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The uva Game Breakdown | Comfortably Numb

That title doesn’t mean I’ve been teetotaling (haven’t had a drop). It means I’m pretty much immune of emotions at this point. No more swearing as I watch games, no more temper tantrums towards couch cushions, no more scaring the dog into hiding under the bed (accidentally, that is, she seems to recognize the ‘f’ word and instantly has a panic attack).

Anyway, let’s break down this game…


  • That’s two games in a row Tech has gotten a layup off an inbounds pass under the basket where if the defender has his back to the ball, the inbounder just throws it over his head and the Hokie leaps, grabs it, and puts it in on a one-touch. Green missed it against gt, but Brown converted it today. Kudos to JJ for this play.
  • Marshall Wood looked the best I’ve seen him look offensively all year. He came in shooting under 30 percent from the field and under 20 percent from deep, but hit 3/5 shots including 2/4 from behind the arc, and had confidence plus was aggressive with his shot. With Eddie really struggling, we need someone else to step up and produce, especially from deep which can stretch defenses out and give Raines more room to operate inside.
  • Wood’s 8 points were his highest total since miss valley state back in early December, and he had scored just 5 total points in his 6 games played since his return from injury (2/8 FGs and 1/4 3s). He’s now hit 3/5 three-pointers in his last two games. Maybe he can take the pressure off the other shooters and let them relax.
  • Wood also chipped in 5 rebounds.
  • VT had just 9 turnovers. You can live with that, especially against a team that plays such good defense and had a +1.8 turnover margin coming in (#3 in the ACC). However, uva had just 6 turnovers. That’s how they win – 3s and protecting the ball. It’s all about offensive efficiency, not tempo or how much you shoot the ball.
  • Rebounding: Raines had an eye-popping 7 offensive rebounds and VT had 11 as a team to just 6 for uva. Tech held uva to just a 21 percent offensive rebounding percentage which is an awesome effort by the Hokies.


  • Joe Harris had a career high 26 points on 5/7 shooting behind the arc. Keep in mind he had 17 on 4/6 3-point shooting in the first game. Maybe we should have guarded him? Guys (Brown at first, then Barksdale, then Rankin) were slow curling around screens, giving him plenty of room to get his shot off, and allowing him to go 3/3 from deep in the first 4 minutes and 5/5 in the first half. A couple of times defenders slipped (Barksdale then Rankin) but a good defense always has an eye on the opponent’s best shooter and helps out when needed. Joe now has 15 made 3s against VT in 3 years. Maybe we’ll learn to guard him next year. Maybe VT’s strategy was to tire him out by giving him so many open shots — he missed both his second half 3s and uva went from 50 percent from the field in the first half to 38 percent in the second.
  • Speaking of which, Tech’s 3-point defense continues to be abysmal. Eleven ACC games played and 10 of Tech’s opponents have shot for a higher 3-point percentage than normal AND made more 3s than they normally make. unc is the only time a team has shot below in either case. uva came in shooting 40.2 percent from deep (No. 2 in the ACC) and making 6.3, and VT gave them 47.4 percent and 9 makes.
  • VT, which allowed uva to go on a 24-3 run at Tech with VT up 7 midway through the first half, gave up a 12-0 run tonight with the Hokies down just 1 point midway through the first half. Again, it was a big run in the latter part of the first half that put the game almost all but out of reach by the break.
  • Jarell Eddie had a -19 in 14 minutes of play tonight. Whatever message JJ was hoping to send, or fire he was hoping to light, as punishment for Eddie’s temper tantrum on the bench last Saturday didn’t work. Jarell looked lost out there when he finally got in after being benched the first 10 minutes. He immediately turned the ball over twice, including him passing up a wide open shot for the first time in his career (I mean that in a “we need him shooting that shot EVERY time but appears to have lost his confidence” way) and instead passing, which resulted in a turnover.
  • Jarell was just 1/5 from deep in the game (1/17 since the start of OT at unc) and is just 2/21 from the field in Tech’s last three games.
  • Robert Brown was just 1/5 from the field and 0/3 from deep. He’s shooting 24 percent on FGs in ACC play (24/100) and 14.7 percent from deep (5/34).
  • Erick Green’s shooting percentage dropped a full percentage point this game, down to 47.3 percent after going 4/17. His 3/8 from behind the arc did help him stay at 45 percent shooting from deep in ACC play, 4th best in the league. Green’s shots weren’t that bad in the first half, when he was 0/8, but he just didn’t seem to have confidence in them for whatever reason. And Tech has no prayer of winning when he’s held to 1-point in the first half and shoots under 25 percent.
  • Tech only had 6 FTs not by Erick Green and they missed them all. That’s not being aggressive enough (don’t blame the refs – fouls were 15-13 in favor of uva and FTs were 23-19 in favor of the hoos). But uva made 20/23, VT just 11/19.
  • While just 9 turnovers is great, VT also had just 7 assists (uva had 14 assists to 6 turnovers… again, that’s why they win). In Tech’s 11 ACC games, they’ve had a negative assist-to-turnover ratio in 8 games, even once, and positive twice (one of the wins was in this latter category). Conversely, Tech’s opponents have had a positive ratio in 9 ACC games vs VT, even once, and negative just once (and that was just a one turnover difference). That pretty much sums up why VT is 2-9.
  • VT has lost three in a row to the hoos and five of six. Not uva vs VT in football bad (we’ve had the Commonwealth Cup for 3,000 consecutive days), but it is starting to sting a bit.

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Game Plus/Minus – uva 73, VT 55

Hey, the walk-ons all did well tonight!  The guys at the end of the bench all had a +4 thanks to Marcus Patrick’s first two made field goals of his career, and Johnston had a -10 in 28 minutes which ain’t half bad.  van Zegeren also had a ‘0’ in 14 minutes of play, so he did a solid job when he was in there.

