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Wild Turkey Breakdown | The clemson Game and VT’s ACC Play to Date

I realized I was too negative after the uva game so I’m going to make a conscious effort to accentuate the positives Tech displays, and there were some real positives on Sunday…


  • Tech battled until the end.  It would have been easy to warm up the bus after falling behind 12-0 and not scoring for the first 6:38 of the game.  But VT stayed after it and hung in there on the road until the bitter end.  I was proud of our effort.
  • The Hokies committed just 5 turnovers on Sunday against a team that usually causes quite a few.  That’s a fantastic number, less than half of their season average.  And VT committed 14 turnovers against uva and had accumulated 11+ turnovers in 9 of their last 10 games, so it was good to see them clean that up.
  • Jarell Eddie tallied 19 points on 5/11 FGs and 2/5 on 3s.  He’s 6/14 on 3-pointers since the start of OT at georgia tech, a 43% clip and much more Eddie-like.
  • Erick Green continues to lead the nation in scoring.  That brings attention to the program and helps JJ sell us to recruits (as opposed to uva who has to sell guys on playing a hockey-penalty-kill style system).
  • Christian Beyer played a solid 16 minutes, with a +7 and 4 points and 4 rebounds.  Tech really has to feel they are 9 deep now with Wood back — 8 scholarship guys plus Beyer.  You can live with that.  Most teams don’t have more than 9 in their rotation.
  • Tech is through the ‘easy’ part of their ACC schedule.  Tech has played each of the other 5 teams in the bottom half of the ACC standings.  They’ve played just one team in the top 6 (uva, who is tied for 3rd).  8 of their next 11 are against teams in the top half of the league, plus they have to play maryland again who throttled VT in the ACC opener in that stretch.  That may not sound like good news, but look at it this way — Tech will be double digit underdogs in almost every game, as they were Sunday.  The Hokies have nothing to lose at this point.  No expectations.  They can play loose and free.  And if they lose by 16?  Big deal, they were supposed to.  While it isn’t the situation you want to be in, it can be liberating.  Hopefully the Hokies start to relax and just have fun again, and be aggressive.  Tech has some depth now and can push the tempo and pressure on defense, testing out JJ’s style.  What is there to lose.
  • Finally, at least we aren’t northern illinois.  They scored 5 in a half earlier this year, and scored a pathetic 4 yesterday in the first half.  They went 1/31 from the floor, missing their final 29 shots of the half.  They scored just 25 points in the game.


  • As I mentioned in the positives, the Hokies are just now getting to the tough part of their ACC schedule.  They have 12 games left and half of those are against the top 4 in the ACC (miami, nc state, duke, and uva).  They also have to play unc, fsu, and maryland again.  Expect Tech to be heavy underdogs in every game except gt at home, maybe clemson at home, and wake on the road.
  • I’d call 2-4 in the ACC a slight disappointment considering the Hokies just played the other five teams picked to finish at the bottom of the ACC, and three of those games were at home (Tech went 1-2 in those games).  But hey, they aren’t in last place, or even 11th, we are in 10th.  It could be worse.
  • Robert Brown is 1/18 on 3-pointers in ACC play and has missed 16 straight (he’s just 1/28 since georgia southern).  He’s also just 12/53 on FGs in ACC play (23%).

Slow Starts:

If you are faint of heart, don’t read this:

  • Tech has been shut out at the first media timeout two games in a row.
  • Against uva, didn’t score for the first 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and didn’t hit a FG until 6:15 was off the clock.
  • Today Tech didn’t score for the first 6:48, missing their first 10 shots.

Note this is not unique to JJ.  The Hokies regularly came out of the blocks ice cold under Greenberg.  Not sure what it is, but it is very real and continues to plague the Hokies.

Second Half Struggles:

Here’s a look at how much Tech has (led, been tied, trailed, trailed by 10+) in the 2nd half of ACC games.  Note that includes 120 minutes of action and does not include the OT vs georgia tech.

