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HIGHLIGHTS | fsu 48, VT 47

Virginia Tech loses a heartbreaker on a last second 3-pointer by Snaer to give florida state a 48-47 win, dropping the Hokies to 0-6 at fsu in ACC play. Tech blew a 15-point 2nd half lead.

And yes, I know I botched the final score at the end but it would take too much time to edit that and I’m more focused on Turkey at this point.

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Recap | #21 fsu (9-2) 48, VT (3-8) 47

The Hokies did everything they needed to do to win on the road against No. 21 florida state. Everything but hit free throws. Instead, the Hokies blew a 15-point second half lead and missed seven critical free throws in the final 90 seconds that could have sealed the victory.

The noles, despite getting outplayed badly the entire game, were able to hang around just long enough. Trailing by 2 points, 47-45, with 10.2 seconds to play, Jarrell Eddie was fouled, but could not go the free throw line because of cramping. So, Seth Greenberg sent freshman Robert Brown to the line where he missed both free throws. fsu got the rebound, sprinted down the court and hit a game-winning three pointer.

Erick Green, who had a game-high 18 points, got a weak desperation shot off, but it never had a prayer and the Hokies lose an absolute heartbreaker, 48-47, on the road.

There are bad losses and then there’s this kind of loss.

The Hokies fell behind early, yet again, but played solid defense and took advantage of a bevy of fsu turnovers to keep the game low-scoring and close. Tech actually took a first-half lead, but the noles hit a pair of three pointers in the closing seconds to take a 25-23 halftime lead.

Tech came out fired up in the second half and opened up with a 15-0 run and looked to be running away with it. But with Victor Davila (groin) and C.J. Barksdale (ankle) already on the bench in street clothes, the Hokies lost their only big man, Cadarian Raines, to an ankle injury and that changed the remainder of the game as the Hokies had zero post presence.

The noles answers with a 12-2 run and while the Hokies held on to a 6-point lead with 1:29 to play, they missed seven free throws and that’s what eventually did them in.

Heartbreaking doesn’t even begin to describe this loss. To outplay a team by such a wide margin and then lose like that because you can’t hit free throws is beyond devastating.

What makes the collapse even more surprising is that some of Tech’s most reliable free throw shooters – Green, Hudson and Eddie – are the ones that missed the majority of the free throws. To be fair, Brown should have never been in a position where his free throws could decide the game.

Unbelievable. Unreal. I need a drink.

Play-by-Play (accuracy never guaranteed)

— fsu wins the tip, but called for travel, turnover fsu
— Erick Green pass goes out of bounds, turnover VT
2-0 Loucks layup to take the early lead for fsu
— Hudson travels, turnover VT
— Green fouls Gibson
3-0 Gibson makes 1/2 FTs
— Eddie misses a three
5-0 James scores on the nice feed from Loucks
— DFS has his shot blocked, then commits the foul
— fsu miss, VT defensive rebound
— fsu foul away from the ball
— Brown misses a shot, fsu rebounds
— fsu misses a fastbreak layup, then called for a technical foul
5-2 Erick Green makes both technical FTs
— Gibson fouls Raines in the act of shooting
5-2 Raines misses both FTs
— fsu misses, VT defensive rebound
— VT misses, fsu defensive rebound
7-2 Miller to Pope for in the lane
— Green misses the layup, fsu rebounds
— fsu turnover

U16 – 7-2 fsu

— Brown misses the three pointer
— fsu bad pass, turnover
7-4 Green scores off the steal and fast break
9-4 Snaer scores
— VT turns it over
— Snaer misses a three, VT commits a foul
11-4 fsu dunk by No. 50
— timeout VT
— Green misses a jumper
— fsu turnover on the inbounds pass
11-7 Eddie buries a three from the left wing
— fsu misses a runner badly
— Rankin misses a wide open 7-footer

