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The year of Erick Green: Where does he rank?

Virginia Tech guard Erick Green

Erick Green is having a phenomenal senior season, but where does he rank all-time?

The 2012-13 college basketball season hasn’t been kind to Virginia Tech fans. It began last winter when Jim Weaver, the Hokies’ athletics director, gave then-coach Seth Greenberg a vote of confidence and then pulled the rug out from under him a few weeks later.

One player transferred (Dorian Finney-Smith), and Montrezl Harrell, a highly-touted incoming freshman, asked to be released. That left Tech with just eight scholarship players coming into this season.

Most fans, however, believed that the Hokies could have a respectable season so long as they stayed healthy. And with the exception of freshman Marshall Wood missing seven games, Tech has, for the most part, avoided the injury bug that had plagued them over the last few seasons. Unfortunately, staying healthy hasn’t been enough. This team just can’t seem to get it together.

After starting the season a surprising 7-0, the team is just 4-13 since, including a current seven-game losing streak. One player was benched for an entire game for lack of effort during practice; another missed almost an entire half after an on-court temper tantrum that nearly injured his teammate; and that same player, who has been playing poorly, was replaced in the starting lineup by a walk-on. Yeah, it’s been that bad.

Enter the Winchester Rifleman, Erick Green

The only bright spot for Hokie hoops fans this season is senior guard Erick Green, who is still the nation’s leading scorer. With hopes of a winning season and post-season appearance all but gone, Virginia Tech fans have thrown their support behind the senior guard from Winchester, who is having one of the best seasons by a Hokie in recent memory.

Of VT’s 24 games this season, Green has led the team in scoring 23 times. He averages 25.2 points per game, tops in the country and seven points better than the ACC’s second-leading scorer, Mason Plumlee of duke, who averages 18.2 ppg.

If Green continues on his current scoring pace, he will become the first Hokie to average more than 25 ppg since Bimbo Coles did so during the 1989-90 season. Coles averaged 25.3 ppg that year, a tenth of a point ahead of where Green stands now.

And unless Green just completely falls off the map (he could go scoreless for the rest of the season and still be above 18 ppg), he’ll end the season as just the third tech player to average better than 20 ppg in the last 23 years. Bryant Matthews averaged 22.1 ppg during the 2003-04 season and Malcolm Delaney averaged 20.2 ppg during the 2009-10 season.

What’s even more incredible is the percentage of points Green scores for his team. Take a look below and you’ll see the leading scorer for each ACC team, their total points (through Feb. 12), and their team’s total points, followed by the percentage. The teams appear in order of the current ACC standings:

Team Player Player Points/Team Total % of Points
miami Kenny Kadji 298/1549 19%
duke Mason Plumlee 419/1799 23%
uva Joe Harris 391/1543 25%
unc James Michael McAdoo 342/1801 19%
ncst C.J. Leslie 374/1871 20%
fsu Michael Snaer 305/1546 19%
md Alex Len 299/1714 17%
clemson Devin Booker 283/1450 19%
wake Travis McKie 335/1557 21%
gt Marcus Georges-Hunt 228/1429 16%
bc Ryan Anderson 354/1545 23%
VT Erick Green 604/1700 35%

Green is the ACC’s leading scorer by nearly 200 points. He scores more than 35 percent (35.5 to be precise) of his team’s points; 10 percent more than the next highest percentage in the league – uva’s Joe Harris, who contributes 25 percent. That stat speaks volumes about the lack of support from Green’s teammates.

Now, one could argue that Green scores more points because he shoots the ball more. That’s a valid argument, on the surface. Take a look at the shooting percentages for each team’s leader in attempted shots.

Team Player FGA/Team Total % of FGA
miami Kenny Kadji 223/1215 18%
duke *Seth Curry 265/1335 20%
uva Joe Harris 267/1223 20%
unc James Michael McAdoo 295/1532 19%
ncst C.J. Leslie 248/1374 18%
fsu Michael Snaer 230/1202 19%
maryland Alex Len 213/1344 16%
clemson Devin Booker 208/1220 17%
wake Travis McKie 238/1242 19%
gt Marcus Georges-Hunt 197/1196 15%
bc Ryan Anderson 273/1196 23%
VT Erick Green 414/1407 30%

*Seth Curry is the only player in the league to lead his team in shot attempts, but not in points.

