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In Game Commentary | ACC tournament Quarterfinal | v. #5 miami

The Team at is conducting an in game commentary during today’s quarterfinal game against the canes.

Game Preview | Last Meeting

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In Game Commentary | v. ga tech

jackets 84 VT 92 | FINAL SCORE! The Hokies win and guarantee a winning season!

jackets 81 VT 92 | 1:03 to go: Delaney at the line for 2 fts – makes both!

jackets 81 VT 90 | 1:04 to go: gt hits both fts

jackets 79 VT 90 | 1:12 to go: Delaney hits both fts – VT has a season-high 90 points!

jackets 79 VT 88 | 1:14 to go: Deron (10 points) commits a stupid foul and fouls out – dumb, dumb, dumb! gt at the line for the 3-point play … this is getting ridiculous … gt makes the ft

jackets 76 VT 88 | 1:28 to go: Delaney fouled, but then gt’s zack peacock pushed the ball in his face as Delaney followed through like he was going to take the shot, no call. Delaney makes both fts.

NOTES: The Hokies are three points away from tying their season-high for points in a game (89 vs. FSU)

jackets 76 VT 86 | 1:31 to go: gt scores, calls timeout

jackets 74 VT 86 | 1:41 to go: VT back at the line after gt missed a three, AD got the rebound and gt fouled him. AD makes 1/2, he has 27 pts (1,026) VT equals largest lead of the game

jackets 74 VT 85 | 1:53 to go: VT has shot 40 fts so far … holy crap! Thorns makes both fts

jackets 74 VT 83 | 1:54 to go: gt’s miller makes both fts

It’s a foul fest people – I hate these kind of games. The game is already 2 hours, 15 minutes old and will easily go 2:30

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In Game Commentary | v. #14 gonzaga

FINAL – zags 82 VT 64

zags 75 VT 61 | 3:55 to go: Allen fouls out on a fast break drive to the hoop.

zags 73 VT 60 | 5:13 to go: First look at Terrell Bell tonight. It’s nice to see him in after his surgery.

This is definitely the most complete team we’ve played thus far. I know that’s not saying much, but I have seen 3 of the 4 games, and no disrespect to eastern washington, I think the zags got you beat.

zags 69 VT 56 | 7:55 to go: I seem to recall that I wrote in my preview that you shouldn’t expect many threes from the zags. Well, Bouldin just hit his fifth of the night.

zags 61 VT 51 | 10:19 to go: A couple threes, one by A.D. and another by Malcolm Delaney has cut the lead to 10. The damn announcers continue to discuss Tech’s decision to hold scrimmages with georgetown and south carolina in the pre-season instead of playing exhibitions against DII teams. Yawn.

zags 55 VT 39 | 14:32 to go: BTW, the court has the VT ribbon logo in two places – very nice gesture by UAA.

zags 52 VT 37 | 15:24 to go: Allen pours in 2 buckets, his first two of the night. The Hokies are standing around on offense. They don’t look sharp at all, while the zags are the complete opposite. Sounds like they were sluggish last night against texas tech. Maybe the long trip has finally caught up with the Hokies.

zags 48 VT 33 | 17:43 to go: Huh … I kind of wish 360 still wasn’t working. That stretch, albeit short, consisted of a bunch of one and dones for Tech and crisp offensive execution by the zags.

Second Half underway

BTW, in case you were wondering, at halftime of ESPN360 games, there is a stationary shot of the scoreboard. Not only do you get to watch the clock tick down, you also get to see the Great Alaska Shootout sponsors. The audio is still going, so you hear the halftime show in the background as well. It’s Not So Must See TV.

Halftime – zags 41 VT 33 | The ESPN 360 feed finally comes on! I get to watch the last minute of the first half. The Hokies are wearing their orange road unis, first time this year. We had 12 turnovers in the first half and 0 points from Allen. ugh

zags 41 VT 33 | Doing an in-game without watching the game is challenging. Hey, we beat the hoos today!

zags 35 VT 30 | 2:57 to go: Turnovers and Allen’s foul trouble have been the killers tonight.

zags 24 VT 21 | 7:54 to go: I’m still getting no love from the Ocho, but it didn’t work until 25 seconds left in the first half last night. First basketball thought of the night – to only be down 3 with no points from Allen seems positive.

13-13 | 11:21 to go: Got the radio feed and CBS Sportsline going now. ESPN360 hoses us again.

zags 10 VT 7 | 12:45 to go: I’m on CBS Sportsline cause 360 is still not working. Looks like we’ve already turned the ball over 5 times tonight.