On the flip side, Eddie had a -19 in 14 minutes of play, Wood a -15 in 22, and Raines a -18 in 26.

  uva@VT @uva Season Wins Losses ACC Avg +/-
Player +/- +/- +/- 11 13 10 Per Game
Barksdale -9 -7 55 7.4 -2.2 0.4 2.4
Brown -11 -13 12 11.5 -9.5 -8.6 0.5
Patrick DNP 4 -1 -1.5 1.3 2.0 -0.1
Green -16 -21 -4 14.5 -12.5 -8.9 -0.2
Donlon DNP 4 -3 -4.0 1.7 4.0 -0.6
Eddie -4 -19 -18 10.3 -10.1 -7.4 -0.8
Wood -8 -15 -20 5.8 -7.3 -9.0 -1.2
Raines -3 -18 -37 6.8 -8.6 -5.5 -1.5
van Zegeren -13 0 -45 4.0 -6.8 -6.7 -1.9
Johnston -5 -10 -38 0.1 -3.5 -3.5 -1.9
Racer DNP 4 -16 -9.5 0.8 1.0 -2.0
Beyer 0 4 -43 1.3 -10.9 -1.0 -2.9
Rankin -11 -3 -103 1.3 -9.6 -5.9 -4.7
TEAM -16 -18 -53 11.5 -13.8 -10.5 -2.2

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Opponent Hall of Fame | uva – Joe Harris

After each loss we’ll induct a new player (from the opponent) into the TechHoops.com Opponent Hall of Fame after Tech makes them look like the greatest player in the world.

It was an easy decision tonight for anyone that watched the game, especially the first 25 minutes – Hokie-killer Joe Harris:

  • Career high 26 points
  • 9 points in the first 4 minutes (all 3-pointers)
  • 22 points in the first 25 minutes
  • 5 made 3-pointers (season high) on just 7 attempts
  • 7 made FTs (season high) on 7 attempts
  • In the 2 games this season, Harris scored 43 points on 13/21 FGs (62%) and 9/13 threes (69%!!!!)

The good news is trending shows that Joe Harris will stink against the Hokies next year.  Look at his 3-point % vs VT over his career (by year):

  • Freshman: 6/10
  • Sophomore: 0/6
  • Junior: 9/13

Past entries:

  • unc: Marcus Paige – Career high 19 points (previous high 15, previous ACC high was 10); Career high 4 made 3-pointers (previous high was 3, previous ACC high was 2); Tied career high with 5 rebounds; Made 4 of unc’s 5 three-pointers; Had just 20 made 3s on the season coming in and was under 30% as a 3-point shooter
  • miami: Shane Larkin (son of MLB Hall of Famer Barry Larkin) – ACC career high 25 points (previous ACC high was 18); Career high 5 three-pointers (on 10 attempts, no less); Career high 2 blocks; 3 steals; and 8/15 on 3-pointers in 2 career games vs VT, 39 points (19.5 ppg vs VT, 10 ppg vs everyone else)
  • clemson: K.J. McDaniels – Tied his career high with 17 points. 5/7 from 3-point range (came into the game shooting 31% from behind the arc, averaging 1.1 makes per game, and had made more than two 3-pointers in a game just once in his career with a previous high of 4)
  • uva (First Meeting): Evan Nolte – Career high 18 points (previous high was 15 points and he hadn’t reached double digits in an ACC game before tonight).  5/9 on 3-pointers (hadn’t made more than 3 in a game before tonight but was 42% from behind the arc coming in)
  • bc: Lonnie Jackson.  He was 23/74 (31% from behind the arc before tonight, but went 5/8 tonight (63% – doubling his %).  He finished with 22 points, 8 more than his previous season high of 14.
  • maryland: Jake Layman – 18 points in the 1st half on 6/7 FGs and 4/5 3-Pointers (he came in shooting 17% from behind the arc – 5/29).  20 points for the game, doubling his previous career high.  He averaged 3.2 ppg before this game.
  • byu: Tyler Haws – 42 points on 14/25 shooting (6/8 from 3-point range).  Averages less than half that per game – 20.9 ppg.  Has made more than 2 three-pointers in just 2 other games.
  • csu: Dorian Green – 18 points on 5/6 from 3-point range.  Green was a 30% 3-point shooter coming into the game, but found his stroke against the Hokies, going 5/6 from deep and is now a 37% 3-point shooter on the season.
  • wvu: Kevin Noreen – averaging 2.5 ppg as of 1/8/13, had 14 points on 6/10 shooting and 2/3 on 3-Pointers. He also had 12 rebounds (he has just 41 total rebounds on the season after 12 games played).  FYI: these are his only 3 three-point attempts all season, and he only has 1 other in his previous 2 seasons.

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Game Recap | uva (8-3, 18-6) 73, Hokies (2-9, 11-13) 55

Well, that was about what we expected. One of those days turned into one of those weeks that has turned into one of those seasons. And one of those seasons continued Tuesday with another one of those nights.

The surging cavaliers walloped the hapless Hokies 73-55 at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, handing tech its seventh straight loss.

Erick Green scored just one point in the first half, but scored 21 points of Tech’s 32 points in the second. Green’s 22 points led the team, but he was just 4/17 from the field. No other Hokie scored in double figures.

Meanwhile, Joe Harris scored a career-high 26 points tonight to lead the cavs. The 18-point margin of victory is the biggest in favor of the hoos in the series since 1991 when the Hokies lost to No. 18 ranked virginia, 86-61, in Richmond.

Statistically, this game was a virtual dead heat, save for one very important category: field goal percentage. The hoos shot 46 percent to just 34 percent for Virginia Tech. Both teams grabbed 33 rebounds, both teams attempted about the same amount of shots (VT – 52, uva – 50), and about the same number of free throw attempts (VT – 19, uva – 23). The only real difference is that uva made more shots.

virginia shot nearly 50 percent from three-point range, hitting 9 of 19 shots. Sound familiar? The Hokies jacked up 25 threes, but made only eight. They also hit just 18 of 52 shots. uva hit 22 of 50.

Make no mistake, this wasn’t an off-night for the Hokies and they didn’t get jobbed by the refs. They got beat by a better team. uva’s defense is really good and they smothered the Hokies all night. The cavs held Green to just one point in the first half.

The win was the 14th straight for the wahoos at home.

Also, there will be no game lights. Not that you’d watch them. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a post-game interview with a Mr. Wild Turkey.

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Preview | VT (2-8) @ uva (7-3) | Tuesday at 7 PM on ESPNU

Spread: uva by 14 (ouch).

Sure the Hokies have lost six straight ACC games for the first time ever, but let’s not give up on Tuesday night just yet.  It is a rivalry game so you can throw out the records!  Or as they say south of the border, expulsar a los tocadiscos!  After not winning in ch’ville between 1968 and 2008 (although the two teams didn’t play on campus for 24 of those years… thank you, uva), a streak of nine straight losses, Tech has won 3 of 5 in wahoo land since, including a 47-45 victory there last year.  Let’s just hope Erick Green is fully recovered from the bout with dehydration he suffered on Saturday, though I am sure his minutes will be down since this is Tech’s third game in six days (Green leads the ACC averaging 38.2 minutes per conference game, two minutes more than #2).