But if you dig a little deeper than just the season stats, you’ll find that Green attempts, and scores on, a higher percentage of shots only when the rest of the team is struggling, which has been for a couple of months now.

In the Hokies’ first seven games, all wins, the team shot 48 percent from the field. In the last seven losses, that number is down to just 37 percent.

During the seven-game winning streak to start the season, Green attempted just 23 percent of the team’s field goals (95/404):

FGA in first seven wins
58 – 11 (19%)
57 – 15 (26%)
68 – 13 (19%)
53 – 15 (28%)
52 – 16 (30%)
61 – 15 (24%)
55 – 10 (18%)

During the team’s current seven-game losing streak, the percentage of shots by Green has increased to 34 percent (136/397):

FGA in last seven losses
43 – 18 (42%)
60 – 17 (28%)
53 – 20 (38%)
62 – 21 (34%)
65 – 23 (35%)
62 – 20 (32%)
52 – 17 (32%)

What about made field goals? Well, we’re glad you asked. During the first seven wins, Green made 25 percent of tech’s field goals (49/195). During the last seven consecutive losses, Green has made more than 40 percent of the team’s field goals.

Green’s not a ball hog by any stretch of the imagination. This kid WANTS to get his teammates involved, but they’re just not hitting shots. The team attempted 404 shots in their first seven wins and 397 in their last seven losses, so they’re still not afraid to shoot, but Green’s the only one hitting anything on a consistent basis. And he’s doing it while being double-teamed.

Say what you want about opposing teams giving Green space and letting him have his points, but from what I’ve been seeing, they’re not doing that at all. They’re guarding him using every combination they can think of and he’s still getting his shots off and keeping his team in the games.

What does it all mean, Basil?

If you are on Twitter and follow tech hoops, you’ve probably seen the comments arguing that Green deserves to have his jersey retired and his banner hung from the rafters of the Cassell.

Look, Green is having a heck of a senior season, especially under the circumstances, but before we start making room next to Ace Custis in the rafters, let’s take a step back and see where Green ranks among some of the greatest of all time at VT.

Green’s career isn’t done yet, so we have to do some predicting (not Niemo, he sucks at making predictions). The Hokies have seven regular season games left and at least one (and probably only one) ACC tournament game. So let’s assume Green has eight games left in his career. If he continues on his current statistical pace, here’s where he’ll likely finish in the record books:

Points Scored in a Season:
1. Erick Green (2012-13) – 810
2. Bimbo Coles (1989-90) – 785
3. Dell Curry (1985-86) – 722
4. Bimbo Coles (1988-89) – 717
5. Bimbo Coles (1987-88) – 702

Points Scored in a Career:
1. Bimbo Coles, 2,484
2. Dell Curry, 2,389
3. Malcolm Delaney, 2,255
4. Dale Solomon, 2,136
5. Perry Young, 1,899
6. A.D. Vassallo, 1,822
7. Allan Bristow, 1,804
8. Zabian Dowdell, 1,785
9. Bob Ayersman, 1,782
10. Erick Green, 1,750

Scoring Average in a Season:
1. Bimbo Coles (1988-89) – 26.6
2. Boby Ayersman (1958-58) – 26.5
3. Bimbo Coles (1989-90) – 25.3
4. Erick Green (2012-13) – 25.2

Free Throws Made in a Season:
1. Malcolm Delaney (2009-10) – 230
2. Malcolm Delaney (2008-09) – 225
3. Erick Green (2012-13) – 218

Free Throws Made in a Career:
8. Erick Green (2009-13) – 418

Free Throw Percentage in a Career:
T8. Erick Green (2009-13) .800

Assists in a Career:
8. Erick Green (2009-13) – 333

As great a season as Green is having, I’m not sure anyone can make a compelling case that he should have his jersey retired and a banner with his likeness hanging from the rafters with Ace Custis, Bimbo Coles, Dell Curry and Allan Bristow.