10:08 PM – I assume the game is started, and once again ESPN360 is not showing the game. Let’s see how long it takes the IT geeks in Bristol to get our game on the little screen.

Hello? What the hell are you doing reading this? It’s Saturday night. The Hokies just beat the hoos (again), but this time for the ACC Coastal Division and here you are… sober enough to read my in game commentary. You must be a Hardcore Hokie Basketball Fan.

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In Game Commentary | v. #23 butler

FINAL – bu 84, VT 78 OT

bu 78, VT 73 | 1:39 to go: They can’t miss threes. Pete Campbell makes his 7th three, and Green follows with another one. That must be 34 threes made by butler tonight.

bu 70, VT 68 | 3:41 to go: This is the only time you will see me admit this, but Niemo is a genius. If Allen had drained that And one, the Hokies would have won 69-68. If you don’t know what I am referring to, check Niemo’s preview.

OVERTIME (whew) – butler doesn’t score a field goal in the last three minutes. Graves missed a baseline J at the end, but Vasallo was all up in his junk. Allen did miss a free throw to convert the and one, but what a comeback. Allen has 24 pts and 9 boards. He is 10 of 17 from the floor.

VT 68, bu 68 | 14.6 to go: We steal the inbound (baseball pass by bu) and then Allen does it again – drives and scores

bu 68, VT 66 | 32.6 to go: Allen takes it from behind the arc and drives to the hoop and scores. Unfortunately, butler is an awesome free throw shooting team and we need to foul since the shot clock is off.

bu 68, VT 64 | 42.3 to go: butler misses, Hokies ball – timeout Tech

bu 68, VT 64 | 1:16 to go: A few tough breaks for the Hokies in that last stretch. An in and out and in again three by Graves, and then Allen gets stripped in the key, capped off with a loose ball going out of bounds off a butler miss.

bu 65, VT 60 | 3:52 to go: The last two minutes have been brought to you by Jeff Allen. A block, two buckets, and two of bu’s post players have fouled out. I just wish one of them was Pete Campbell. We are still in the thick of this one.

bu 63, VT 54 | 7:55 to go: Two more threes by bu, one by AJ Graves from beyond NBA range.

Jeff Allen, who is getting some serious props from Hubie Davis, is also looking winded. Pete Campbell, who Allen has been defending at times tonight, has made 6 threes tonight.

bu 52, VT 45 | 11:39 to go: Senior AJ Graves drives the baseline past A.D. for two and gets the foul. Ugh.

butler starting to create some breathing room, and I’m getting worried that we won’t reach that magical number of 69.

bu 50, VT 43 | 12:20 to go: The difference in this game is from behind the arc. bu has 9 threes to our 3 (but we are 2 of 2 in the second half).

10:42 PM: Niemo – Thanks for filling in, but don’t drink and blog. ESPN360 is working.

Allen has 15 points already. Fine, I’ll say it. He’s the best low post player for VT since Ace Custis (but yes, I’ve been drinking (hope Mom isn’t reading this)). f$u beat florida tonight.

bu 41, VT 38 | 16:38 to go: Their big man, campbell, has hit FIVE three’s against us. Maybe go out and guard him???

10:30 PM: Niemo thinks Wick sucks.

10:20 PM: So, my first ESPN360 experience has SUCKED so far.

I leave Charlottesville this morning (yes, I am missing the game tomorrow) and travel 11+ hours to Florida. What are the chances that my parents have ESPN360? Bonus. They do. Text Niemo that I’ll do an in game and the recap.

One hour later, I experience the massive ESPN hose job as they show the south alabama – san diego game from the Anaheim Classic instead of our game until there are 25 seconds left. Luckily, I got the radio feed online (I am in Florida this week) for the first half.

So, it’s #23 ranked butler 30, Hokies 28 at halftime. Be back for the second half.

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In Game Commentary | v. #4 so. illinois

I’ll be updating the site during every TV timeout during today’s game between Tech and the salukis.

Second Half
2:52 so ill 58 VT 44 | Well, they just switched to nevada-memphis. Looks like this in game commentary could be over. Go Hokies!

3:28 so ill 56 VT 43 | Ok, now that last saluki possession was a killer. You got to credit the salukis though. Hell of a defensive team and when they hit their threes, it is very tough to compete.

6:18 so ill 50 VT 38 | That last saluki possession was a killer.

