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Recap | duke (6-1, 19-3) 75, Hokies (1-6, 12-10) 60

Box Score

Fresh off a vote of confidence from Virginia Tech Athletics Director Jim Weaver, Seth Greenberg and his struggling Hokies hosted fifth-ranked duke Thursday night in front of a national TV audience. The game presented a wonderful opportunity for this talented, but young team to turn its season around.

But duke had too much depth, experience and talent for the Hokies to hang for a full 40 minutes. As a result, the Hokies lost for the seventh time in their last eight games, 75-60, at home to duke.

As usual, junior guard Erick Green led the Hokies with 17 points, while Victor Davila played a solid game and added 16 points. Marquis Rankin was Tech’s third-leading scorer, but he scored all 8 of his points in the final minutes, at which point the game was well in hand for the dookies.

Statistically speaking, the game came down to three-pointers, rebounding, and turnovers. And the blue devils outrebounded the Hokies 31-26, hit more threes (8/18) than the Hokies (3/13), and committed fewer turnovers (7) than did Tech (13).

Tech trailed the entire game, save for a 21-21 tie with less than 8 minutes to play in the first half. After Dorenzo Hudson hit a pair of free throws to tie the game, duke got away with an apparent shot clock violation on the next possession and got credit for the basket. From there, they went on a 17-4 run to take a 13-point lead.

The Hokies stole a little of that momentum with Green’s buzzer-beating three to cut duke’s lead to 10 at the break.

The second half was all duke as it stretched its lead to 22 points and cruised from there. Tech got absolutely owned on the boards in the second half. The blue devils didn’t even really need an outside shot (though they seemed to his everything) because they had free range in the lane.

Poor Doe Doe (Dorian Finney-Smith) struggled again, but he did manage to come up with a couple of big blocks, so hopefully he can build on that. At least he’s still getting quality minutes, but you hope that it’s not going to damage his confidence.

I finally figured out what’s missing with this team… JT Thompson. His fire and intensity is what’s missing from this team. Even if he were healthy, he may not be enough to beat a team like duke or unc, but he would certainly be enough of a spark and talent to help win games against bc, wake and georgia tech.

Next up for the Hokies is clemson on Saturday at 4 p.m.

Below is my stream of consciousness during the game. Accuracy not guaranteed.

— Doe Doe misses twice —
— Good defense by Green, forces turnover —
— DFS steps on baseline —
— DFS commits foul —
— Moving screen on Davila —
2-0 duke – Plumlee wide open underneath for the easy dunk
— duke foul, non shooting —
2-2 Eddie hits the pullup jumper
— duke foul, non shooting —
— Rankin misses, duke rebound —
5-2 duke 3-pointer
— Green misses jumper —
7-2 Plumlee easy hook over Davila
7-4 Davila works hard for the bucket underneath

Under 16 media timeout – 7-4

— DFS commits foul, his second —
9-4 Kelly hits 2 FTs
9-6 Eddie drives and dishes to Raines for the layup
— Green steals, but can’t get the layup —
— duke foul after great effort by Hokies —
9-8 Hudson with the crazy fall-away jumper of the inbounds pass
— Hokies called for blocking call, clearly looked like a charge —
11-8 Curry hits 2 FTs
11-10 Raines with some nifty double move underneath for the bucket
— Plumlee misses badly —
— Blocking call against duke, kinda surprised we got that consider it’s duke —
— Hokies turn it over and Dawkins celebrates like it’s the national title
14-10 duke’s Dawkins gets called for a technical foul for taunting

Under 12 media timeout – 14-10

14-12 Green makes two Technical FTs
— Stupid foul by duke’s Plumlee, his second —
14-13 Davila makes 1/2 FTs
16-13 Rivers drives empty lane for layup
16-15 Davila picks up rebound off Eddie’s miss, puts it back up for the bucket
18-15 duke scores
— Hokies turn it over, but duke gives it right back —
18-17 Davila backs down Plumlee, knocks him down (he flopped) and Davile DUNKS IT!
— duke misses three, VT rebounds —
— Eddie misses three, duke rebounds —
— duke misses, VT rebounds —
— Eddie misses, duke rebounds —
21-17 Curry buries a wide open three
21-19 Green drives the lane for the layup
— Kelly called for a foul —