While Niemo is under a gag order not to make any predictions, naturally I wanted his thoughts on Green’s legacy at Tech.

As of today, I wouldn’t have Erick in my VT Top 10 and therefore wouldn’t retire his jersey. While he is having one of the five greatest seasons in Tech history, I don’t think his body of work is top 10-esque just yet. He may reach the top 10 in scoring and definitely will reach it in assists, but there are a lot of guys ahead of him that were very productive for four years, not just two and a half.

While I’m with Niemo on this, I played devil’s advocate and suggested that Green’s extraordinary senior season is made even more impressive given the fact that he’s doing more with less. Niemo countered:

Also, I don’t like the argument of “he’s doing more with less.” I actually think that lessens his scoring in my eyes. The numbers guys like Zabian [Dowdell], Malcolm [Delaney], and Dell [Curry] put up with a better supporting cast impress me more. If Erick could score 25 per game on a team that won and had other guys that could score consistently, I’d be more impressed. Still, his 50 percent shooting percentage this year is remarkable for a guard, and by the end of the season my opinion may very well change, but I would not have him in my top 10 and would not retire his jersey at this point.

The TechHoops staff have spoken. We love Erick Green and have enjoyed watching him play the last four years. He has done everything he’s been asked to do and has represented the team and the university with honor.

We’re not taking anything away from Green, but when you think about some of the great players that have come before him that have had more productive careers and DON’T have their jerseys retired, I think even the Winchester Rifleman would agree that while he’s had a fabulous career, he’s not in same category as those four legends.

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Updates on Jeff Allen and Terrell Bell

After our brief update about Malcolm Delaney and his French Pro A League team, Elan Chalon, winning the first leg of the LNB season, we got a question asking about Jeff Allen.

Allen also plays in the LNB (Ligue Nationale de Basket), but in the Pro B division, which as I understand it, is a step down from the Pro A division where Malcolm plays. Allen starts for Olympique Antibes, which is 8-13 so far this season. He averages 15.1 points and 9.2 rebounds per game.

As for Terrell Bell, he began the season playing in Finland for KTP Basket Kotka, but it appears he was cut after appearing in just 11 games. During those 11 games, he averaged 9.2 points and 6.5 rebounds per game. According to his Twitter account, he’s back in the states, but will be heading back to Europe in April.

We reached out to Terrell to see if he’s signed with a new team. You can follow Terrell (@TerrellBell) and Malcolm (@foe23) on Twitter. I couldn’t find Jeff Allen on Twitter, so if you know his, drop it in the comments section below.

Also, if you want to keep track of former Hokies playing overseas, check out EuroBasket.com.

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Congratulations to Malcolm Delaney and Elan Chalon, French League Champs!

The 2012 French League Champs

Malcolm Delaney helped his French league team to the 2012 title

In a rematch of last year’s French league championship game, Malcolm Delaney scored 12 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds to help Elan Chalon to the league’s title today, 73-66, over Gravelines-Dunkerque.

However, the French league’s season breaks down into four mini seasons, so today’s title game was just the first of four, so there is still work to be done for Delaney and Chalon.

Fellow American Blake Schilb, a third-year pro out of Monmouth, was named the championship MVP after scoring 13 points, grabbing 7 boards, and netting 5 assists, in the today’s win. Schilb is in his third season with Chalon.

Delaney, in his first year as a professional, is a starter for Chalon and is having a solid season so far averaging 15.1 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds a game. Three times this season, Delaney eclipsed the 20-point mark, including 32 in an 83-65 win over Poitiers.

Congratulations all the same to Malcolm and hopefully he’ll get a look from some NBA teams after such a solid season!