This is the second meeting of the season between these two rivals, and it is very much a ‘then and now’ situation.

  • Then: VT and uva were both 2-2 in league play, with the Hokes on a 2-game win streak
  • Now: VT has lost 6 straight and are tied for last in the ACC with bc while uva won 5 of 6 and are alone in 3rd place in the ACC

In this case, stats don’t lie.  If you look at the numbers below, it is pretty easy to see why uva is 3rd in the ACC and VT is last.  While uva is 10th in the ACC in PPG, that is because of their molasses-like pace.  They are 340th in the nation out of 347 teams in terms of tempo.  But they are very efficient as an offense — they are #2 in the ACC in FG%, #1 in 3-Point% and #5 in terms of offensive efficiency.  They also are #2 in turnover margin at +2.5 per game.  Tech, meanwhile, is 11th in the ACC in FG% and 3-Point% and 10th in Turnover Margin at -1.4.

Defense is another matter — uva is #11 in the nation in defensive efficiency (3rd in the ACC – miami and georgia tech are in the top 10) and #1 in PPG allowed.  Tech is last in the ACC in PPG allowed and 232nd nationally in defensive efficiency.  Numbers like that all add up to 2-8 versus 7-3.

Here are all the articles from the first meeting.  uva won that behind a career high 18 points from freshman twig Evan Nolte, including 5/9 from behind the arc.  This game included a 24-2 run by uva which included 6/7 on 3-pointers from the hoos (it was raining 3s and curse words as I watched) and 5 VT turnovers.  That run turned a 17-10 Hokie lead with 9:30 to go in the first half into a 34-19 deficit with 2 minutes left in the first half and was pretty much all she wrote — Tech trailed by double digits the final 19:12 of the game.  Erick Green had a career high 35 points for Tech (of their 58 points) and 9 rebounds.



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Wild Turkey Breakdown

If you told me before the game we’d shoot 44% and score 58 points, I’d have a very good feeling about this game.  After all, uva hadn’t scored more than 61 in an ACC game to date.

If you told me we’d hold them to 5 offensive rebounds, I’d have a very good feeling about this game.

If you told me uva would hit 8/14 three-pointers in the first half, and of them would be by Joe Harris (the ACC’s #2 three-point shooter), I’d have dropped an eff bomb (and I did).

If you told me uva would go on a 24-2 run, including 6/7 three-pointers and 5 VT turnovers, I’d have dropped a ‘You’ve gotta eff’n be kidding me!’, and I did (and they did).

If you told me we’d have an assist-to-turnover ratio of 0.4 (6 assists and 14 turnovers) while uva had a 3.5-to-1 ratio (21 assists and 6 TOs), I’d be drinking Wild Turkey (and I am).

If before the wvu game you told me Robert Brown would only make 4 of his next 38 three-pointers (10.5%), including 1 of his last 25 (4%), I’d have said we probably go 4-7 over that span (and we have).

If you told me before the mississississississippi valley state game that Robert Brown would go 17/82 from the field over those 9 games that he played (20.7%), I’d have said we need to get him the Ricky Vaughn glasses from Major League.

If you had told me with 4 minutes left in this game, Marquis Rankin would have 6 points, and other than Erick Green, no other Hokie would have more than 4 points, I’d have guessed we’d have 25 total points (luckily Green had 29 at that point and we had 47 total).

If 3 years ago you had told me we’d lose 3 in a row at HOME to uva, I’d have probably started purchasing a lot of Wild Turkey… well, we know how that one ends.  This loss is more embarrassing to me than the bc loss at home (they are 0-4 in the ACC except their win against us).  This is more embarrassing to me than the loss at home to georgia southern (who is 2-5 in the Southern Conference and 8-12 overall).  Why?  Three straight losses at home to your rival is inexcusable (now we know how uva football feels although they’ve lost 4 straight at home to us).  Trailing by double digits at home for the final 19 MINUTES of the game is inexcusable.

I’m sorry, I realize I’ve been too negative since the georgia southern game.  But this pisses me off.  We stink.  We flat out stink.  The wins over georgia tech and wake were fairly lucky (we never led in the 2nd half against the jackets and had trailed until we tied it with 24 seconds left… and they are 0-5 in the ACC!).  This is embarrassing to watch and really pains me as a passionate fan.  I said to vt1fan over the weekend I’d take 6-12 in the ACC if someone offered it to me then (and that was before this game).  I’d definitely take it now.

Time for me to step away from the computer and go to bed… after some final Turkey.


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Opponent Hall of Fame | uva

After each loss we’ll induct a new player (from the opponent) into the TechHoops.com Hall of Fame after Tech makes them look like the greatest player in the world.

Today’s inductee is uva freshman Evan Nolte.

  • Career high 18 points (previous high was 15 points and he hadn’t reached double digits in an ACC game before tonight)
  • 5/9 on 3-pointers (hadn’t made more than 3 in a game before tonight but was 42% from behind the arc coming in… maybe we should have guarded him?)

Past entries:

  • bc: Lonnie Jackson.  He was 23/74 (31% from behind the arc before tonight, but went 5/8 tonight (63% – doubling his %).  He finished with 22 points, 8 more than his previous season high of 14.
  • maryland: Jake Layman – 18 points in the 1st half on 6/7 FGs and 4/5 3-Pointers (he came in shooting 17% from behind the arc – 5/29).  20 points for the game, doubling his previous career high.  He averaged 3.2 ppg before this game.
  • byu: Tyler Haws – 42 points on 14/25 shooting (6/8 from 3-point range).  Averages less than half that per game – 20.9 ppg.  Has made more than 2 three-pointers in just 2 other games.
  • csu: Dorian Green – 18 points on 5/6 from 3-point range.  Green was a 30% 3-point shooter coming into the game, but found his stroke against the Hokies, going 5/6 from deep and is now a 37% 3-point shooter on the season.
  • wvu: Kevin Noreen – averaging 2.5 ppg as of 1/8/13, had 14 points on 6/10 shooting and 2/3 on 3-Pointers. He also had 12 rebounds (he has just 41 total rebounds on the season after 12 games played).  FYI: these are his only 3 three-point attempts all season, and he only has 1 other in his previous 2 seasons.