7:50 so ill 47 VT 34 | Collins fouls out. He really got hosed on a couple calls today, which is a shame because he would have been a difference maker. I think this game would be less than 5 points if he were not in foul trouble.

8:02 so ill 47 VT 34 | Can we pull another one out of our a**? 6 of 13 from the line tonight, only 2 threes, but the real stinger is the bank-in free throw and bank-in three pointer by Tatum this half. Reminds me of the second nc state game.

11:29 so ill 41 VT 30 | Ugh … where is our 3 ball? If we lose, what does this say about the ACC this year? Only carolina would be going to the Sweet 16.

15:49 so ill 33 VT 23 | We are in trouble. Collins’ 4th foul killed us. Dowdell, Gordon, and Deron is all we have on the offensive side. Time to throw the laptop into the TV.

Here we go! Go Hokies!

Halftime – so ill 28 VT 20
Well, we are down by 8 again at the half. The salukis closed with a 13-2 run led by the MVC player of the year.

FG Pct. – so ill 40% (10/25), VT 39% (9/23)
3 pt. FG Pct. – so ill 45% (5/11), VT 25% (2/8)
FT Pct. – so ill 42% (3/7), VT 0% (0/3)
Rebounds – VT 16, so ill 14
Off. Rebounds – so ill 4, VT 2
Turnovers – so ill 4, VT 6
Steals – VT 3, so ill 2
Leading Scorers – so ill Tatum 11, VT Gordon 9
Leading Rebounders – so ill Falker 4, VT Gordon 6
Foul Trouble – so ill Green 2, VT Collins 2

We’ve got to have A.D. make some shots in the second half, or provide more opportunities for Deron, Dowdell, or Coleman. If A.D. can’t get on track, then look for a lineup of Munson, Dowdell, Gordon, Washington, and Collins (with Diakite instead of Witcher off the bench). I don’t think Sailes will see much time in the second half since we are in dire need of some offense. We can pull this one out.

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In Game Commentary | v. #12 illinois


HOKIES 54 illini 52

Second Half
0:17.6 VT 54 ill 52 | Make your friggin free throws, please!?!?!

0:37.7 VT 53 ill 52 | I can barrelly tyyype …

1:28 ill 52 VT 50 | Ok .. going into cardiac arrest now. I don’t know if I can finish the commentary.

2:15 ill 52 VT 50 | YES! YES! YES! I BELIEVE!

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In Game Commentary | @ n.c. state

I’ll be doing In Game Commentary for today’s game since TV coverage is limited.

Second Half:
4:13 Gavin Grant sinks another guarded 3 at the shot clock buzzer. This In Game Commentary is over!

4:46 ncsu 74 VT 54
Quit calling time outs! I am running out of things to type.

5:11 Will Seth get a T? This is a good game for one.

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In Game Commentary | @ boston college

bc 80, VT 59 FINAL: VT ended up just tying in the 2nd half. Hokies get a break mid-week this week, off until next Saturday. I think that is a good thing, we need to re-tool. I picked bc to win this game in my midseason recap, not sure why I was so optimistic today. Oh well.

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In Game Commentary | Virginia Tech @ georgia tech

2nd Half:

Game recap coming up in a few…

2:18 – VT 62, gt 55
What a take and FLUSH by Gordon! We needed that. We look stagnant on O. Let’s hope we can hit our FT’s down the stretch. No more timeouts left for the jackets so we should roll through the end. It looked today like gt had a power play when Munson was on the court. Tough day for him.

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In Game Commentary | Virginia Tech @ miami

(Writing as the Game Transpires)

Waiting on BC-F$U to end …

Ok, there is no one at the Bank United Center tonight

15:44 Tech 9 the u 2
I will be p*ssed if we don’t win this one. From what I have seen already, we SHOULD win this game.

11:38 Tech 17 the u 4
We definitely look fresh tonight. Surprised to see Chris Tucker get some action this early, and he proved that he deserved it through his hustle (as usual). Diakite looking good again. Adjusted one u shot down low and I really like that jumper (I know he missed it, but still it looked good). Keep it up Hokies so I can relax in the 2nd half.

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Virginia Tech-md (In) Game Comments

(Written as the game unfolds)

First Half

15:53 md 6 Tech 4
A little flat out of the gates. BTW, md has won 8 of last 10 against Tech.

10:02 Tech 17 md 14
Nice freshman mistake by Vasquez with that shot clock violation.
We are looking better, but the pace does seem to bode well for md right now (I hate agreeing with the announcers, especially Fox announcers) . However, I thought the pace of the Carolina game was not good either.

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