Highlights from the title game (commentary in French)
Highlights from the semifinal game (commentary in French)

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#4 Malcolm Delaney | 10 Greatest VT Players of All Time

This Friday we look back at one of the greatest careers in Hokie basketball history, a career that just ended.  The career of the B’more Bomber – Malcolm Delaney…

Past Entries:

#10 Bill Matthews

#9 Jeff Allen

#8 Zabian Dowdell (includes interview)

#7 Ace Custis (includes interview)

#6 Dale Solomon

#5 Chris Smith (includes interview)


Malcolm Delaney | 6’3″ | Guard | 2007-11


  • Points: 2255 (3rd)
  • Points Per Game: 16.6
  • Assists: 543 (2nd)
  • Steals: 175


  • First Team All-ACC: 2010-11
  • Honorable Mention AP All-American: 2010-11
  • Finished 2nd in scoring in ACC – 18.7 PPG: 2010-11
  • First Team All-ACC: 2009-10
  • Honorable Mention AP All-American: 2009-10
  • Fourth Team All-American – The Sporting News: 2009-10
  • Led ACC in scoring – 20.2: 2009-10
  • Third Team All-ACC: 2008-09
  • ACC Player of the Week – 3 times
  • 14th on the ACC’s all-time scoring list


M.D. usually means someone is a doctor.  In Malcolm Delaney’s case, he’d have a Doctorate of Scoring. Delaney was extremely dependable after the tail end of his freshman season through the end of his career. He scored in double figures in 93 of 101 games over his final three seasons, and in 45 of 48 ACC regular season games.  Malcolm led the ACC in scoring his junior year (20.2 PPG — second highest season average by a Hokie in the last 20 years) and was second in the ACC his senior year (18.7 PPG). Malcolm was 6th in the ACC in scoring his sophomore year at over 18 PPG.  Can you believe he was actually coming off the bench behind Hank Thorns the first half of his freshman year?  That seems ages ago now.

Malcolm finished third on VT’s all time scoring list with 2255 points.  And he averaged 19.0 PPG his final three seasons (16.6 overall).

The only weakness of his game was he wasn’t a great penetrator and didn’t have a soft runner like Zabian Dowdell did.  But Malcolm was very good at two things:

  • Getting to the line and making free throws
  • Knocking down three-pointers

Last week we looked at Chris Smith, whose career rebounding numbers will never be broken.  Well, I don’t believe Malcolm’s free throw records will ever be broken, either.  He finished with 721 made free throws — 128 ahead of second place all time (that’s a 22% increase over the previous high).  He posted the highest two single season totals for makes (230 was his high — 30 ahead of anyone other than him).  Delaney’s 84.5% is also a record, just barely edging out Phil Thieneman.  That record could be broken, but not the makes.

Yes, many of his free throws came from flops.  Malcolm deserved an Academy Award at times when he got bumped.  But referees got wise to that and stopped giving him those calls.  Yet he still managed to get to the line 213 times his senior year (more than six per game) and hit 85% of those attempts.  Malcolm adjusted his game.

Malcolm was just about Tech’s only 3-point threat his last two seasons and finished with 264 triples for his career, just three behind former teammate A.D. Vassallo for the most ever.  He struggled from deep his junior year, hitting just 31%, but shot 41% his senior year, marking the second time Malcolm drained more than 40% from downtown for a year.

OK, you cannot live by points alone.  What else did he do, you ask?  Well, not only was he scoring, he was dishing out the points, too.  Malcolm averaged 4.0 assists per game for his career and finished second all time on the VT assist list with 543, just four away from Bimbo Coles’s record of 547. Delaney produced two of the five highest season assist totals in Tech history.

Check out this stat: Malcolm’s junior year, he either scored or assisted on 969 of Tech’s 2370 points scored in the 33 games he played in.  That’s 41% of the points.  Yes, the offense went through him.

And while Malcolm certainly was not a great defensive stopper, he did manage to pilfer 175 steals in his career.   That’s just eight away from 10th place all time.  Keep in mind he was playing close to 40 minutes per game, so his legs had to be tired at times and you do have to conserve energy occasionally (ask Dell and Bimbo.. we’ll get to them later). So that helps to explain his man-defense struggles to a degree.

When it all comes down it, he’s in the top five for two reasons:

  • Delaney was First Team ACC twice, Third Team another year
  • He led the ACC in scoring for a year, second another  year

That’s a big deal, even in a so-called ‘watered down’ ACC.  Trust me, it wasn’t that weak.  Last I checked, the ACC won the National Title two of the four years Malcolm was at Tech.  They produced six ncaa tournament teams his junior year, the year he led the conference in scoring.  This year’s likely #1 pick (Kyrie Irving) is from the ACC.  The entire unc starting lineup is rated as First Round NBA Draft Picks for 2012.  So yes, there was still plenty of talent at the top, and Malcolm made the First Team twice, and Third Team as a sophomore.


