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Trevor Thompson ESBC All-Star Game Recap and Pictures

Trevor and Niemo (I'm 6'1")

Trevor and Niemo (I’m 6’1″)

Virginia Tech Class of 2013 signee Trevor Thompson participated in the 2013 Elite Showcase Basketball Classic on Sunday, March 24th at trinity university in Washington, DC.  Donte Clark was also supposed to participate in the game but was a no-show (I asked Trevor after the game and he had no idea why Clark wasn’t there).

Trevor had the best first half of anyone in the game.  He had 13 points on 6/10 shooting, 1/2 free throws, 6 rebounds, and one block.  Both the points and rebounds were the most of anyone in the game at the break.  He was much quieter in the second half, though, with just 2 points on 1/3 FGs, 1 steal and 1 assist.  He finished the game with 15 points on 7/13 FGs, 1/2 FTs, 7 rebounds, and 1 steal, block, and assist.  His 7 FGs included 3 dunks, 2 putbacks, a turnaround bank shot from 6-8 feet, and a 10-12 foot jumper.  He missed other 3 or 4 jumpshots including one that Dodd swatted right back in his face but he ended up getting a dunk out of it.

Thompson In-Game Dunk Part 1

Thompson In-Game Dunk Part 1

Thompson is listed as a center but I don’t feel he’s quite ready to be a big man in the low post just yet.  He needs to add some weight to his frame but is athletic.  I’d call him a stretch-4 at this point.  Not quite as tall as JvZ and with more weight already than Joey had last year, and more polished as a scorer.  Trevor isn’t afraid to face the basket from 12-18 feet away, but his jumper has a weird, clockwise-spin on it (as opposed to backspin) that he’ll need to fix as he progresses.

He didn’t show a lot of post moves, but this was an all-star game, they aren’t exactly feeding the post a lot.  He did show a short hook to his right and a turnaround jumper in the post.  Trevor didn’t show the tenacity on the glass we’ll need him to have, but again, this was an all-star game.  You don’t expect to see it but hopefully he has it.

Thompson In-Game Dunk Part 2

Thompson In-Game Dunk Part 2

My buddy Pete also noted he has bad posture a lot of the time on the court so he hides his height to a degree.  As you can see in the pictures of him and me, he towers over me (I’m 6’1″ – a real 6’1″).  So I’d put him at a legit 6’9″, or probably 6’10” or 6’11” in “basketball height”.  If he can add weight, he could be a force.

The all-star game featured no Top 150 recruits (since Clark wasn’t there).  It had mostly 2 and 3-star prospects who all would be playing at the next level, but mostly at low-to-mid-majors such as navy, holy cross, niagara, vmi, manhattan, and duquesne.  Some of the 3-stars will be going to providence, arizona, and kansas (Frank Mason, who VT really thought they were going to get).

Trevor and Dodd in the low post

Trevor and Dodd in the low post

One player of note was Damonte Dodd, a 6’9″ 230 lbs. center going to maryland.  I’d say Trevor was an inch or two taller, but Dodd was clearly more physical than Thompson, dunking on him once and swatting Trevor’s shots twice.  But Thompson was more athletic than Dodd and was able to beat him to the hoop a couple of times on nice feeds.  Trevor will have to beef up to compete with bigs that size though — and Dodd isn’t even in college yet.  Schools like pitt and syracuse and unc will have guys at least Dodd’s size that Trevor will have to bang with down low.  I would rate Dodd as the better player today because he’s more physically ready for the ACC, but Trevor may have more upside because he’s more versatile and active on offense (can step away from the hoop).

The most visually appealing player was Harold Givens.  He could literally jump out of the gym and put on a show in pregame dunks.  He is considering several SEC schools and miami, ga tech, and uva (boo).

Thompson Pre-Game Dunk Part 1

Thompson Pre-Game Dunk Part 1

Trevor’s team lost on a tip-in at the buzzer to cap an exciting ending to the game.  Approximately 120 people were there (I literally counted everyone there at one point).

Not pictured is all the chili and cheese I spilled on myself from the half-smoke I got there (it was embarrassing).




Thompson Pre-Game Dunk Part 2

Thompson Pre-Game Dunk Part 2









Monster Pre-Game Dunk

Monster Pre-Game Dunk


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Recruiting Update | Big Win for Big Ben

Ben dribbling against #1 DeSoto

Ben dribbling against #1 DeSoto

Updates on the 2013 VT Recruiting Signees:Ben Emelogu and his South Grand Prairie Warriors knocked off the #1 ranked team in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – DeSoto.  South Grand Prairie was #2 going into that game, and had lost twice previously to DeSoto, but proved the third time was the charm.  Ben had 15 points in the 47-45 win and followed that up with 23 points in a 55-52 victory over Cedar Hill to make the Warriors 29-2.  Ben is averaging 13.5 ppg to lead the team.  He also averages 4.3 rebounds and 2.3 assists and hits 1.5 three-pointers per game.

In other news, 4-star Donte Clark has averaged 15 points in three recent games for the 27-5 Hargrave Post-Grad hoops squad.  Hargrave recently beat St. John’s NW Military Academy (the team center Trevor Thompson, another VT signee, is on).  Donte had 18 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists in that 90-86 win.

The Basha Bears continue to take it on the chin, but big man Maurice Kirby has played better of late, scoring 24 points and grabbing 16 rebounds in a recent win.  He’s averaging 16 ppg, 11.4 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 1.6 blocks for the 9-17 Basha squad.

For more news on the 2013 Class, check out the 2013 RECRUITING CLASS PAGE.

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Recruiting | Class of 2013 Update

Maurice Kirby

Maurice Kirby

Since the Hokies are in their ‘bye’ (they don’t play this week until Saturday), it is the perfect time to give you some updates on the four members of the Virginia Tech Class of 2013.

For full information on the class, check out our CLASS OF 2013 RECRUITING PAGE.

Here are some items of note…

  • Donte Clark has been MIA from the Hargrave recaps for the last month.  Not sure if he’s hurt or what.  There are two kids going to louisville and one to wake on the team.  Donte was averaging around 15 ppg early in the season, with a high of 22 points.  Hargrave Postgrad is 23-5 on the season.
  • Ben Emelogu – you want his stats?  TechHoops.com has his stats!  We have his point total from 20 of his 26 games.  He’s averaging 13.6 ppg, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game for the 24-2 South Grand Prairie squad.  He’s been their leading scorer 8 times, with a high of 26 points on the season.  Ben’s made 38 3-pointers.
  • Maurice Kirby – you want ALL of his stats?  TechHoops.com has all of his stats!  I have his points, rebounds, blocks, and assists from 16 of his games.  Basha is really struggling, though, with a record of 7-12.  Kirby got off to a hot start but has just 8 points on 4/23 shooting in his last two games.  But he is averaging 15.9 ppg, 10.6 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 1.8 blocks per game (he leads the team in every category).  Kirby had 22 points, 19 rebounds, 5 blocks, and 4 assists in a game back in November.  He’s had 20+ points and 17+ rebounds three times this season, and had 12/16 in another game.
  • Trevor Thompson – couldn’t find stats for him and his St. John’s NW Military Academy Postgrad team.  I’ll keep looking, and if I find anything, you know I’ll let you know.
Emelogu is on the left.

Emelogu is on the left.

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