  • Led: 2 minutes and 28 seconds (i.e. 5:39)
  • Tied: 5:37
  • Trailed: 108:44
  • Trailed by 10+ points: 42:41
  • Trailed by 20+ points: 7:27

Tech has led in the second half of just 2 games – today vs clemson and against wake (VT never led in the 2nd half at georgia tech and were tied for just the final 24 seconds of regulation).  The Hokies’ biggest lead in the 2nd half of an ACC game is 2 points.  In fact, that’s their biggest 2nd half lead in their last 10 games (they also led bradley by 2 over a month ago along with wake and clemson).

The Hokies have trailed for almost 10-times the amount of time that they’ve led in the 2nd half, they’ve trailed by 10+ points for almost 4-times longer than they’ve led or been tied, and they’ve trailed by 20+ points for more time to date than they’ve led.  Not good.  It shows they’ve dug themselves into holes in the 1st half, as we noted above in the Slow Starts section.  It is tough playing up-hill all game.

Three Point Defense:

Seriously, how bad is Tech’s 3-point defense?  Check out these numbers since the start of the wvu game (this includes their average makes and 3-Point % to date, not the time of the game, so it includes them going off against the Hokies and shows how bad Tech’s 3-point defense is).

OPP Made 3s vs VT 3Pt % vs VT Avg Made 3s Per Game Season 3Pt %
wvu 10 42% 4.9 29%
mvsu 4 14% 5.1 27%
ga south 11 42% 5.9 37%
bradley 8 35% 4.4 29%
co state 11 46% 5.2 35%
byu 7 37% 6.2 33%
maryland 10 44% 5.7 33%
bc 8 36% 7.3 34%
ga tech 8 33% 5.5 31%
wake 7 37% 5.2 36%
uva 11 48% 5.7 39%
clemson 10 48% 5.1 32%

[ACC games in italics]

As you can see, every ACC opponent has shot a higher 3-point percentage and made more 3s against VT than their season averages.  In Tech’s four ACC losses, the opponent has been well above their average 3s made (39 made compared to 23.9) and the percentages were well above average except against bc, who was pretty much on par.

The Hokies tried to go zone Sunday and it backfired – clemson, who shot 32% from deep coming in and made just 5.1 per game, hit 10/21 and K.J. McDaniels, a 31% shooter from deep, when 5/7.  Unreal.  Game after game someone torches Tech from deep.

Through 6 ACC games on 3-pointers:

  • VT: 28/93 (30%) — 11th in the ACC
  • opponents: 54/132 (41%) — Last in the ACC

Dunk You Very Little:

  • Tech’s been out-dunked 19-10 in ACC play


I like JJ.  I really hope he succeeds.  But I stand by my comments Thursday night (or more like Friday morning) that said this was a bad hire.  That’s not his fault, that’s our administration’s fault for going bargain basement.  You can’t learn on the job in the ACC.  I think JJ will have a tough time here given the situation, and given that he is having to figure out how to balance recruiting, game prep, lineups, in-game adjustments, dealing with the media, etc.  I think it will be tough for him to last here more than a few seasons given the situation.  Maybe we’ll turn it around either this year or in the next few, but you just can’t hire a guy with no track record to judge them on, in my opinion.  Again, not his fault, of course he took the job (as I would if offered it), this is on our A.D.

I do think he’s a good man and will be successful, but if I was to guess, I would say the results won’t come until his next head coaching gig when he gets to apply what he’s learned.  Or maybe he’ll turn into the next John Calipari… although even Coach Cal started at a mid-major.

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Game Plus/Minus | clemson 77, VT 70

Here’s the plus/minus for the Hokies from Sunday (I left up the uva +/-, I also have averages in wins, losses, and overall).