Wow, this one is tough.  The problem is most of Malcolm’s huge games came in losses like unlv his senior year (he scored 30 points, including 7/9 from 3-point range).  The January ’09 game against clemson would have been an easy choice if VT had won.  Malcolm had 25 at the half, including a 3/4-court shot at the buzzer.  M.D. finished with 37 for the game, a career high. But VT choked up the lead in the second half and were defeated.  He also had 17 points and 10 assists against unc in the 2009 ACC Tournament, but again, VT lost (he actually had four great games against unc… all losses).

I’ll have a split decision here for his best game (both against georgia tech):

  • 2.13.11 – 33 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 steals against georgia tech at home in a 102-77 win.  Delaney hit 9/14 from the floor, 3/4 behind the arc, and 12/14 from the line.  He had 22 points with 7:41 to go in the first half before foul trouble forced him to sit.
  • 3.6.10 – 32 points, 9 assists, and a steal in a key 88-82 win at georgia tech to finish the regular season at 10-6 in the ACC (and make the NCAAs, we thought).  Malcolm was 7/15 from the floor, 4/7 from 3-point range, and 14/17 from the line.
  • Again, though, if we were picking a game win or lose, you’d have to go with that clemson game his sophomore year.  Malcolm was unconscious.


  • Overall: 87-50 (tied 1982-86 Hokies for the most wins ever in a 4-year span)
  • ACC Record (Regular Season): 35-29
  • Home Record: 53-15
  • ACC Home Record: 23-9
  • Finished in 4th place in the ACC (tied or outright) 3 of 4 years.
  • Made ACC Semi-Final Saturday twice.
  • Beat #1… twice (and came really close two other times).
  • Toughest Loss: #1 unc 68, VT 66 (3.15.08 – ACC Tournament Semi-Finals – knocked the Hokies out of the NCAA Tournament and cost them a chance at an ACC title)
  • Biggest Win: VT 64, #1 duke 60 (2.26.11)
  • Accomplishment: Tied the 1994-95 team for the school record for wins in a year with 25 in 2009-10

Yes, it is sad and disappointing that Malcolm and the guys never got the chance to play in the ncaa tournament.  They lived on the bubble three times, and went 0-for-3.  But I’ll say it – the Hokies of the Malcolm Delaney years were better than the Hokies of the Zabian Dowdell days.  Start your hate mail now.  Seriously, I mean it.  I think they had a better four year run (tied for most wins in four years in VT history and had a much better conference record), and I’d take the Hokies of this year IF everyone was healthy over the 2006-06 Hokies.  I simply think they were more talented.  The Dowdell teams probably played more like a team, and were definitely better on defense, but they couldn’t touch the offense of the Delaney teams.  The Dowdell team also never finished 4-12 in the ACC one year (I know, believe me, the tragedies).  The Delaney teams’ worst ACC year was 7-9, and finished 9-7 this year despite being down to basically five scholarship players by the end of the year, and without last year’s second leading scorer for all but one ACC game.

The Hokies of the Malcolm years were fun to watch and could play with anyone in the nation — proven by their two defeats of #1 and two more near misses.  We’ll all miss Malcolm and the other seniors from his class.


You have guys like Ace Custis that everyone loved.  You have guys like Zabian Dowdell that everyone roots for because of his hard work.  And then you have Malcolm.  He just never won over the entire fan base.  That was always a bit of an enigma for a star.  I think his intensity had a lot to do with it.  Malcolm was as fiery as anyone on the court.  Was it leadership, or was it cockiness?  Others accused him of selfishness, rarely passing on fast breaks.  Then how do you explain the fact he’s second on the assist list?  And some people didn’t like the flopping or whining at officials.  Yet Malcolm took more abuse on the court than anyone other than Allen Iverson, throwing his body around like a rag doll.  He often didn’t get the calls other “stars” did.  And when officials changed their calls for him, he changed his style of play.

