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Wild Turkey Club Breakdown (with Video) | georgia southern

Let’s analyze the two thinks VT struggled with the most in their loss to gsu (and in their two losses):

  1. 3-Point Defense
  2. Defensive Rebounding

First, let’s look at 3-point shooting by the eagles. You give up 3-pointers for a few reasons:

  • You give it to them: This is where you collapse your defense and basically allow the opponent to shoot from deep because you don’t think they’ll make it. This was the case against wvu so that Tech could have more defenders near the paint to help with rebounding. It didn’t work in either case – wvu was 10/24 (42%) from deep and snagged 23 offensive rebounds (in 48 opportunities)
  • Drive and Kick: The man with the ball penetrates inside the arc, the perimeter help defense collapses to support the on-ball defender, and the man with the ball can kick it out to a teammate who is usually sliding along the 3-point line to an open spot (or stationary if wide open). This was the case in a lot of the 3s yesterday especially in the first half as you’ll see.
  • Ball Screens: Lots of teams, including VT, set picks out at the top of the key. If the on-ball defender gets caught up in the screen, or goes underneath the screen, the man with the ball can get a shot off if the other defender doesn’t flash out. You’ll see this in a few of the highlights, too.
  • Laziness: The defense either doesn’t get back and gives up a transition three, or does a poor job of rotating as a team runs their offense. This can be combined with the three above.

Here are the 3-pointers from yesterday (from the start of the highlights up to the 1:14 mark):



Giving up offensive rebounds usually comes down to positioning (boxing out) and effort (do you WANT it?). Sometimes there’s not much you can do in the case of long rebounds on 3-point misses or when the help defender went for the block leaving his man alone (because a guard got beaten off the dribble), but again, effort comes into play there, too. And sometimes it is just simply not squeezing the orange (ball) and the ball goes out of bounds, leading to the dreaded Team Rebound for the other team.

If you go back to the video from above and pick it up at the 1:15 mark, you’ll see some of the offensive rebounds Tech allowed yesterday. Most fall into the effort category – gsu wanted it more than VT. Look at the one where Raines gets tied up by a guy weighing 30 pounds less than him.

Offensive Rebounds Allowed (Jump to the 1:15 mark):



Here’s where JJ starts to earn his money. Some adjustments, and these are very correctable things for the most part (effort being the hardest to change), can be made. Fighting through ball screens, better help rotation on the perimeter, and effort will help in both areas. Also, not drifting your perimeter defenders out as much will help with defensive rebounding (getting your bigs too far from the hoop).

The good news is JJ knows what we have to get better at now and can start to address it and hopefully be ready for it in time for ACC play. Here’s hoping we get it cleaned up and have a kick-[fanny] ACC season, because this team does have some talent and can compete in this league this year (every other team has glaring weaknesses, too, except for duke).

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Donation to the American Eagle Foundation

As some of you know that read this site, I’m a man of my word.  Many of you know that from last January when I guaranteed VT would win at bc against the eagles… we didn’t.  And as a result, I had to wear this to the VT @ uva game the next week…


Well, in the preview for this game I said VT would win “or I’ll donate money to some ‘save the eagles’ fund”.  Well, here you go…

American Eagles

Here’s $1 for every point they beat us by.  Maybe I should stop making guarantees against teams who have ‘eagles’ as their nickname?!

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Game Plus/Minus | gsu 78, VT 73 (wait, that wasn’t a dream?!)

Here’s the +/- breakdown for the georgia southern debacle.  I also added our average +/- in our 8 wins vs our 2 losses.  I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves because it is time for some consolation Scotch for me.

gsu Season Wins Losses Avg +/-
Player   +/-  8  2 Per Game
Green -6 +146 +18.8 -2.0 14.6
Brown +2 +129 +16.0 +0.5 12.9
Eddie 0 +111 +12.9 +4.0 11.1
Barksdale -9 +73 +10.8 -6.5 7.3
Raines -7 +59 +8.5 -4.5 5.9
van Zegeren +4 +49 +5.0 +4.5 4.9
Wood -4 +43 +5.8 -1.5 4.3
Beyer +1 -1.4 0.2
Johnston -10 -5 +0.6 -10.0 -0.6
Rankin +5 -6 +0.5 -4.5 -0.8
Patrick -6 -1.5 -1.5
Donlon -8 -4.0 -4.0
Racer -19 -9.5 -4.8
TEAM -5 118 14.9 -3.0 11.8

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Game Recap | gsu (4-5) 78, VT (8-2) 73


Chalk this one up as the first ‘embarrassing’ loss in the James Johnson era as a 3-5 georgia southern team that was 1-5 against Division I opponents on the year and 0-2 in the Southern Conference came into Blacksburg and picked up their first ever win over an ACC team with a 78-73 win over the Hokies.