Of Note:

  • Rankin had a -20 on Sunday and Raines had a -14, easily the two worst totals for the Hokies.  Tech was -35 combined on the day, so if you take out those two, the other eight Hokies were just -1.
  • Beyer had a +7 and Brown a +5, both solid numbers in a 7 point loss.  Especially for Beyer who had to play more minutes (16) than normal with all the foul trouble in the post.
uva clemson Season Wins Losses Avg +/-
Player +/- +/- +/- 11 8 Per Game
Brown -11 5 59 11.5 -9.6 3.3
Wood -8 -6 29 5.8 -4.3 2.4
Green -16 -7 42 14.5 -14.6 2.2
Barksdale -9 0 39 7.4 -6.0 2.2
Eddie -4 -2 38 10.3 -9.4 2.0
Raines -3 -14 -2 6.8 -9.6 -0.1
van Zegeren -13 1 -12 4.0 -7.0 -0.6
Patrick DNP DNP -5 -1.5 0.5 -0.8
Donlon DNP DNP -7 -4.0 0.5 -1.8
Johnston -5 1 -33 0.1 -4.9 -1.9
Racer DNP DNP -18 -9.5 0.5 -3.0
Beyer 0 7 -43 1.3 -13.3 -3.3
Rankin -11 -20 -78 1.3 -11.3 -4.6
TEAM -16 -7 1 11.5 -15.6 0.1

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Opponent Hall of Fame | clemson

After each loss we’ll induct a new player (from the opponent) into the TechHoops.com Opponent Hall of Fame after Tech makes them look like the greatest player in the world.

Today’s inductee is clemson sophomore K.J. McDaniels.

  • Tied his career high with 17 points
  • 5/7 from 3-point range (came into the game shooting 31% from behind the arc, averaging 1.1 makes per game, and had made more than two 3-pointers in a game just once in his career with a previous high of 4)

Past entries:

  • uva: Evan Nolte – Career high 18 points (previous high was 15 points and he hadn’t reached double digits in an ACC game before tonight).  5/9 on 3-pointers (hadn’t made more than 3 in a game before tonight but was 42% from behind the arc coming in)
  • bc: Lonnie Jackson.  He was 23/74 (31% from behind the arc before tonight, but went 5/8 tonight (63% – doubling his %).  He finished with 22 points, 8 more than his previous season high of 14.
  • maryland: Jake Layman – 18 points in the 1st half on 6/7 FGs and 4/5 3-Pointers (he came in shooting 17% from behind the arc – 5/29).  20 points for the game, doubling his previous career high.  He averaged 3.2 ppg before this game.
  • byu: Tyler Haws – 42 points on 14/25 shooting (6/8 from 3-point range).  Averages less than half that per game – 20.9 ppg.  Has made more than 2 three-pointers in just 2 other games.
  • csu: Dorian Green – 18 points on 5/6 from 3-point range.  Green was a 30% 3-point shooter coming into the game, but found his stroke against the Hokies, going 5/6 from deep and is now a 37% 3-point shooter on the season.
  • wvu: Kevin Noreen – averaging 2.5 ppg as of 1/8/13, had 14 points on 6/10 shooting and 2/3 on 3-Pointers. He also had 12 rebounds (he has just 41 total rebounds on the season after 12 games played).  FYI: these are his only 3 three-point attempts all season, and he only has 1 other in his previous 2 seasons.

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Game Recap | clemson (3-4) 77, Hokies (2-4) 70

Box Score

Most coaches don’t believe in moral victories because they almost always come at the expense of an actual loss on your schedule. Still, moral victories do have some benefits, such as knowing that your team, despite not scoring for the first 6 minutes and 48 seconds of the game and trailing 12-0, didn’t quit.

The Hokies (2-4) lost their second straight game, 77-70, on the road against clemson. Senior all-universe guard Erick Green scored his average, 25 points, to lead Virginia Tech. Jarell Eddie had a solid game with 19 points, but it wasn’t enough.

The Hokies got off to about as bad of a start as you could possibly imagine (excluding injuries). Virginia Tech fell behind 12-0 and missed its first 10 shots of the game. The Hokies didn’t get on the board until Erick Green, the nation’s leading scorer, converted fast-break layup with 13:22 to play in the first half, nearly seven minutes into the game.

It appeared that the Hokies would get blown out of the gym, but somehow, they fought and scratched and clawed their way back into the game and used a 13-4 run to tie the game at 33 going into the half. tiger fans had to be wondering how this could be given that VT went scoreless for the first seven minutes.

The second half was a back-and-forth affair. Tech took its first lead of the game just 40 seconds into the second half when Eddie buried a three. But in the end, clemson simply had more depth and better players and wore the Hokies down with its perimeter shooting.