Whether you loved him, or were lukewarm about him, he was special.  And Malcolm was the Roy Halladay of ACC basketball, often playing close to, if not all 40 minutes of games.  He left it all on the court every night. Here’s to you, Malcolm, the fourth best player in VT basketball history. And here’s hoping you have a speedy trip to the NBA.


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Niemo’s Notes | Delaney a Cousy ‘Quarterfinalist’; Boggs to valpo

Malcolm Delaney  has made the first cut for the Bob Cousy Award, which goes to the top point guard in the nation (even though he’s no longer playing the point).  This list was cut from 66 (I counted 67) to 20 (see ya, Hank Thorns).  Next month that will be trimmed to 10, then to 5 in March, with the winner named at the Final Four.

Nolan Smith of duke is the only other ACC player on the list, though the ACC has produced the winner three of seven years — Felton (unc), Lawson (unc), and Vasquez (maryland).  Kemba Walker of uconn has to be the favorite right now along with Jimmer Fredette of byu.

Ben Boggs has announced he’s transferring to valparaiso in Indiana.  valpo is best known as Bryce Drew U., for his game-winning shot of the 1998 NCAA Tournament.  valpo is in the Horizon League (butler).  For more on this, go to valpoHoops.com.

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Delaney Survives First Cut on Wooden List

Malcolm Delaney was named one of the top 30 midseason players in contention for the John Wooden Award, recognized as the top award in college basketball and going to the player of the year.  Delaney was one of the top 50 preseason candidates, and continues on with this update.  Delaney was the ACC’s leading scorer last year and currently holds that spot this year, though his average continues to drop since moving from the point to the 2-guard.

Delaney was also on the Bob Cousy Award list for the nation’s top point guard.  That list was supposed to be trimmed from 67 to 20 earlier this week, but I have not seen an update yet on the award’s web site trimming the list.

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Delaney Named ACC Player of the Week

Hokies vs. camels Malcolm Delaney’s bid for ACC Player of the Year is off to a good start.  He was named the Player of the Week for his efforts in the 76 Classic in Anaheim.  Delaney scored 63 points in the three games, including 30 in the final against unlv. Most impressively, Malcolm shot 55 percent from the field, including 7/9 on threes in the unlv game.  This is his third time being named Player of the Week in his career.

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Malcolm Delaney Declares for the NBA Draft

Niemo’s Notes added…

Virginia Tech junior guard Malcolm Delaney has declared for the NBA draft, but will not hire and agent according to a press release today. The ACC’s leading scorer and first team all-conference player, confirmed the news on his Twitter feed and that of Tech head coach Seth Greenberg.

We’ll have more on this development soon, but a tweet from Malcolm today announced:

“to all the hokie fans.. doesnt mean im gone… so dont panic. lol”

Niemo’s Notes:

  • First off, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. I know we’ve done them before but I couldn’t think of a good one last night, and then this came in so I’ll just skip it this year.
  • I wouldn’t get too worked up about this yet. I think the best comparison here is Greivis “Greasy Face” Vasquez of maryland from last year. He declared for the draft, worked out, and realized he wasn’t going to be a high pick (wasn’t even being sniffed in the first round). He came back and had a great year. I’d say Malcolm’s game is similar to where Vasquez was a year ago – good but streaky shooter, decent ballhandler, good FT shooter, weak defending on the ball, while Malcolm is a better leader and Greivis was a better finisher on the drive. If Delaney follows Greivis’s lead, he’ll be back.
  • Chad Ford of ESPN.com ranks Delaney 73rd of all the prospects this year. That wouldn’t even put Malcolm in the 2nd round (there are only two rounds) and he’s actually dropping – he was in the mid-60s a few weeks back.
  • Other sites like NBADraft.net don’t have him getting picked, and another site ranked him as just the 15th best PG. Rivals.com didn’t even have Malcolm on their underclassmen draft tracker.
  • Of course, if a lot of the higher ranked guys decide to stay in school, that could change things in terms of rankings, especially if PGs and SGs stay in school.
  • Malcolm has until May 8th to take his name off the list, so we could have to sweat this out for a month.
  • Point is, Malcolm would have to have a strong showing in camps and workouts just to make it into the 2nd round. Is that good enough for him? I can’t answer that. But I can say with a straight face, and without my O&M colored glasses on, that he would benefit from another year. He needs to show he can be a consistent shooter, continue to demonstrate he can distribute the ball well as he did later in the year to improve his teammates, and he’s going to have to show more on defense (that is the toughest one) in terms of defending other elite guards on the ball. That said, I think he will make it into the NBA, he has a lot of great intangibles, I just think he needs another year to develop. But, I’m not making the decision, so stay tuned.

