogu 12.2)
  • Rebounds: Eddie – 6.3 (18th in the ACC) —  (Barksdale 5.3)
  • Assists: Wilson – 5.2 (4th in the ACC)
  • Blocks: van Zegeren – 1.9 (6th in the ACC)
  • Steals: Wilson – 0.6

Hokie Team Stats (through Jan. 5):

  • PPG: 74.0 (10th in the ACC)
  • Opp PPG: 69.2 (13th in the ACC)
  • FG%: 44% (13th in the ACC)
  • Opp FG%: 38% (5th in the ACC)
  • 3-Pt%: 43% (#1 in the ACC and #7 nationally… also #17 nationally in makes per game at 8.7)
  • Opp FG%: 31% (6th in the ACC)
  • FT%: 69% (9th in the ACC)

VT vs the opponents:

  • vs syracuse: 
  • orange 4-2 overall
  • Last Meeting: #5 cuse 69, VT 58 at MSG on 11/23/11
  • VT hasn’t beaten syracuse since 1978, which was the only previous meeting (that’s right, the orange never came to VT in Big East play) — Boeheim was in his 2nd year as the syracuse head coach back in 1978 if you can believe that.
  • This is the only meeting this regular season between the Hokies and syracuse.
  • vs boston college:
  • bc 15-8 overall
  • bc 9-6 in ACC play
  • VT 5-3 at the Cassell in ACC play
  • Last Year: bc 86-75 at the Cassell on 1/9/13
  • The two schools will play again this year at bc on January 29th

opponents’ Records This Season:

  • syracuse (ACC: 1-0, Overall 13-0): Beat #18 baylor to win the Maui Invitational and recently came back from a huge first half deficit to thrash #8 villanova 78-62 in the Dome.
  • boston college (ACC: 0-2, Overall: 4-11, losers of 7 straight games vs D1 teams): They’ve played a murderous schedule to date, with 10 of their 11 losses against top 110 teams and 5 against top 50 teams (lost all of those games).  They beat #135 washington at a neutral site. Their ACC losses were at home to maryland and clemson.

opponents’ Best Player(s):

  • syracuse: They have 4 guys that average 11.8 ppg or more but C.J. Fair is the best of the best, and was picked as the ACC preseason player of the year. The 6’8″ senior averages 17.4 ppg (leads team) and 5.5 rpg (2nd).  Tyler Ennis is a heck of a freshman point guard, averaging 11.8 ppg and 5.4 apg, plus 2.7 steals out of that zone.  Trevor Cooney is their 3-point specialist and he’s deadly — 43/86 for a cool 50% from deep.
  • boston college: Olivier Hanlan – 6’4″ sophomore guard – 19.4 ppg (leads team), 3.2 apg (leads team), 0.9 spg (leads team).  If you didn’t see him at the end of the season last year, you missed out.  Hanlan is a deadly penetrator and get’s a lot of and-1s.  He put up 41 against georgia tech in the ACC Tournament last year and had 38 vs florida atlantic this season.

Prediction: VT goes 1-1 this week

I’m starting to slip in my predictions after a strong start.  No way I had unc-g right and I thought we’d pummel md-es by 30.

I am confident we will lose by double digits, if not a Bear Fight, to syracuse. That is unless we are insanely hot from deep against their zone (and if we can actually get a decent crowd at the Cassell, but I don’t expect that on a Tuesday night with the students still on break).  And while Tech has great recent history against #1 teams, Tech is just 1-7 all time against #2 ranked teams.  I expect that to go to 1-8.

I am predicting VT beats the 4-10 boston college eagles, but I don’t have a strong confidence level in saying that given their difficult schedule.  And bc has won 5 of 6 against the Hokies, including 2 of the last 3 in the Cassell.  But since both teams stink in turnover margin, I think Tech will win being at home.  I think the Hokies will play hard and pull this one out in a low scoring nail-biter.

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11/14 - Hokies 71, md. eastern shore 46
11/19 - Hokies 73, liberty 63
11/22 - appalachian state 65, Hokies 63
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11/25 - n. iowa 73, Hokies 54
11/26 - Hokies 78, miami ohio 63
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12/03 - penn state 61, Hokies 58
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12/14 - Hokies 65, alabama a&m 55
12/20 - Hokies 64, the citadel 61
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12/27 - Hokies 87, presbyterian 65
12/30 - west virginia 82, Hokies 51


01/03 - syracuse 68, Hokies 66
01/06 - louisville 78, Hokies 63
01/18 - unc 68, Hokies 53
01/22 - notre dame 85, Hokies 60
01/25 - uva 50, Hokies 47
01/27 - Hokies 70, pittsburgh 67
01/31 - wake forest 73, Hokies 70


02/03 - syracuse 72, Hokies 70
02/07 - vs. fsu | 3pm, ACCN
02/09 - vs. georgia tech | 9pm, ESPNU
02/14 - @ clemson | Noon, RSN
02/18 - @ miami | 7pm, RSN
02/21 - @ nc state | 6pm, ESPN2
02/25 - vs. duke | 9pm, ESPN2
02/28 - @ uva | 4pm, ACCN


03/02 - vs. boston college | 9pm, ESPNU
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