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Game Lights | uva 74, VT 58

Here are the ‘lights from the game Thursday, Tech’s third straight loss at the Cassell to the hoos.

Positives: Erick Green had a career high 35 points and 9 rebounds.


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Game Plus/Minus | uva 74, VT 58

Here’s the numbers.  Do your own analysis.  Mine says ‘everybody stunk’.

gt wake uva Season Wins Losses Avg +/-
Player +/- +/- +/- +/- 11 7 Per Game
Brown 1 -4 -11 54 11.5 -12.0 3.2
Wood DNP DNP -8 35 5.8 -3.7 3.2
Green 6 5 -16 49 14.5 -15.7 2.7
Barksdale 8 -3 -9 39 7.4 -7.0 2.3
Eddie 5 5 -4 40 10.3 -10.4 2.2
Raines 7 3 -3 12 6.8 -9.0 0.7
van Zegeren -2 5 -13 -13 4.0 -8.1 -0.7
Patrick DNP DNP DNP -5 -1.5 0.5 -0.8
Donlon DNP DNP DNP -7 -4.0 0.5 -1.8
Johnston -1 -3 -5 -34 0.1 -5.8 -2.1
Racer DNP DNP DNP -18 -9.5 0.5 -3.0
Rankin 3 0 -11 -58 1.3 -10.0 -3.6
Beyer -2 -1 0 -50 1.3 -12.0 -4.2
TEAM 5 1 -16 8 11.5 -14.6 0.4

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Game Recap | hoos (3-2) 74, Hokies (2-3) 58

“God. Just make it stop.” Five syllables that pretty much sum up the Hokies’ demoralizing 16-point home loss to the hoos.

This will probably be the shortest recap in the history of TechHoops.com. Here’s all you need to know. Erick Green scored a career-high 35 points. Doesn’t take a math major to figure out that the rest of the team only scored 23 points.

Green, the nation’s leading scorer, was the only Virginia Tech player to score more than 10 points. He also had a career-high nine rebounds.

The Hokies blew a 19-10 lead in the first half with about 11 minutes to play. They allowed uva to go on a 24-2 run, and that was pretty much the ball game. Tech never recovered and never really made it a game after that. All they did was keep from getting blown out like dook did at miami last night.

Jarell Eddie had 9 points, Rankin had 6, Raines had 4, Joey van Zegeren and C.J. Barksdale each had two. And that was it.

I think it’s safe to say that we can add uva’s Evan Nolte to our Opponents Hall of Fame as he scored a career-high 18 points.

Also, uva had a season-high 11 three-pointers. And its 74 points are the most the hoos have scred in ACC play this season.

Robert Brown was ice cold and a non factor offensively. He went 0-for-3 in 24 minutes, had one turnover and four personal fouls. JVZ had a Deron Washington-like tomahawk dunk, except that it was called an offensive foul.

Tech didn’t defend the three at all and didn’t do anything on offense. On the plus side, the hoos only give up 50 points a game and tonight, VT scored 58. So… there’s that.

If you watched this game, I feel for you, because it was a train wreck. Except that you can clean up a train wreck. I don’t think this team is bouncing back or getting its act together. I think this is what you can expect for the rest of the season: Erick Green getting his 25 a game and wondering if the rest of the team will show up.

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Previews (2-for-1) | uva (2-2) @ VT (2-2) – Thursday at 8 PM | VT @ clemson – Sunday at 1 PM

clemson Update: Spread – clemson by 10.5. clemson lost to fsu by 3 on Thursday 70-67 on a shot at the buzzer by Michael Snaer (we can relate). The tigers fell to 2-4 in the ACC.
They are near the bottom of the ACC in terms of 3-point % and 3s made per game, which is good for Tech. VT beat the #9 and 10 3-point shooting teams in the league, wake and gt. Expect to see the Hokies play zone and dare clemson to beat them from deep (gotta guard Jennings out there). The tigers are good at blocking shots and have a very turnover margin, so we’ll see if Tech can get points inside and protect the ball.

Spread: uva by 4 (at our place?!). FYI: It’s a Maroon Monsoon, people! Greenberg could never figure out we should wear ‘maroon’ for this game (or black for the blackout), but JJ’s got it figured out already! Maroon it up, peeps!

The Magnificent Seven (plus two walk-ons) have won two in a row but will face two stiff challenges this week. If you were hoping to watch some fun, exciting ACC contests, this is not the week for you. Tech takes on two of the most boring, offensively averse teams in the nation this week, with uva coming to the Cassell on Thursday and then heading down to Littlejohn on Sunday for a match-up with the c-l-e-m-s-ohhhhh-n tigers. Watching these two teams play is a lot like going to the dentist – and you should opt for the eye protection to shield your eyes.

I guess another way to say it is that both uva and clemson are really good on defense (and not pushing the ball). Both rank in the top 10 in the NATION in terms of points allowed per game (uva at #2, giving up just 50.6 ppg, and clemson at #9). uva is also in the top 10 in terms of defensive efficiency – allowing just 85.8 points per 100 possessions for their opponents (VT is 18 points higher).

In ACC play, no one has reached the 60-point mark against uva and they held florida state to 36 (yes, you read that right) this weekend. 15 in the first half, and the noles ‘exploded’ for 21 in the 2nd half. The wahoos have held opponents to 45 or fewer points 7 times this year, and in the 30s on four occasions.

clemson held uva and wake to 44 points each in back-to-back wins and have held three other teams in the 40s. clemson beat uva 59-44 at Littlejohn a week ago.

But, part of being a good defense also means taking the air out of the ball on offense (along with good transition defense). uva ranks 344th out of 347 teams in Division 1 in terms of tempo (less than 60 possessions per game, which is 10 less than Tech averages) and clemson checks in at 325th at 62 possessions per game. So don’t expect a shootout at the OK Corral, these are much more likely to be a drag’em out, sock’em game.

In the Post: Luckily for Virginia “what’s a defensive rebound” Tech, neither uva nor clemson has much size in the post, which will help the rebounding-challenged Hokies. uva does not have a single starter over 6’8″ and clemson’s only starter over 6’8″ (Milton Jennings – 10.1 ppg) is as soft as they come. He’s even more of a perimeter player than Jarell Eddie. He has just 22 offensive rebounds. More on him below in the 3-point shooting section.

uva does have a 6’11” freshman in Mike Tobey, but he has all the athleticism of Tobey Keith. He gives them 6 ppg but not many rebounds or blocks.