Eddie was 5-of-11 from the field and 7-of-8 from the free throw line. Green was 7-of-17 from the field and 11-of-14 from the line. Together, Green and Eddie shot 12-of-28 (42 percent), while the rest of the Hokies shot just 9-of-32 (28 percent).

For the fifth time this season, Green went 0-for- from behind the arc. The first two times he didn’t make a three, the Hokies won. The last three times he hasn’t scored a trey, they’ve lost. Today, he was 0-for-3.

Tech was out-rebounded 42-33 and had a season-high nine shots blocked. The Hokies committed 25 fouls, the second most this season (they had 26 in the home loss to bc). Fifteen of those fouls against clemson came from Joey van Zegeren, C.J. Barksdale, and Cadarian Raines, all three of whom fouled out.

@hiphop_hokie pointed out another demoralizing fact from today’s game in a Tweet:

@TechHoops Barksdale & Raines – who I watched battle in the VHSL AAA qtrs – 1 point. Walk-on Beyer, 4 points. Unreal lack of post presence

As for the TechHoops.com Opponent Hall of Fame, you can expect three nominees this week: senior Milton Jennings, who averages 9.8 points per game, but had a career-best 28 points today. There’s also K.J. McDaniels, a sophomore who averages 10.8 a game and scored 17 today thanks to a career-best FIVE three pointers. And last but not least we have Damarcus Harrison, another sophomore that averages less than 5 points per game, but had a… wait for it… career-high 19 points today against the Hokies.

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Previews (2-for-1) | uva (2-2) @ VT (2-2) – Thursday at 8 PM | VT @ clemson – Sunday at 1 PM

clemson Update: Spread – clemson by 10.5. clemson lost to fsu by 3 on Thursday 70-67 on a shot at the buzzer by Michael Snaer (we can relate). The tigers fell to 2-4 in the ACC.
They are near the bottom of the ACC in terms of 3-point % and 3s made per game, which is good for Tech. VT beat the #9 and 10 3-point shooting teams in the league, wake and gt. Expect to see the Hokies play zone and dare clemson to beat them from deep (gotta guard Jennings out there). The tigers are good at blocking shots and have a very turnover margin, so we’ll see if Tech can get points inside and protect the ball.

Spread: uva by 4 (at our place?!). FYI: It’s a Maroon Monsoon, people! Greenberg could never figure out we should wear ‘maroon’ for this game (or black for the blackout), but JJ’s got it figured out already! Maroon it up, peeps!

The Magnificent Seven (plus two walk-ons) have won two in a row but will face two stiff challenges this week. If you were hoping to watch some fun, exciting ACC contests, this is not the week for you. Tech takes on two of the most boring, offensively averse teams in the nation this week, with uva coming to the Cassell on Thursday and then heading down to Littlejohn on Sunday for a match-up with the c-l-e-m-s-ohhhhh-n tigers. Watching these two teams play is a lot like going to the dentist – and you should opt for the eye protection to shield your eyes.

I guess another way to say it is that both uva and clemson are really good on defense (and not pushing the ball). Both rank in the top 10 in the NATION in terms of points allowed per game (uva at #2, giving up just 50.6 ppg, and clemson at #9). uva is also in the top 10 in terms of defensive efficiency – allowing just 85.8 points per 100 possessions for their opponents (VT is 18 points higher).

In ACC play, no one has reached the 60-point mark against uva and they held florida state to 36 (yes, you read that right) this weekend. 15 in the first half, and the noles ‘exploded’ for 21 in the 2nd half. The wahoos have held opponents to 45 or fewer points 7 times this year, and in the 30s on four occasions.

clemson held uva and wake to 44 points each in back-to-back wins and have held three other teams in the 40s. clemson beat uva 59-44 at Littlejohn a week ago.

But, part of being a good defense also means taking the air out of the ball on offense (along with good transition defense). uva ranks 344th out of 347 teams in Division 1 in terms of tempo (less than 60 possessions per game, which is 10 less than Tech averages) and clemson checks in at 325th at 62 possessions per game. So don’t expect a shootout at the OK Corral, these are much more likely to be a drag’em out, sock’em game.