Under 8 media timeout – 21-19

— Ranking comes in at PG —
— Hudson called for foul away from the ball —
— Hudson fouled in the act of shooting —
21-21 Hudson makes 2 FTs
23-21 duke gets away with a walk, plus shot clock expired
— Hokies turn it over —
— Foul on Raines —
25-21 Kelly dunks it
— Green misses three —
27-21 Kelly goes down the lane untouched
— Thorton picks up 2nd PF —
27-23 Green hits 2 FTs
29-23 duke scores down the lane … again (8-2 run)
— Rankin misses —
32-23 Kelly hits the three pointer
— Eddie misses —
34-23 Dawkins make another easy bucket in the lane
34-25 Davila cleans up Brown’s miss with a beautiful bucket

Under 4 media timeout – 34-25

36-25 Plumlee makes 2 FTs
— Raines misses hook shot —
— Brown commits foul —
— Jump ball, possession to duke —
— Duke on 15-4 run —
— Green bad pass, turns it over —
38-25 duke did something amazing
— DFS turns it over again, VT’s 8th turnover —
38-28 Green hits a three-pointer at the buzzer!

Halftime score – 38-28

40-28 – duke opens the scoring
40-30 Davila makes 2 FTs
42-30 Reverse layup
— Foul on Hairston, his second —
42-32 Davila with a two-handed slam
45-32 Rives buries a three, quiets the crowd
45-34 Hudson hits a jumper off the screen, top of the key
— Green called for a handcheck —
— Kelly called for offensive foul —
— Hudson called for a moving screen —
— VT with near steal, jump ball called —
47-34 Curry driving layup
— VT sloppy pass, turns it over –
49-34 Duke fast break dunk
— Rankin fouled by Kelly —
49-35 Rankin makes 1/2 FTs
51-35 Plumlee misses twice, third time a charm, VT getting owned on the boards
51-38 Brown buries a three from the top of the key

Under 16 media timeout – 51-38

— Raines called for his 3rd PF —
— Brown called for the PF —
52-38 Kelly makes 1/2 FTs —
— Brown misses —
— duke turns it over, bad pass —
— Barksdale in the game —
— Plumlee called for reach-in foul —
52-40 Green hits a tough jumper with defender in his face off the dribble
55-40 Rivers buries a deep three
— VT misses, duke rebounds —
57-40 Cook to Plumlee dunk
59-40 duke on 7-0 run
— VT misses, duke rebounds —
62-40 Kelly drains a three, 12-0 run
— VT turns it over —
— God, just make this end —
62-42 Green with the floater
— Kelly picks up 4th PF —
62-43 Davila makes 1/2 FTs
64-43 Rivers to Hairston for the alleyoop dunk
64-45 Green with the circus shot, he has 15 points
— Brown misses dunk —
66-45 Hairston gets the hoop and the harm (DFS with the foul), misses FT
66-47 Eddie with the baseline jumper
66-49 Green drives untouched for the layup (17 points)
66-51 Davila gets a rebound off DFS missed three, puts it back
— DFS with two blocks, YAY! —
— Brown with the steal, but Green got fouled, but no call, out of bounds on VT —

Under 8 media timeout – 66-61

68-51 Curry hits 2 FTs
— Brown with the foul —
70-51 Curry hits 2 FTs
— duke steals it from Davila —
— Green travels, turnover VT —
70-54 Rankin hits a three
70-56 Eddie with a fast break jumper in the lane
72-56 Thorton hits 2 FTs
72-58 Rankin gets the bucket
75-58 Why the hell is duke shooting three pointers up 14 with 1:35 to play?
— Davila airballs a hook shot —
— Duke misses another three pointer attempt, why are they shooting threes? —
75-60 Rankin with another jumper

Final Score – duke 75, Hokies 60

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