The real threat inside for uva is 6’8″ junior Akil Mitchell. With Mike Scott gone after seemingly haunting the Hokies for 10 years (it was actually five — yes, five — and more than 100 career points vs VT), Mitchell has really blossomed. He’s tripled his PPG from 4.1 last year to 12.3 this year, and his rebounds have more than doubled from 4.4 to 9.1 per game. Akil does all his work in the trenches and shoots 54% from the floor. He grabs a lot of offensive rebounds, too.

Darion Atkins, a 6’8″ sophomore, is their best shot-blocker inside, though he didn’t play against fsu due to a shin injury. Not sure of his status for this game.

For clemson, 6’8″ senior Devin Booker has seen the light switch go on this year. He’s playing a lot tougher inside, and leads clemson with 13 ppg and 8 rebounds. He had 27 points in their close loss at nc state, and 12 points and 15 rebounds at duke recently. Still, he is just a shadow of his brother.

The most dangerous ‘big’ for clemson isn’t even a big man. 6’6″ sophomore K.J. McDaniels has Dominique Wilkins-like hops. You may remember him from his dunk contest he put on in Blacksburg last year, scoring 14 points on SIX DUNKS and blocking 5 shots. Against wake last week he had 14 points, 9 rebounds, and SEVEN BLOCKS. He’s like Josh Smith in that he’ll come from across the arena out of nowhere to reject a shot. McDaniels puts up 10.6 ppg, 5 boards, and 2.2. blocks per contest.

3-Point Shooting: Tech has had issues defending the three-point shot of late and both teams present challenges for the Hokies. For uva it is junior Joe Harris (who has torched Tech in the past). He’s leading uva in ppg at 15.2 and is shooting 46% from behind the arc with 37 makes (more than 2 per game), second best in terms of 3-point % in the ACC. For clemson, more than half of Jennings’s shots and makes are 3-pointers, and. That said, he is a deadly outside shooter, hitting 45% of his 60 3-point attempts.

Bench: clemson really only goes two deep on their bench (in terms of meaningful minutes), so they have the same depth issues as Tech. Filer will give them 8 points off the bench, though, and Roper is a good 3-point shooter as a 6th man. Anderson is a decent scorer off the bench for uva and Jones has some quickness to contend with.

Other Factors: Senior Jontel Evans missed the first part of the season with injury and is missing in action right now. He’s averging just 3 ppg over the 8 games he’s played. Jontel is probably the only PG in America that hasn’t attempted a 3-point shot all season (he’s never been a good 3-point shooter anyway). His game is to drive to the hoop, and he is still averaging almost 4 assists per game. Mitchell has been a big beneficiary of that, and another fear is him driving and kicking out to Harris. I’d dare Jontel to beat Tech and force him to finish off the drive. That said, Tech’s guards (including EG) are not good on-ball defenders (Rankin is the best), and Evans likely will beat them like a rented mule off the dribble. Tech will need better help defense after he gets by the first line of defense with quick rotations and not leaving Harris.

Other than Harris and Mitchell, no one is averaging even 7 ppg for uva. Not a surprise since they only score 62 per game. Harris and Mitchell account for 44% of that.

Rod Hall is another mighty might for clemson and is their playmaker. He puts up almost 4 assists per game, just like Evans. He is also a pass-first guy who never shoots the 3 (just 2 attempts all season).

Erick Green is still the nation’s leading scorer — 0.5 ahead of McDermott from creighton barrel.


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Niemo’s Notes | What Did Us In and the Stat Pack

Some ramblings:

  • Back-to-Back: Tuesday marked the first time the Hokies have ever lost consecutive home games to the hoos in the history of the Cassell.  VT is now 14-4 against uva at the Cassell.  The last time VT lost consecutive home games to uva was ’54 and ’55 (granted, the two teams only played at neutral sites from ’75 to ’01, but still).
  • What Did Us In — Lack of Aggression: uva had 5 team fouls in the 2nd half with 16:35 to go.  That meant Tech was just 2 fouls from the bonus.  Over the next 12 minutes, uva committed just 1 foul.  What’s that tell you?  The Hokies were settling for jumpshots on the perimeter late in the shot clock, instead of attacking the tin and drawing fouls.  What did VT do at the end of the game to get back in it?  Attack the lane off the dribble, resulting in 11 free throws in the final 4:35.  Had Tech been doing that all 2nd half, it probably would have resulted in a better outcome (what could be worse than 0 points in over 9 minutes and just 1 FG in 13 minutes?).  Plus, it might have fouled out Evans and Zeglinski, who both had 3 fouls early in the 2nd half, earlier (and they scored 11 of the 14 points on the uva 14-0 run).
  • What Did Us In — Part 2 — FTs: A week ago VT was #1 in the ACC in league play in FT%.  Now they are #3, and well behind wake and miami.  We all know about the fsu game, where VT hit just 3/10 down the stretch (including missing 2 front ends of one-and-ones).  But again this cost the Hokies on Tuesday — VT was just 4/7 in the final 2:02.  Forget the Evans “was it before or after the shot clock” play.  Had Tech made their free throws down the stretch, they win that game, or at least would have been in a better position.
  • What Did Us In — Part 3 — Defense: Tech is now dead last in the league in FG% Defense in ACC play.  3 of the last 4 opponents have shot over 55% against the Hokies.  Tech just isn’t getting stops, unless they force turnovers.  uva shot just 33% in the first meeting, but nearly doubled that on Tuesday.
  • Fast Break Points: Tech did not have a single fast break point last night (though I’d argue Green’s 2nd 3-pointer was, but the statistician didn’t credit VT with it).  In 8 home games in 2012, the Hokies have 40 total fast break points.  5 per game.  That doesn’t cut it, especially when you stink in the half court.  Granted, the Hokies don’t give up many either, but they’ve allowed well over 40 and this is an athletic bunch that should be pushing the ball (see my note above about aggression).
  • Chasing 70: Tech has now gone 15 straight games without reaching 70 points in regulation.  They’ve held to 60 or less in 8 of those games.  Even uva has reached 70 twice.  And georgia tech, who has been held under 40 points twice in ACC play, has eclipsed 70 in regulation 3 times.
  • The Cassell: The Hokies are in danger of just their 2nd losing home ACC season.  VT stands at 3-4 at home with just nc state to go the following Sunday night.  VT finished 2-6 at home back in 2005-06.  The Hokies had finished 6-2 or better 5 of the previous 7 seasons (they were 4-4 in 2008-09).
  • Spread: Tech actually covered the spread (well, Sheridan’s Line from USA Today).  He had uva -2.5.  Amazingly, Tech has not covered a spread in 2012 when they have been favored (0 for 8).  Tech has covered 3 times when they were the underdog (3 of 6).