The sad thing is the game wasn’t as close as the final score.  Tech never led in this game.  I repeat, the Hokies never led in this game, and other than 0-0, VT never tied this game.  The Hokies trailed for the entire final 39:44 of the game.

The Hokies did make it interesting though.  Tech trailed by 14 with 5 minutes to go, but cut it to 3 with 54 seconds left and had the ball with 30 seconds to go.  But Erick Green missed a 3-pointer to tie the game with 23 seconds left and that was all she wrote.

How could we lose to an absolutely awful team, you ask?  Well, if you read this site a lot, one stat will tell it all: gsu was 11/26 (42%) on 3-pointers, VT was 6/27 (22%) and that was after starting 0/11 from deep.  Tech didn’t make their first 3-pointer until 3 minutes into the 2nd half.  Jarell Eddie, who was shooting 51% from deep coming in, started 0/7 from long range and finished 3/13.

Meanwhile, Reed and Roberts knocked down 9/17 from deep for gsu.  They were shooting 50% from deep combined coming in, so apparently the Hokies didn’t get the memo.   For the second time in three games Tech got destroyed by 3-point shooting.

Tech’s other bugaboo came into play, too.  While Tech grabbed 18 offensive rebounds (42% of their misses), they allowed the eagles to get 44% of their misses (16 offensive rebounds).  gsu regularly could launch a three and know that it would either go in 42% of the time, or they’d get their miss another 44% of the time.

The lone bright spot in this game was Erick Green extended his 20+ point streak to 10 games with a career-high tying 28 points.  He was 12/22 from the field.  The rest of the team was 15/46 (33%).

Robert Brown produced a whopping 4 points (he had 4 against mvsu, too) and Cadarian Raines, who was basically benched for Joey van Zegeren much of the game, was held scoreless for the second straight game.

Pardon me if I’m being too negative, but this was a BAD loss.  And I’m not just talking NCAA Tournament (because you can put your Bracketology dreams back in the attic for a while).  I’m just saying an ACC team should not lose, let alone get dominated (again, don’t let the final score fool you – gsu dominated this game) by an 0-2 Southern Conference team.

Luckily, Tech automatically advances to the ‘big boys’ bracket of the Las Vegas Classic and will face bradley next Saturday.  gsu will have to play mvsu in the semi-finals of the lil boys bracket.

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Preview | ga southern (3-5) @ VT (8-1) | Saturday, 2 PM | ESPN3

Spread: VT by 16.5.

The Hokies take on the eagles of georgia southern on Saturday at the Cassell in the second meaningless installment of the Continental Tire Las Vegas Classic. Why is it meaningless? Because win or lose, the Hokies advance to the semi-finals on Saturday, Dec. 22, in Vegas, baby. While the eagles will keep playing consolation games. Either way, don’t worry, Tech will win this game (or I’ll donate money to some ‘save the eagles’ fund).

georgia southern is better known for the football program, and with good reason. While they stink in basketball, they have captured six NCAA I-AA (FCS) Championships since starting their program in 1982. Our old buddy Paul “chop block” Johnson won back-to-back titles there in ’99 and ’00. And the eagles knocked off odu on the road last weekend to advance to the I-AA semi-finals last week (don’t expect eagle fans to have a lot of interest in this game).

The eagles are just 1-5 on the year against D1 teams, with the lone win over kennesaw state, who just moved up to D1 in 2009. They lost to powerhouses like elon and samford. They do not play a fast pace. They will try their best to keep this a low scoring, half-court game.

The eagles do have some length at court, surprising for a low tier team, with their three starting guards in the 6-2 to 6-5 range. But no one over 6-7 plays more than 10 minutes. That said, we’ve seen the Hokies struggle on the glass with similarly small teams, so we’ll see what happens. A good goal would be to keep gsu’s offensive rebounding percentage under 30%, and have VT’s around 40%.

gsu’s star is junior forward Eric Ferguson. He was first team All-Southern Conference last year and leads the eagles in almost every statistical category. He also turns it over a lot, as do the eagles (15 turnovers per game). So, Tech should have some opportunities to turn those TOs into fast break BRRRAHHHHs.

Reed and Roberts both are good 3-point shooters on perimeter (50%).

But, this game really is just a tune-up for the Hokies before they head to Vegas for back-to-back games next weekend, starting with a game against a solid bradley team.

Preview-gsu at VT

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