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Recap | #5 duke (12-2) 70, Hokies (4-10) 65

If you’re being honest with yourself, the Hokies exceeded expectation today. They were on the road against duke, the No. 5 ranked team in the country that just beat ACC-leading florida state in Tallahassee. Tech was missing Victor Davila, who sat out his fourth straight game with a groin injury. And still, the Hokies (4-10, 15-14) took the blue devils to overtime before falling 70-65.

Cadarian Raines powered the Hokies this afternoon with a career-high 16 points and seemed as comfortable as he’s ever been in the low post. He didn’t seem to have any trouble against Duke’s big men, who didn’t seem to have any real answer for him.

Erick Green extended his ACC-leading double digit scoring streak to 30 games with 16 points, all of which came in the second half. Dorenzo “Old Man Zo” Hudson also got hot late in the game to keep the Hokies in it – the senior scored 16 points.

Raines, Green and Hudson combined for 48 of the Hokies’ 65 points. True freshman Dorian Finney-Smith played a respectable game made even more impressive by the fact it was his first trip to duke where the visiting team automatically spots the dookies 4-5 fouls per half. Doe Doe had 6 points and 12 rebounds, which led Tech.

I’m trying to find something to pin this loss on; missed free throws, a 13-minute scoreless drought, something. But I can’t. The Hokies lost to a better team with more depth. I won’t go as far to say that they have better players, because Tech proved their players were equal to the task. Rather, duke has better depth.

This was a close game from start to finish. The Hokies were in it from the get go and even held off a surge by duke in the first half to keep the game close, and survived a 9-0 run by the dookies in the second half.

Tech’s last five games have been decided by 10 points, five of those were the difference in today’s game. The Hokies had their chances to win today, but couldn’t get the shots to go.

Next up for the Hokies is a road trip to clemson on Thursday, March 1. Tipoff is at 9 p.m.

Play-by-Play (picking things up in the 2nd half)

34-34 Green scores in the lane and the foul, missed the FT
36-34 Green steal and fast break dunk
36-35 Plumlee FT
38-35 Barksdale with the baby hook
— Rivers fouled by Eddie
38-37 Rivers makes 2 FTs
— Brown misses for VT, duke rebound
— duke miss, loose ball, Barksdale saves it
— Green fouled, will shoot 2 FTs
40-37 Green makes 2 FTs
40-40 Curry hits a three
— 10th tie of the game
— DFS misses, duke rebound
40-42 Curry drives the lane, take four steps, no call, layup
— Green misses a 3-pointer
— Rankin called for the foul, duke in the bonus, shocker
— duke misses the front end of the 1-and-1
— Raines called for the offensive foul
— Green called for the foul (lots of fouls called against VT)
40-44 Rivers makes 2 FTs

U12 Media Timeout – 40-44 duke

40-46 Hokies turn it over, Curry steals and lays it in
— duke on a 9-0 run
41-46 DFS makes 1/2 FTs
— duke misses, Hokies rebound an airball
43-46 Green pulls up and buries a long jumper from the top of the key, 30th straight game in double digit scoring for Green
— Eddie called for the foul

U8 Media Timeout Score – 43-46 duke

43-48 Kelly makes 2 FTs
45-48 DFS nice drive and dish to Raines, who shot fakes and then puts it up and in
— Kelly called for the foul on a duke miss, his 4th pf
— Raines misses a hook, but Plumlee called for an over the back, Hudson to the line
47-48 Hudson makes 2 FTs
49-49 Green hits a transition jumper off the duke miss (Green has 12 points, all in the 2nd half)
— duke timeout
49-51 Kelly hits an open shot from the win
51-51 Raines is working Plumlee down low, another nice more, 14 for CR
53-51 Raines follows a miss with a put back, 16 for CR (career high)
53-52 Rivers makes 1/2 FTs
— VT turns it over
— Kelly misses a 3-poiner, Raines rebounds
— Hudson airballs a baseline shot, wanted a foul, but not on duke’s home court
— Kelly called for offensive foul, fouls out, fans boo because duke does not wrong
— VT misses wide open 3-pointer
53-55 Rivers hits a 3-pointer (Rivers with 19 points)
55-55 Green with the tough shot in the lane
— 1:50 left —
58-55 Hudson banks a 3-pointer off the glass
58-57 Plumlee gets an offensive board, puts it back
— VT turns it over (as I predicted)
— 40.3 seconds left
58-58 Rivers makes 1/2 FTs
— VT ball with 30 seconds
— Green misses a shot at the buzzer
— Going to OT