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HIGHLIGHTS | uva (8-5) 61, VT (4-9) 59

Virginia Tech played their 4th game in a row that went down to the final shot, but Tech loses this game 61-59 to virginia, marking the first time ever they’ve lost back-to-back games in the Cassell to uva.

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Recap | uva (8-5) 61, Hokies (4-9) 59

Another game decided in the final seconds and another disappointing loss for the Hokies. While it’s quick and easy to blame the Jontel Evans 3-pointer in the second half that was clearly a shot clock violation, or the missed free throws in the final minute, the real reason the Hokies lost 61-59 to the hoos is because they went more than 12 minutes without a field goal in the second half.

This was a hard-fought game that featured stingy defense, big three pointers, and some questionable calls that affected both teams. Between a blown timeout call that went against uva, the 3-pointer that didn’t beat the shot clock but counted anyways, and the multiple clock issue at the Cassell, this game was about as ugly as they come. Not as ugly as the Hokies going a dozen minutes without a bucket, but pretty close just the same.

Erick Green single-handedly kept the Hokies in the game in the second half. After scoring just 2 points in the first half, Green scored 17 of the Hokies’ 24 points in the second half, extending his double-digit scoring streak to 28 straight games.

uva’s Mike Scott got his 20 points due largely to the fact that the Hokies were without Victor Davila, who missed his third straight game with a groin injury. Davila held Scott to just 10 points in the first meeting earlier this season in Charlottesville, where the Hokies stunned the hoos 47-45.

Tech played a solid first half and got scoring from unexpected sources. True freshmen Dorian Finney-Smith and Marqis Rankin each score 8 points to lead the Hokies to a 35-32 halftime lead. Neither would score another point for the rest of the game. Doe Doe kept jacking up three-pointers in the second half and turned the ball over in the final seconds before the Hokies could even get a shot off. Why the ball is even in his hands at that point in the game is beyond me.

Tech shot a respectable 50 percent from behind the arc, hitting 8 of 16 shots, but they began the game 6/8 and finished 2/8. The Hokies also shot 45 percent from the field, but uva shot nearly 60 percent.

Coming out of the halftime break, the hoos quickly tied the game on a Sammy Zeglinski three-pointer, but the Hokies answered to make it 37-35 on a Cadarian Raines bucket. The hoos answered again to tie the game at 37 before Tech went on a 10-2 run to open up an 8-point lead, 47-39.

Green’s layup with about 13 minutes to play was the last bucket the Hokies would score until the final minute of the game. That gave Tech a 49-42 lead, which quickly gave way to a 14-0 run by uva.

The Hokies kept it close thanks to missed shots and free throws by uva and the fact that for the first time all season, a wahoo fouled out of a game. And not just one, but TWO players fouled out; Evans and Zeglinski.

The Hokies sent uva’s Akil Mitchell to the free throw line twice in the final minutes and he came through missing both front ends of the 1-and-1. That kept Tech in the game, but Green missed two free throws and Dorenzo Hudson missed one as well.

The opportunities to win were plentiful, but the Hokies just couldn’t take advantage.

Now for the commentary section of this recap… This was another demoralizing loss, but honestly, I was encouraged for the most part. This team is riddled with injuries (Eddie and Raines are playing hurt) and loaded with true freshmen, yet they are competing night in and night out. Their last four games have been decided by a total of 5 points. They’ve won two and lost two.

This season, at this point, is all about next season. Robert Brown, Marquis Rankin, Dorian Finney-Smith and C.J. Barksdale are all getting serious quality minutes and they’re getting better every game. This team has the potential to be very dangerous next year.

I know we’ve been saying that for years, and call me an optimist, but I think barring injuries, this team could be pretty good for the next several years. Time will tell.

The Hokies go back on the road to face duke on Saturday, Feb. 25, at noon.

Play-by-Play (full disclosure, I’ve already had a drink)

— uva wins the tip
0-2 Scott open the scoring for uva
3-2 DFS hits the uncontested 3 pointer
— VT steal – uva’s Scott turns it over
— Hudson misses, uva rebound
— Harris misses, VT rebound
— Hudson misses, out of bounds off uva
— VT turnover on the inbounds pass, uva gets away with a walk, but Eddie blocks Mike Scott’s shot at the other end
— Green turns it over
— Evans fouled
3-4 Scott works DFS down low
— Mitchell fouls DFS
— Green misses a 3 pointer
— Scott misses, VT rebound
— DFS misses the long jumper after a nice shot fake
— Green called for the foul

U16 Media Timeout Score – 4-3 uva

— uva turns it over on the inbounds pass
6-4 Eddie knocks down a three in the corner
6-6 Mitchell scores over Raines
— VT turnover
6-8 Scott with an offensive rebound and a put-back dunk
— Hudson fouled by Zeglinski taking a three pointer
9-8 Hudson makes all 3 FTs
— VT steal by Brown
11-8 Barksdale with the falling away baseline jumper
11-10 Scott turnaround jumper over Barksdale
13-10 Brown with a tough spin move in the lane for the bucket
13-12 Brogdon goes baseline for the reverse layup
— VT turnover, uva got away with a foul
13-15 uva 3 pointer, wide open after double team on Scott
15-15 Green hits a running shot in the lane over Ziggy
— uva miss, VT rebound
— Brown misses a deep three, uva rebound
— uva turnover

U12 Media Timeout Score – 15-15 uva

— Rankin in the game for the Hokies
18-15 Rankin hits a 3-pointer from the left wing
18-17 Harris with the roll
21-17 DFS gets the three to drop after several high bounces off the rim, his second 3 of the game

U8 Media Timeout Score – 21-19 VT (7:52)