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Delaney named to AP All-American Team

photo by Jon Fleming

Make room in the trophy case for Virginia Tech guard Malcolm Delaney. Today, he earned a spot on the 2010 Associated Press All-America honorable mention team. Delaney is now one of the most decorated basketball players to ever play for the Hokies.

The junior from Baltimore, Md., led the Atlantic Coast Conference in scoring average (20.2 ppg) in 2010 and was a unanimous selection to the All-ACC first team. Earlier this month, he also was named a fourth team All-American by Sporting News, and all-district team by the NABC and the USBWA.

Delaney led the Tech in scoring and assists this season and if he stays for his senior year, he would be within striking distance of Tech’s all-time scoring mark. This year, the Hokies finished 25-9, good enough to tie for third in the ACC and also tying the school record for wins in a season.

Delaney is the first Virginia Tech player to earn AP All-America honors since Zabian Dowdell was named an honorable mention in 2007. He is one of five ACC players named to the teams this season.

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Delaney, Hudson, Boggs Earn All-ACC Honors; Delaney Named ACC Player of the Week and 4th Team All-American

Update: Malcolm Delaney has picked up another honor – he was named to the Sporting News’ All-American 4th-team.  Vasquez was 1st-team, Scheyer was 2nd-team, and Singler 5th-team.

The ACC announced its all conference teams today and not surprisingly, Virginia Tech’s Malcolm Delaney was a unanimous first-team selection. Dorenzo Hudson, 11th in scoring in the ACC, earned third-team honors. 

Delaney led the ACC in scoring and scoring average. He was the only player in the conference to score more than 600 points this season. He was also the only league player to average more than 20 points a game. The junior from Baltimore is the first Hokie to ever earn unanimous first-team All ACC honors and only the second VT player to earn a spot on the first team along with Zabian Dowdell who did it three years ago.

Hudson was a surprise to almost everyone this season, but made his presence known when he blew up for 41 points in a win over Seton Hall. His 41 points in that game tied for the most by an ACC players this season – maryland’s Vasquez dropped a career-high 41 on the Hokies last month.

Malcolm Delaney was also named the ACC Player of the Week after averaging 26.5 ppg and 5.5 assists in Tech’s two wins.  Delaney was 13/27 from the field and 7/13 on three-pointers, plus 20/23 from the line.  It is the second time he’s won it in his career (first this season) and Malcolm is the third Hokie to win the honor along with Dorenzo Hudson and Jeff Allen.

Also, freshman guard Ben Boggs was named to the Atlantic Coast Conference All-Academic men’s basketball team, which is made up of 12 players.

First-team All-ACC
Greivis Vasquez, Maryland (159)
Jon Scheyer, Duke (159)
Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech (159)
Trevor Booker, Clemson (137)
Kyle Singler, Duke (134)

Second-team All-ACC
Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest (126)
Nolan Smith, Duke (104)
Sylven Landesberg, Virginia (95)
Tracy Smith, N.C. State (82)
Ishmael Smith, Wake Forest (76)

Third-team All-ACC
Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech (73)
Dorenzo Hudson, Virginia Tech (51)
Chris Singleton, Florida State (50)
Joe Trapani, Boston College (38)
Solomon Alabi, Florida State (30)

VT was one of just four teams to have two or more players on the All-ACC teams.  Duke had three, while wake and florida state also had two.  unc did not have a single player on the All-ACC teams, a first for the heels.  Tech did not have a player on the All-Rookie Team or the All-Defensive Team.  Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year will be announced Tuesday.  Expect Vasquez or Scheyer to get POY, Derrick Favors of gt to be the top rookie, Chris Singleton of fsu to be the top defender, and Gary Williams to get the coaching honor.