— DFS missed twice, duke rebound
58-60 duke scores in the low post
— VT misses, knocks rebound out of bounds, duke ball
— Raines fouls Rivers, to the line to shoot two, Raines’ 3rd PF
58-61 Rivers makes 1/2 FTs
— Eddie misses, VT scoreless through first 2+ minutes
58-63 Curry goes untouched through the lane
61-63 Hudson buries a three pointer off the screen
— DFS called for the foul
61-64 Rivers makes 1/2 FTs (22 points)
63-64 Hudson step back 2-pointer (foot on the line)
— Eddie fouls Plumlee, good foul, 4th PF
63-65 Plumlee makes 1/2 FTs
— 47 seconds left
— Hudson airballs baseline jumper
— Eddie fouls out, 19.4 seconds left
63-66 Rivers 1/2 FTs
— Green misses the layup, duke rebounds, game over
— VT fouls, sending duke to the FT line
— 9.6 seconds left
63-68 Plumlee makes 2 FTs
65-68 Green lays its up
— Thorton of duke gets LAID OUT by Raines on the screen, Jeff Allen-esque!
— 2.9 seconds left
65-70 Curry hits 2 FTs

Final Score – duke 70, Hokies 65

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Preview | VT (4-9) @ #5 duke (11-2) | Saturday – Noon

Spread: duke by 12.

The Hokies get the blue devils at a good time. Well, sort of. The blue devils must play at florida state just 40 hours before the Hokies and nerds meet in Cameron Indoor Stadium. That game with the noles is huge for duke. This game is sandwiched between duke’s win at fsu then the devils have to play unc next week. So there’s a chance duke could be looking past this game, and they certainly won’t have much time to prepare… but we also know how good VT is in Short Turnaround games (8-1 all time, 2-0 this year), and duke is a heck of a lot better.

Reality is the two teams have already played and despite a solid start from the Hokies at home (the game was tied at 21), duke blew Tech out of their own arena, jumping to a 10-point halftime lead and getting up by as many as 23 in the 2nd half before settling for a 75-60 win.

First Meeting:

Ryan Kelly had 7 points while duke went on an 13-2 run to turn a 21-21 tie with 7 minutes to go in the first half into a 34-23 blue devil lead. His ability to shoot the ball outside, coupled with his shot-fake and ability to drive and score in the paint, was too much for VT. He finished with 15 points.

Austin Rivers had 18 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds. He’s shooting the ball much better from deep of late and we already knew he could kill you off the dribble.

Seth Curry added 11 after being shut out in the House Dell Built last year, but Curry was just 2/7 on FGs. He has been playing much better of late (see below). Mason Plumlee added 10 points, 8 in the first half.

Tech was -6 on turnovers in the first meeting (7-13), and duke was +5 on 3-pointers made (8-3). Green had 17 for the Hokies (the more he scores, the more VT loses) and tied a career high with 7 rebounds. Davila tied his career high with 16 points, but he’s missed VT’s last 3 games and could be out Saturday.


vs duke:

  • All Time: duke 38-8
  • At duke: duke 17-1
  • In ACC Play: duke 9-3
  • At duke in ACC Play: duke 4-1


Pos # Player Height Year PPG
PG 11 Green 6-3 Jr 15.7
SG 5 Hudson 6-5 r-Sr 10.8
SF 31 Eddie 6-7 So 9.4
PF 15 Finney-Smith 6-9 Fr 4.6
C 4 Raines 6-9 r-So 4.9
Bench 1 Brown 6-5 Fr 6.9
10 Rankin 6-1 Fr 3.0
Pos # Player Height Year PPG
G 3 Thornton 6-1 So 3.5
G 0 Rivers 6-4 Fr 15.0
G 30 Curry 6-2 Jr 13.6
F 34 Kelly 6-11 Jr 11.9
F 5 Mas. Plumlee 6-10 Jr 11.2
Bench 21 Mi. Plumlee 6-10 Sr 6.5
20 Dawkins 6-4 Jr 9.4

A lot of the duke’s starters averages have been dropping except for Rivers (29 points against unc, including the game winning 3-pointer) and Curry (20 ppg over the last 5 games).


Note: these stats are for ACC games ONLY.

VT duke
PPG 59.9 (8) 76.1 (2)
PPG vs 64.2 (4) 67.3 (8)
FT% 73% (3) 71% (7)
FG% 40% (11) 44% (4)
3-Pt% 36% (2) 35% (3)
Made 3s PG 6.2 (5) 8.4 (1)
FG% D 45% (12) 43% (7)
3-Pt% D 35% (9) 29% (1)
Blocks 2.8 (11) 3.3 (8)
Steals 5.5 (t8) 5.6 (7)
TO Margin +2.4 (2) +1.4 (4)
Off Reb % 30% (9) 36% (2)
Def Reb % 64% (12) 67% (8)


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