24-19 Hudson buries the three
— VT steals it from Scott
— VT turns it over
24-21 Scott scores off the fast break from the turnover
27-21 Rankin his his second 3-pointer of the game
— uva miss, VT rebound
— VT shooting 6/8 from three tonight so far
— Hudson misses a three – it was close
— uva called for a travel after getting double teams
— VT’s defense is playing out of its mind
— Ziggy called for the reach-in foul
— Hokies making the most of a mismatch with Hudson
— uva didn’t get a timeout as its player was falling out of bounds
29-21 Brown with the nice feed in the lane to Raines who slams it home
— Eddie called for the foul on Evans

U4 Media Timeout Score – 29-21 VT

29-22 Evans makes 1/2 FTs
31-22 Raines just abused Scott in the low post!!
— Green fouls Evans in the lane
31-23 Evans makes 1/2 FTs
— uva gets the rebound off the missed FT
— uva misses, VT rebounds
— VT misses, uva rebounds
— Evans called for the offensive foul, but it’s overturned, makeup call
31-25 Evans makes 2 FTs
— uva picks up only its 4th team foul
— Evans fouls Rankin going to the rim
33-25 Rankin make 2 FTs
33-27 Scott hits a jumper
33-30 Scott hits a 3 pointer (has 15 points)
— DFS fouled going to the rim
35-30 DFS hits 2 FTs
35-32 Evans hits a jumper at the buzzer to close out the half

Halftime Score – 35-32 Hokies

Rankin – 8, Dorian Finney-Smith – 8, Hudson – 6, Raines – 4, Eddie – 3, Green – 2, Brown – 2, Barksdale – 2

35-35 uva Ziggy 3 pointer
37-35 VT scores, Raines
37-37 uva answers, Mitchell
39-37 Erick Green layup
— Green misses a free throw that would have
41-37 Hudson with the left-handed scoop shot in the lane
— uva turns it over, bad pass out of bounds
44-37 Green hits a left wing 3 pointer, 7 points for Green
44-39 Scott answers with a bucket
— Barksdale misses the hook shot
— Scott misses,Hudson rebounds
47-39 Green hits another 3 pointer, 10 points, 29 straight games with double figures scoring
— 10-2 run by the Hokies

U16 Media Timeout Score – 47-39 VT

47-42 uva 3 pointer
— Brown’s shot blocked, Eddie misses a three in the corner, uva rebounds
— Eddie commits foul
— Eddie limping
— Ziggy misses a 3 point attempt, VT rebounds
49-42 Green with the pretty, athletic runner in the lane (12 points)
49-44 Ziggy scores on the backdoor layup
— Raines misses, uva rebounds
— Harris misses, VT rebounds
— Brown fouled going to the hoop

U12 Media Timeout Score – 49-44 VT

49-44 Brown misses 2 FTs
— uva misses a 3 point attempt, VT rebound
— VT misses, uva rebound
49-46 Evans scores on a slashing layup
— DFS has his shot blocked, bad shot
— VT has lost all momentum
— Green blocks a shot, VT gets the loose ball
— Brown misses another excessively long 3 point attempt
49-49 Ziggy finally makes a 3 pointer
— Rankin misses a 3 pointer
— uva misses three shots, VT rebounds
— DFS misses a 3 point attempt
49-51 Evans scores to give uva the lead
49-53 Ziggy steals it and scores
— timeout VT
— DFS misses ANOTHER 3 point attempt
— foul on VT
— Eddie called for the foul, gives uva a fresh 35
— uva on an 11-0 run
— Scott misses, Eddie rebounds
— Raines misses, Hokies have gone 8 minutes without a FG
49-55 Scott scores and is fouled by Raines
49-56 Scott makes the FT
— uva on a 14-0 run
— foul on Ziggy
51-56 Brown makes 2 FTs
— Evans turns it over for uva
— more than 9 minutes without a FG for VT
— Ziggy gets a held ball call on Brown, possession arrow to uva
51-59 Evans hits a long long three to beat the shot clock
— game over —
— Green fouled
53-59 Green makes 2FTs
— Green fouled going through the lane, nearly got the shot to fall, but it didn’t
— Evans fouled out for uva, first uva player to foul out of a game this year
54-59 Green makes 1/2 FTs
— 11 minutes without a FG for the Hokies
— Ziggy misses a three, VT rebound
— Hudson fouled spinning through the lane
— Ziggy fouls out for uva, the second uva player to foul out this season
55-59 Hudson makes 1/2 FTs
— uva rebounds missed FT
— Raines called for the foul on Scott, 6th team foul on VT
57-61 Green finally breaks the 12+ minute FG drought for the Hokies and gets the foul
58-61 Green completes the 3-point play
— DFS fouls Mitchell (36.7 seconds left)
— Mitchell misses the front end of the 1-and-1, out of bounds on Scott, Hokies ball
— Green fouled going to the hoop
59-61 Green makes 1/2 FTs (26.3 seconds left)
— Raines fouls Mitchell
— Mitchell misses the front end of the 1-and-1
— DFS turns it over before the Hokies can even get a shot off
— uva misses the front end of the 1-and-1, VT rebounds, but no time for a shot

Final Score – uva 61, VT 59

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Preview | uva (7-5) @ HOKIES 3G.1 (4-8) | Tues., 9 PM | espnU

Spread: uva by 2.5

The Hokies look to give uva a taste of their own medicine on Tuesday night in the Cassell and sweep the hoos in the rematch of their January 22nd contest that VT won 47-45 at uva. Last year uva swept the Hokies, helping knock Tech off the NCAA Tournament bubble.  While uva appears to be a lock for this year’s Dance, sitting at #41 in the RPI, VT could at least make them sweat it out a bit.  The good news for VT is the winner of the first match-up has swept the season series in 3 of the last 4 years and 4 of the last 6.

Tuesday night will be Mike Scott’s 5th and final appearance in the Cassell (we think).  Actually, the first time Scott played at VT, I think the Hokies were still playing in War Memorial Gym.  Mike has done very well in the past in the Cassell, but VT limited him to just 10 points in the first meeting, 7 points below his average. In Scott’s last two trips to Cassell, he’s totaled 41 points and 26 rebounds.  He has 110 points and 58 rebounds for his career against the Hokies.  Ouch.

Scott is a lock to be 1st Team All-ACC, if not the player of the year.  He’s 3rd in the league in PPG (17.2), 6th in rebounds (8.2), #1 in FG% (59%)*, and even #9 in FT% (82%). [*My fiance would tell you he shoots a higher percentage from the field than I do at the toilet.]