In the Post: Luckily for Virginia “what’s a defensive rebound” Tech, neither uva nor clemson has much size in the post, which will help the rebounding-challenged Hokies. uva does not have a single starter over 6’8″ and clemson’s only starter over 6’8″ (Milton Jennings – 10.1 ppg) is as soft as they come. He’s even more of a perimeter player than Jarell Eddie. He has just 22 offensive rebounds. More on him below in the 3-point shooting section.

uva does have a 6’11” freshman in Mike Tobey, but he has all the athleticism of Tobey Keith. He gives them 6 ppg but not many rebounds or blocks.

The real threat inside for uva is 6’8″ junior Akil Mitchell. With Mike Scott gone after seemingly haunting the Hokies for 10 years (it was actually five — yes, five — and more than 100 career points vs VT), Mitchell has really blossomed. He’s tripled his PPG from 4.1 last year to 12.3 this year, and his rebounds have more than doubled from 4.4 to 9.1 per game. Akil does all his work in the trenches and shoots 54% from the floor. He grabs a lot of offensive rebounds, too.

Darion Atkins, a 6’8″ sophomore, is their best shot-blocker inside, though he didn’t play against fsu due to a shin injury. Not sure of his status for this game.

For clemson, 6’8″ senior Devin Booker has seen the light switch go on this year. He’s playing a lot tougher inside, and leads clemson with 13 ppg and 8 rebounds. He had 27 points in their close loss at nc state, and 12 points and 15 rebounds at duke recently. Still, he is just a shadow of his brother.

The most dangerous ‘big’ for clemson isn’t even a big man. 6’6″ sophomore K.J. McDaniels has Dominique Wilkins-like hops. You may remember him from his dunk contest he put on in Blacksburg last year, scoring 14 points on SIX DUNKS and blocking 5 shots. Against wake last week he had 14 points, 9 rebounds, and SEVEN BLOCKS. He’s like Josh Smith in that he’ll come from across the arena out of nowhere to reject a shot. McDaniels puts up 10.6 ppg, 5 boards, and 2.2. blocks per contest.

3-Point Shooting: Tech has had issues defending the three-point shot of late and both teams present challenges for the Hokies. For uva it is junior Joe Harris (who has torched Tech in the past). He’s leading uva in ppg at 15.2 and is shooting 46% from behind the arc with 37 makes (more than 2 per game), second best in terms of 3-point % in the ACC. For clemson, more than half of Jennings’s shots and makes are 3-pointers, and. That said, he is a deadly outside shooter, hitting 45% of his 60 3-point attempts.

Bench: clemson really only goes two deep on their bench (in terms of meaningful minutes), so they have the same depth issues as Tech. Filer will give them 8 points off the bench, though, and Roper is a good 3-point shooter as a 6th man. Anderson is a decent scorer off the bench for uva and Jones has some quickness to contend with.

Other Factors: Senior Jontel Evans missed the first part of the season with injury and is missing in action right now. He’s averging just 3 ppg over the 8 games he’s played. Jontel is probably the only PG in America that hasn’t attempted a 3-point shot all season (he’s never been a good 3-point shooter anyway). His game is to drive to the hoop, and he is still averaging almost 4 assists per game. Mitchell has been a big beneficiary of that, and another fear is him driving and kicking out to Harris. I’d dare Jontel to beat Tech and force him to finish off the drive. That said, Tech’s guards (including EG) are not good on-ball defenders (Rankin is the best), and Evans likely will beat them like a rented mule off the dribble. Tech will need better help defense after he gets by the first line of defense with quick rotations and not leaving Harris.

Other than Harris and Mitchell, no one is averaging even 7 ppg for uva. Not a surprise since they only score 62 per game. Harris and Mitchell account for 44% of that.

Rod Hall is another mighty might for clemson and is their playmaker. He puts up almost 4 assists per game, just like Evans. He is also a pass-first guy who never shoots the 3 (just 2 attempts all season).

Erick Green is still the nation’s leading scorer — 0.5 ahead of McDermott from creighton barrel.


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