U12 – 11-7 fsu

11-9 Raines follows a Green miss with a 2-handed tip-in
13-9 Loucks answers with a bucket
— Hudson misses a jumper
— Snaer called for an offensive foul, his 2nd foul
— DFS on the bench with 2 fouls as well
— fsu gets away with a goaltending
— fsu turnover
13-11 Raines gets the offensive rebound and puts it back up and in

U8 – 13-11 fsu

— fsu has 8 turnovers, the only reason VT still in the game
— fsu commits 9th turnover
14-13 (vt) Hudson hits a three pointer to give VT its first lead of the game
— color guy wouldn’t shut up and they didn’t even mention tech’s three pointer
16-14 (fsu) answers with a three of its own
18-16 (vt) Hudson hits a three in the corner and gets fouled, completed the 4-point play
— fsu misses, VT rebound
— Hudson misses a three
— fsu misses, VT rebounds
20-16 Green completes a fastbreak layup
— fsu misses, VT rebounds
— Green called for the travel

U4 – 20-16 VT

20-19 fsu hits a three pointer
— this color commentator just won’t effing shut up
23-19 Green answers with a three pointer (Green has 9 points)
— Eddie called for 2nd personal foul
23-19 James misses both FTs
— VT rebounds the miss
— Raines misses underneath
23-22 Dulkys makes a three pointer
— Brown has his shot blocked
25-23 (fsu) Miller hits a three off the fast break
— 6-0 run for FSU
— Green misses a three, but Hudson with the off. rebound
— Loucks fouls Green away from the ball
— Green takes a bad last shot, no one got open

Halftime – fsu 26, VT 23

25-25 Eddie with the baseline jumper (6 points for Eddie)
— fsu bad pass, turnover
27-25 (vt) Green converts off the fast break
30-25 Green drains a three (14 points for Green)
— VT open 2nd half with a 7-0 run
30-25 James misses both FTs
— VT rebounds missed FT
33-25 Eddie buries a three from the corner near the VT bench
— VT on a 10-0 run to open the 2nd half
— fsu timeout
— another fsu turnover
— Green misses a long jumper
— fsu miss, VT rebound
35-25 Green drives from the top of the key, draws the double, feeds DFS for the uncontested two-hand flush
— VT extends run to 12-0
— fsu miss, VT rebounds, fsu fans booing
37-25 DFS gets the feed from Raines off the give and go, gets the hoop and the harm!

U16 – 37-25 VT (fsu has yet to score in the 2nd half)

38-25 – DFS makes the FT to complete the 3-point play
— VT on a 15-0 run
— fsu blocks a Rankin layup, no foul, but ball out of bounds on fsu, still VT ball
— shot clock violation on VT because of a loose ball
— fsu turnover, still hasn’t scored more than 5 minutes into the half
40-25 Brown hits the rainbow jumper from the free throw line
— VT on a 17-0 run
40-27 fsu finally scores its first bucket of the 2nd half at the 13:58 mark, James rebound and put back
— Hudson misses a three, DFS with the rebound and gets fouled
— DFS loses the ball out of bounds, VT turnover
— fsu bad shot, VT rebound
— VT misses, fsu rebound
— fsu takes a long and bad three pointer, misses
— DFS misses the jumper
— fsu misses baseline layup, VT rebounds

U12 – 40-27 VT (Hokies have outscored fsu 17-2 so far in the 2nd half)

— Hudson misses a jumper
40-29 Snaer off the glass
— Raines comes up limping, VT going very small
— Hudson misses a long three as the SC expired
— fsu misses two short shots, VT rebounds
— Eddie misses a three
— Snaer fouled
— Snaer misses a quick shot off the inbounds, VT rebounds
42-29 Green gets a shot to go after bouncing around the rim for an eternity (16 points for Green)
42-31 Gibson follows a misses with a two-hand slam
— DFS airballs a three pointer
42-33 fsu converts off the DFS miss and gets the layup