Davila is Tech’s best post defender and he was a big reason Scott only scored 10 points in the first meeting.  If Victor is out, will the Hokies be able to defend Scott inside?  We could see the 2-3 zone again.  Foul trouble would be a major risk for Barksdale and Raines, but the zone would help mitigate that.  And the zone would also help uva get decent looks from the outside.  This will be the key match-up if VD can’t go.

It will also be Dorenzo Hudson’s 5th game against uva in the Cassell.  He had 15 points two years ago in VT’s 61-55 win.

In the first meeting back in January, Zo scored 6 of the team’s final 8 points, including a clutch hook to put VT up 3, 44-41, and then the game-clinching 3-pointer to make the margin 47-43 with 17 seconds left to cement the win.  Late in that game, Coach Greenberg had Hudson post up on uva’s smaller guards down low, allowing Hudson to shoot over the cavalier defender.  It worked twice down the stretch.  Hudson had 12 total points for the game.

FIRST MEETING (1/22/12 @ uva):

  • RECAP – Green led VT with 15, including 12 in the 2nd half, but it was Zo Hudson’s clutch 3-pointer with 17 seconds left that clinched the game for the good guys.  uva had 22 FTAs to just 7 for VT (and most of those were at the end) and had 13 offensive rebounds to just 4 by VT.  But uva was just 1/14 from deep, while VT hit 5/13, and as you all know, that stat decides the winner.  It was the lowest point total for VT in a win over uva since 1942.
  • Me looking like an idiot because I guaranteed a win at bc and lost my bet


  • All Time: uva 81-53
  • At VT: VT 27-17 (VT is 14-3 vs uva at the Cassell)
  • In ACC Play: tied 8-8
  • At VT in ACC Play: VT 5-2 (Tech had won 4 straight in the Cassell before last year)


Pos # Player Height Year PPG
PG 11 Green 6-3 Jr 15.6
SG 5 Hudson 6-5 r-Sr 11.1
SF 31 Eddie 6-7 So 9.6
F 15 Finney-Smith 6-8 Fr 6.0
C 4 Raines 6-9 r-So 4.9
Bench 1 Brown 6-5 Fr 6.9
10 Rankin 6-1 Fr 2.7
14 Davila# 6-8 Sr 7.5
Pos # Player Height Year PPG
PG 1 Evans 5-11 Jr 6.8
G 13 Zeglinski 6-1 Sr 8.1
G 12 Harris^ 6-6 So 12.0
F 23 Scott 6-8 Sr 17.2
F 25 Mitchell* 6-8 So 4.0
Bench 22 Brogdon 6-5 Fr 7.0
  • # Davila has missed Tech’s last 2 games with a groin injury and is questionable for the uva game.
  • ^Joe Harris, uva’s 2nd leading scorer, broke his left, non-shooting hand, 3 games ago.  He has averaged just 5.3 ppg since suffering the injury.  He hasn’t reached double digits in those 3 games after surpassing the 10-point mark in 18 of the 21 games before the injury.
  • *uva has been without 7’0″ senior center Assane Sene (4.9 ppg, 3.7 rpg) since he rolled his ankle against ga tech in mid-January. Akil Mitchell (6’8?, Sophomore, 4.0 ppg, 4.2 rpg) has started in his place.
  • uva does not have much depth due to transfers so this could be a big issue for them.  They are down to 8 scholarship players of note that see minutes.


  • Dorian Finney-Smith has hit 18 of his last 35 shots (51%) since ending his 0/25 stretch.
  • Marquis Rankin has hit 5/11 3-pointers after starting the season just 2/9.
  • Jarell Eddie has made at least 2 three-pointers in 9 of 13 games, including 4 of the last 5.
  • Tech has just 12 total turnovers in their last two games while their opponents have committed 29.  VT also has a 16-4 advantage in steals in those 2 games.
  • The Hokies have just 40 total fast break points in their 7 home games in 2012 (5.8 fast break ppg).  They haven’t reached double digits in fast break points in any home game this year.  Tech had just 4 fast break points in the game at uva (uva also had 4).  By comparison, VT had 41 fast break points against campbell and north florida combined.
  • Tech hasn’t reached 70 points in regular this calendar year (it took OT on Saturday to get to 70 against georgia tech).

uva COLD: Senior Sammy Zeglinski has averaged just 5.2 ppg over his last 6 games, well below his now 8.1 ppg average.  He scored just 5 in the first meeting.

uva HOT: Junior PG Jontel Evans, who is a horrible shooter for a point guard, has averaged 9.8 ppg over his last 4 games, pulling up his scoring average to 6.8.  He had 10 in VT’s win at uva.  Evans is a very talented ball-handler that can penetrate and get to the tin.  He has not attempted a 3-pointer in uva’s last 6 games (play off him).


Note: these stats are for ACC games ONLY.

VT uva
PPG 58.7 (9) 58.2 (11)
PPG vs 63.6 (4) 54.5 (1)
FT% 72% (3) 72% (4)
FG% 39% (11) 45% (2)
3-Pt% 33% (7) 30% (10)
Made 3s PG 5.6 (t5) 4.3 (11)
FG% D 43% (7) 40% (3)
3-Pt% D 33% (8) 28% (1)
Blocks 3.0 (9) 2.4 (12)
Steals 5.5 (9) 5.8 (t7)
TO Margin +1.9 (t3) Even (8)
Off Reb % 31% (8) 28% (11)
Def Reb % 63% (12) 73% (1)

Interesting that uva is #1 in defensive rebounding, but 2nd-to-last in offensive.  I attribute that to them dropping back on defense, since that’s their bread and butter, and not sending a lot of guys to the offensive glass.

The Hokies must do a good job on Scott again to win, but they must improve on defensive rebounding, turnovers, and free throw attempts.  uva dominated all 3 stats in the first meeting (well, they didn’t dominate TOs but VT had 13, which is way too many).  Tech cannot expect uva to shoot 1/14 from deep again, which is the main reason the Hokies won.

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HIGHLIGHTS | VT (1-4, 12-7) 47, #17 uva (2-2, 15-3) 45

Just like in football, the Hokies head up the road to uva and take down the cavaliers, winning 47-45 to pick up Tech’s first ACC win of the season and first win of 2012.  Here are the highlights with commentary from yours truly (minus the pink hat and homemade shirt)…

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