VT Honors and Championships Page

Other News: Joe Lunardi of ESPN.com has VT as a #10 seed in the East Region playing richmond, and Jerry Palm of CBSSports.com has VT as a #9 seed in the South playing oklahoma state.  Good to see the Hokies are firmly in for both bracketologists.

VT got votes in both polls but were still well outside the rankings.

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Malcolm Delaney Makes the List of 20 finalist for the Cousy Award

Earlier this season Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech’s star guard and the ACC’s leading scorer, was named to a watch list for the 2010 Bob Cousy Award. The original watch list had 72 names of the nation’s top point guards. Today, that list was narrowed down to 20 and Delaney made the cut.

The annual award, named for Hall of Famer and Boston Celtic great Bob Cousy, recognizes college basketball’s top point guard.

Delaney, a junior from Baltimore, Md., leads the ACC in scoring and was a pre-season All-ACC selection by the media. He is one of three ACC players among the 20 finalist. Greivis Vasquez (maryland) and Jon Scheyer (duke) are also on the list.

This list will be pared down to 10 by Feb. 1, and then the final five names will be announced by March 1. The winner of the 2010 Bob Cousy Award will be announced on Monday, April 5, in Indianapolis, during the NCAA Final Four weekend.

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Malcolm Delaney Scores 1,000th Point

Malcolm Delaney became the 40th player in Virginia Tech basketball history to score 1,000 points.  He hit a three-pointer with six minutes left in the second half against campbell to give him 1,001 points in his career.

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Malcolm Delaney Suffers Left Ankle Injury but Keeps Playing

Malcolm Delaney rolled his left ankle while scoring on a driving layup with 12:10 left in the first half of the unc greensboro game.  Delaney hobbled up the floor, but after unc-g scored, Seth called a timeout and Delaney went down in front of the VT bench grabbing his ankle. 

They wrapped his ankle on the bench and he re-entered the game a few minutes later.  He played the final nine minutes of the first half.  Good news!  Looked bad at first.

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Video from Late Night with the Hokies | 10.16.09

Remember midnight madness? Man, that used to be so much fun. Yeah, well, they don’t do that any more. Now it’s called “Late Night with the Hokies.” It’s kinda lame sounding, but for die hard Tech Hoops fans, it’s the fix we need until the season starts on Nov. 15.

The format last night was disorganized to say the least. To be honest, the most entertaining part of the evening was watching the Virginia Tech women’s volleyball team stomp Georgia Tech, 3-0. Hopefully it was sign of things to come tonight at 6 p.m.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams were introduced one at a time as they ran out of the tunnel through the smoke machine. Women’s coach Beth Dunkenberg and men’s coach Seth Greenberg addressed the crowd. (Seth’s speech is included in the video below.) The women had a dance routine, which was mildly entertaining, followed by the men’s performance, which was kinda funny too. The freshmen men and women paired up for a Dancing with the Stars contest, which Ben Boggs and his partner won. There were some fan contests mixed in, too.

There was no game. No practice. There was a three-point contest between two women’s players and two men’s players (Malcolm Delaney beat Dorenzo Hudson easily, 30-19). The dunk contest was interesting — they lowered one hoop to five feet so some little kids could dunk. The kids would do a dunk and then the men’s team would have to duplicate it at the other end on the regulation net. The kids won 4-2.

They played some two ball and by that time it was after 10 p.m., and people started leaving because, well, it was getting late and the night was dragging on. It was supposed to end at 10. All that being said, most people seemed to have a good time and the players, to their credit, embraced the silliness of the whole thing and made the most of it. And as a dad with a son who loves Virginia Tech basketball, it was nice to be able to go this family friendly version of midnight madness.

Late Night with the Virginia Tech Hokies from Gary Cope on Vimeo.

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Around the World (Wide Web) | Hokies’ Delaney Drawing Raves

This is a good article on Malcolm Delaney in the Washington Post.

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