U8 – 42-33 VT

— VT has gone pretty cold with no big bodies in the post
— Hudson misses a jumper, fsu rebound
— Eddie called for a foul on Snaer
42-35 Snaer scores again off the inbounds pass
— VT misses, but gets rebound
— fsu on a 10-2 run
— VT can’t buy a bucket now
42-37 Miller hits a jumper
— fsu on a 12-2 run
— VT has to use a timeout because it can’t inbound the ball
— foul on fsu’s miller on the inbounds pass
44-37 Green drives the lane and gets the high floater to go (18 points)
— foul on VT
— foul on VT
44-37 Peterson misses both FTs
— DFS gets the rebound
— fsu 1/8 free throws
— Green drives and has hit shot blocked
— DFS block, VT fights hard for the loose gall
— 3:11 left to play
— Hudson misses a shot at the buzzer, fsu rebound
— fsu misses a three, VT rebounds
— fsu called for the foul

U4 – 44-37 VT

— fsu’s white called for a foul
44-37 Green misses front end of a 1-and-1
— Loucks called for offensive foul, 2:02 left
— Snaer fouls Green, 3rd PF for Snaer
44-37 Green misses another front end of a 1-and-1
— fsu rebounds the miss, but Green steals the ball!
— VT timeout
— fsu’s white picks up 4th PF, VT in the double bonus
46-37 Eddie makes both FTs – 1:29 left (10 points for Eddie)
46-40 Peterson hits a three (1:12 left)
— fsu foul
46-40 Hudson misses both FTs
46-42 White gets an easy bucket underneath
— Eddie gets fouled, but came up limping b/c of cramps, White fouls out for fsu
47-42 Eddie makes 1/2 FTs
47-45 fsu makes a three
— VT’s Eddie gets rebound with 10.2 seconds, but Eddie is cramping bad
— fsu crowd is booing Eddie, stay classy fsu fans
47-45 Brown misses both FTs
48-47 Snaer hits a three to win the game
— Green misses a desperation three

Final Score: fsu 48, VT 47

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2 Previews for the Price of 1 | VT (3-7) @ #21 fsu (8-2) on Thursday at 7 PM on ESPN2 | gt (2-9) @ VT (3-8) on Saturday at 3 PM

Update: Glen Rice, Jr., gt’s leading scorer, rebounder, steals, 3-pointers, 2nd in assists, and 2nd in blocks, has been suspended and will not play Saturday against VT.

Spread: fsu by 9.5 (Vegas is finally starting to adjust)

ACC SCHEDULING: How bad has the ACC screwed VT this year in scheduling?

  1. Tech didn’t get a single weekend home game in January, playing on the road all 4 weekends.
  2. The Hokies have to play two sets of Short Turnaround games this year for the first time since joining the league (2 games within 48 hours of each other).

The good news about the latter of those two is Tech is now 7-1 all time in ACC Short Turnaround tail end games. In other words, after playing a game on Day 1, the Hokies have won 88% of the games played on Day 3, less than 48 hours later. The last win came two weeks ago when VT took down clemson at home after losing to duke. VT has won 4 in a row in this situation. Add to the fact they are playing the worst team in the ACC, and you have to like our odds!… on Saturday, that is.

f-l-o-r-i-d-a s-t-a-t-e florida state florida state florida state… WOOOO: I’m not gonna lie to you — I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the florida state preview. I debated about putting VT at 3-8 up above and calling it a day (but then I’d be resorting to Cope’s tactics… did you know he pre-writes our recaps as if we’d already lost?).

Here’s how the first game went down:

  • Recap – fsu 63 at VT 59
  • Highlights
  • fsu opened ACC play with a 20 point loss at clemson, but including their win at VT, they’ve won 8/9 (their lone loss was at bc… go figure… they beat unc by 33 and won at duke, but couldn’t beat bc).
  • Bernard James, the 27-year-old real American hero, was a man in this game. He scored 18 points, snagged 15 rebounds, and blocked 3 shots. He dominated the paint in the 2nd half to help fsu prevent blowing a double digit lead.

BUT THIS IS A BIG GAME FOR THE HOKIES! Tech has won at every other ACC school since joining the league. Actually, to take that a step further, VT has won at every other school in basketball AND football, but hasn’t won at fsu in either (although they’ve only played there once in pigskin). Hokie hoops is 0-5 in Tallahassee since entering the league.

Here’s how long it took VT to win at the other ACC sites:

  • 1st try: 4 (georgia tech, miami, wake forest, unc)
  • 2nd try: 1 (clemson)
  • 3rd try: 3 (duke, maryland, bc)
  • 4th try: 2 (uva, nc state)
  • 6th times the charm at fsu!
I’d love to get the win Thursday and complete the Tour de ACC. But I have a feeling we are looking at a loss by a baker’s dozen, with Tech falling to 0-6 at fsu. Please don’t tell me this is going to become a clemson @ unc situation.

So let’s fast forward to Saturday…

ramblin’ wreck: Update: The question is, will VT have any healthy players on Saturday?  There are injury concerns about Davila, Barksdale, Eddie, and Raines, and with less than 48 hours between games, who knows who will be ready.  That leaves VT with just 5 healthy scholarship guys.

You have a better chance of playing pick up sticks with your butt checks than seeing georgia tech win an ACC road game. Over the past 7 seasons, gt is 8-46 (15%) away from the ATL in league play. I could accentuate that stat in a couple of ways: the jackets have won just 2 of their last 19 ACC road games… or I could say they’ve won 2 of their last 7! Both statements are true since they lost 13 in a row on the road before winning at wake to end last season (Update: georgia tech lost 59-50 at 2-9 wake… well, now 3-9 wake… The loss means georgia tech is in dead last in the ACC all by themselves). They are 1-5 on the road this year, with the lone win at 7-3 nc state (go figure, it’s been that kind of a year).

Tech has owned tech since joining the ACC. VT is 8-3 in ACC games, their best mark against any program (they are also 8-3 against wake).

Between VT’s success in Short Turnaround games, gt’s road record, and VT’s history with gt, I’m going to go ahead and pencil in a ‘W’ for the Hokies (notice I said pencil and did NOT mention wearing skirts or uva gear).

Talk about a contrast in styles — florida state, as usual, has a great front court with James the enforcer inside and 6’11” Gibson also a talented shot blocker and athlete. georgia tech, meanwhile, has zero post talent. They have just 3 low post players on their roster. Freshman Julian Royal was supposed to help as a stud recruit, but he’s been a bust so far averaging just 4.6 ppg and 2.3 rebounds in 16 minutes per contest (though he does shoot 45% from the field).

Glen Rice, Jr. is the only offensive player you have to worry about, but he scored just 13 points in the 2 games against VT last year so the Hokies know something about defending him. Rice has scored 19+ on 7 occasions this year, including 28 against duke, so he can light it up. But if he’s off, the jackets have no prayer.

Even though Paul Hewitt is gone, now at george mason, this gt team looks a lot like the past teams — they don’t play patient defense (a lot of steals but dead last in FG% Defense) and they turn the ball over a lot (-3.0 turnover margin per game). Maybe… maybe… VT can get some fast break points off turnovers.

Hmm… I’m really tempted to guarantee a win on Saturday. Let’s see how I feel that morning and whether or not I feel like potentially wearing a skirt.

TANGENT: How low has VT fallen? I was watching uva lose at clemson on Tuesday and they posted uva’s NCAA resume. They listed VT as a ‘bad loss’. Uh, we’re a Top 100 RPI team. That’s a bad loss?!


*Note: Greenberg has announced that for the 2nd game in a row Tech’s starters will be determined by who practices the hardest the day before the game. Last game that was Rankin, Green, Hudson, Barksdale, and Davila, so the starters are TBD.

Pos # Player Height Year PPG
11 Green 6-3 Jr 15.5
5 Hudson 6-5 r-Sr 11.2
31 Eddie 6-7 So 9.5
4 Raines 6-9 r-So 4.6
14 Davila 6-8 Sr 7.5
1 Brown 6-5 Fr 7.1
15 Finney-Smith 6-8 Fr 6.0
10 Rankin 6-1 Fr 2.6
florida state
Pos # Player Height Year PPG
PG 3 Loucks 6-5 Sr 7.0
G 21 Snaer 6-5 Jr 13.8
G 4 Dulkys 6-5 Sr 7.3
F 5 James 6-10 Sr 10.6
C 1 Gibson 6-11 Sr 7.5
Bench 30 Miller 6-3 So 9.9
georgia tech
Pos # Player Height Year PPG
G 0 Udofia 6-2 Jr 10.0
G 23 Reed 6-3 So 7.5
G/F 41 Rice Jr.* 6-5 Jr 13.1
F 24 Holsey 6-8 So 8.9
C 5 Miller 6-11 So 7.8
Bench 14 Morris 6-5 So 7.8

*Rice has been suspended, expect Morris to start in his place and Royal to play more minutes.


Note: these stats are for ACC games ONLY. georgia tech’s stats do not include their 59-50 loss at wake on Wednesday.

VT florida state ga tech
PPG 59.9 (8) 69.7 (4) 59.3 (9)
PPG vs 65.2 (5) 62.2 (2) 68.0 (9)
FT% 76% (1) 73% (4) 68% (10)
FG% 39% (11) 46% (1) 40% (10)
3-Pt% 33% (5) 39% (1) 33% (7)
Made 3s PG 5.6 (6) 6.5 (3) 5.3 (9)
FG% D 43% (7) 41% (3) 45% (12)
Off Reb % 32% (7) 33% (4) 32% (6)
Def Reb % 63% (12) 70% (4) 72% (3)
Turnover Margin +1.3 (4) +1.1 (6) -3.0 (10)
Steals 5.2 (10) 8.5 (1) 6.1 (6)
Blocks 3.0 (9t) 4.7 (3) 3.8 (6)

How sad is it that VT is 8th in the ACC in scoring offense while averaging less than 60 points per ACC game?

BORING FACTS ABOUT florida state (“Strength, skill, character”):

Location Tallahassee, FL
Type Public
Enrollment 31k undergrad, 8.5k post-grad
Established 1851
NCAA Tournament Appearances 13 (1972 Final Four and runner-up), made NCAAs 3 years in a row
ACC Titles 5 (Last in ’97)
Famous Students/Alums Burt Reynolds, Christine Lahti, Mac Brown, 2 Heismans (Chris Weinke/Charlie Ward), Jim Morrison, Richard Simmons, Lee Corso, Fred Biletnikoff
History Was florida state college for women until 1947, when it became coed and allowed men


  • Established: 1885
  • Type: Public
  • Mascot: Buzz
  • The term ‘ramblin’ wreck’ comes from the makeshift motor vehicles gt engineers were using for projects in South American jungles in the late 19th century.
  • Students: 13,750 undergrad (NERDS!) and 7,000 postgrad (NERDS!)
  • Notable Alums/Students: President Jimmy Carter, Jeff Foxworthy, several astronauts, Chris Bosh, Matt Price, Dennis Scott, Stephon Marbury, John Salley, Mark Teixeira, Nomar Garciaparra, Kenny Anderson, and Stewark Cink. John Heisman coached gt.
  • ACC Basketball Titles: 3 (last in 1993)
  • ACC Football Titles: 3 (one less than the real Tech who has been in the league 25 fewer years) — last – ’09
  • I hate the stat where they say ‘The winner of the VT/gt football game has won the Coastal Division every year… uh, that’s true, but we’ve won 5 of those 7 games, capturing 5 of 7 Coastal titles… so it isn’t comparing apples to apples. That’s like the winner of the VT/uva game has won the Commonwealth Cup over the last 8 years.

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